Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That's so Hollywood.

Another Tuesday, another day in Hollywood. Let's get to it shall we...
  • For today's first adorable bebe of Hollywood we have little Zuma Rossdale. This picture of him and Gwen is oh so precious. And is it just me or does he look like Jack Jack from The Incredibles?

    oh so cute.

  • As for cute bebe number two of the day we have an oh so precious picture of Olive Cohen with her mom Isla Fisher. Seriously this picture just made my heart melt a little.


  • Moving on from the bebes and the cuteness to some Hollywood sadness. In the past week we've lost some major names in Hollywood. Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Seriously I don't think Hollywood can handle it. My thoughts and prayers are with their families.

  • Speaking of Michael again however, since his passing I've discovered some fun facts about him. One. In the "Smooth Criminal" video and that slick leaning move, it's all in the shoes!! I never knew! I thought it was a harness or something. But no, the shoes, so cool. Two. The music video for "Liberian Girl" has so many celebs in it, it's amazing and needs to be watched pronto. Three. My favorite Tyra is at the end of the "Black and White" video, who knew?

  • Moving on from the MJ news and on to a super cute story that made the teeny bopper in me squeal with happiness when I saw it last week. When Shia LaBeouf was on the Today Show last week, a super fan was in the audience outside and was lucky enough to be brought into the studio to not only meet Shia but "interview" him as well. And ah he was so nice and it was so cute and I was so happy for her and ah! Just watch the video and it's cuteness here.

  • Speaking of teeny bopperness for today's Twilightesque news we have more Rob on the set of Remember Me looking oh so lovely. And I'm pretty sure he sleeps with Ray Bans on.

    why hello there.

  • In movie news...
    Last week it was announced that the Academy has decided to increase the amount of Best Picture nominees from five to ten. TEN!?! I'm pretty sure that there aren't TEN Oscar worthy movies that come out every year but I guess we'll see what get nominated. Maybe New Moon will even make the running, haha.

    Last week was the LA premiere of 500 Days of Summer (which I sort of really want to see) and Zooey Deschanel looked divine. Seriously I want her dress, it's just so cute and heart her.

  • And in TV news...
    Desperate Housewives. Wisteria Lane just got it's newest resident, Drea de Matteo. The former Soprano will be joining the ladies of Wisteria with a husband and a flirty 19 year old son (I think he'll fit right in, haha). I guess they needed another blonde since Edie Brit was killed off last season and someone to stir things up, I think the new addition should be a good one.

  • And lastly in today's WTF news we have a cheeto, yes cheeto like the chips. Apparently a couple got into a verbal altercation of sorts at a gas station and started throwing cheetos (and other chips) at each other. The cops were called and both were arrested on charges of domestic assault. Um say what? Assault? For throwing chips? Oh man that's a good one to tell the kids about, haha.

And that my friends is today's Hollywood news. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh what a summerful busyful weekend.

Summer, I love you. Have I said that already? Because really I do. Even if I'm melting in my apartment as I write this I still love the summertime and the summertime weekends that come with it. And oh what a summer weekend this was...

Friday: After work I headed home and Matt and I had a mini BBQ with some chicken and lots of wine. It was quite nice and relaxing. We even busted out the Wii for some fun competitiveness. Basically it was a great way to wind down from the week and I loved it.

Saturday: Oh what a busy day. Woke up earlyish and headed over to Say Cheese for the cupcake meetup hosted by the fabulous Tara. Got to try some delicious cupcakes like peanut butter, peppermint and pound cake which was awesome (I think the PB ones were my favorite). After the meetup I headed over to Matt's mom's house to swim. Yay swimming! Seriously I'd been wanting to go swimming for weeks so it was lovely to finally do so especially with Matt, my neighbor and even my sister. After some good swim time I headed over to a friend's bridal shower. It was the first one I'd ever been to so I was excited to go (plus I was excited to see my elementary school friends). All in all it was a great shower and tons of fun and I'm glad I got to go.

Me and two girls I've known 18 years!
So crazy.
But heart them all the same.

After the bridal shower I came home to meet up with my college friend Alli who drove up from San Diego! Even though I had just seen her last month I was pretty pumped to hang out with her. And what did we end up doing? Eating pizza, drinking wine, playing the Wii and laughing all night long. It was loverly.

Alli and I posing with the Wii remotes, haha oh boy

Yeah I couldn't keep a straight face

And finally a normal one, heart

Sunday: After sleepin in a bit me, Matt and Alli headed to some delicious breakfast. I love breakfast, seriously it's the best meal of the day. After breakfast Alli headed back home and Matt and I headed to the Dodger game with my mom and brother. Woo Dodgers! Our seats were amazing in the loge level and everything. Even though the game wasn't that great and we lost I still had a great time... and know Matt and my brother did too, haha.

oh my brother is so silly

and so is my fiance, haha

After the game we headed back to my parent's house and drank some margaritas and enjoyed another Michael special. Seriously I saw every Michael special this weekend, I couldn't help it. I miss him, my mom misses him and I can't help watching his videos and singing his songs still.

Basically I spent the rest of the night with Matt watching Transformers and the BET awards (yeah I had to watch the Michael tributes) and it was quite nice.

And how was your weekend? Any summering it up?

happy monday!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Remember the Time.

I don't even know where to begin or what I really want to say.

I remember my aunt putting on her record of "Thriller" and us making up the dance as we went. All we could do is laugh and sing and have a great time.

I remember having slumber parties with my girl friends just to watch a Madonna or Michael Jackson concert.

I remember naming one of the stray cats in my neighborhood Michael Jackson because it was black and white.

I remember getting a "Beat It" T-Shirt for my birthday and wearing it non-stop (well it switched between my NKOTB shirt, haha).

I remember telling my friends and family that Michael Jackson was my boyfriend and being completely serious.

I remember staying up late with my parents to watch the premiere of the "Remember the Time" video and absolutely loving it.

I remember watching the Moonwalker movie and being completely in awe of the "Smooth Criminal" scene and trying to lean forward and failing miserably.

I remember singing "PYT" on a road trip with my girl friends and having way too much fun with it.

I remember watching the downward spiral and complete change of Michael over the past decade and wishing it wasn't so.

I remember cringing at every accusation and interview.

I remember listening to his songs and everything being okay.

I'll always remember the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009

happy weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Step One Squared.

So I've never participated in any of the Blog Carnivals at 20 Something Bloggers, but say the words "copy, paste and ice cream" and I'm so there, haha. Basically this month's carnival theme is 'looking back', more specifically looking back at a post from my first two months of posting. Well apparently my blog was not that exciting and I blogged abour randm crap. Not even kidding I did random posts about videos and movies that made no sense and yeah, not so much. However my first post, I still kind of love it. It's nothing too special but it's what got me started so I figured why not reshare it.

So I bring you my first post so perfectly titled "Step One".

Step One. I really have no idea what I mean by Step One, or what the heck the title of my blog means, but I love it anyways. The title of the blog actually comes from the Dispatch song, "Flying Horses." I haven't heard that song in forever, but that line, I love it.

So there were are. Step One. I'm branching out. Writing in my own blog. We'll see how it goes and what I actually write about. It's got some potential, I've got some potential. Woo.

Anyhoo. Time to figure this business out. Woo again.

Oh man I'm such a dork, but I had to start somewhere.

What was your first post like?

happy thursday!

This post is a part of 20SB’s Looking Back Blog Carnival, and Ben & Jerry’s is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm quite lucky.

Because Matt still wants to marry me even after I do ridiculous things like taking pictures like this:

well this is okay:

but this? oy.

Seriously I really hope he never changes his mind or gets annoyed with my craziness because then I'd be screwed, haha. But I'm pretty sure, deep down he has the urge to make ridiculous faces sometimes too, so I think we'll be okay.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A schweet Hollywood day.

Oh Hollywood is a busy one today so let's not waste any time and get to it:
  • So several of you asked why I didn't post these oh so adorable Violet pics last week but oh I had planned to save them for today since they came out before I published last week's post. So anyhoo, I share with you the cutest of the cute, little Violet Affleck:

    Her face cracks me up in this one and those stylin shades, gotta love it.

  • For bebe number two we have a newbie to the blog, Ever Gabo, the daughter of model/actress Mila Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson. I just thought this picture was precious and had to share it:


  • Also in bebe news, three big(ish) names in Hollywood announced they were expecting in the last week. Supermodel Giselle is expecting her first baby with Tom Brady, Judy Reyes from Scrubs announced that she is expeciting her first later this year and one of the craziest to me is Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves is expecting again (little Levi is only 11 months!).

  • Movin on from the bebes, did you know Hollywood's got some good looking people? No really, it does. It's kind of crazy.

    Diane Kruger at the CFDA awards last week looking fabulous
    even if she was missing her man, Josh

    Reese and Paul Rudd on the set of their new movie,
    How Do You Know, seriously heart them both

    Ryan "the hotness" Reynolds outside of Letterman,
    he's just so dreaaaamy, haha

  • Also in some good lookinness Twilightishness, Rob Pattinson was making out with someone that wasn't Bella!! Blasphemy!

    So yes Rob is already filming a new movie and New Moon has officially wrapped. But apparently Ray Bans are paying Rob or something because he's always wearing them. Not that I mind, he can rock em alright.

  • In other movie news....
    Bruno. is. Everywhere. Seriously every day there's a new crazy outfit Sasha's wearing and I sort of love it. He's ridiculous. The movie is going to be even more ridiculous. And I sort of laughed hysterically at his GQ cover (GQ people, GQ did this)

    Oh but you gotta give him credit for sticking to the character, oh man. I can't wait to see what he wears to the American premiere of the movie.

    Alice in Wonderland. More pictures were released for the upcoming Tim Burton flick and umm Johnny Depp I love you and all but man this looks freakier than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

    Crazy pants. Even more stills from the movie can be found here and here.

  • And in TV news....
    Grey's Anatomy. *spoiler ahead* It's official, I was right. George O'Malley is peacing out of Seattle Grace while Izzie Stevens will be back. I really hope he gets a good exit or something with the elevator at least. But man I'm kind of bummed this was announced a good three months before the show comes back. Oh well, I still can't wait to see the season premiere.

    Greek. I finally caught up on last week's season finale and awwww. Team Casey and Cappie all the way! And I can't feel too bad for Max because he'll be on the new Melrose Place where he's bound to find some new ladies, haha. But yeah, I sort of heart this show and hope there's some big things coming when the show comes back in August. Woo!

    Scrubs. Is coming back? Although it'll be missing some of it's main characters Scrubs is officially coming back to the air. However, it won't narrated by JD and it won't be all around Sacred Heart, it's primarily going to focus on med school kids and their teachers, Turk and Dr. Cox. I don't know how I feel about this but I'll at least give it a chance and see how it goes.

    John and Kate Plus 8. I could say so much about this show. But I really want to point out that they are airing the episodes out of order and it's really annoying. They showed the kids with their new houses last week and today they got them. Gah. TLC your viewers aren't dumb. And did everyone change in the same day? Seriously, different outfits to get the houses? And um when did John starting dressing like a teenager? And pierced ears? Has he always had them and dressed like that or is it his divorced life crisis kickin in? And I almost felt bad for Kate, almost being the key word. But hello they still decided to keep filming. So officially John and Kate are over, (which is even sadder considering they renewed their vows last year to "show their kids they'd always be together", ugh) so who knows what will happen with the kids, because let's be real it's all about them. Gah this show is not nearly as cute and adorable as it used to be.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have a Twitter story. A girl in Romania was electrocuted after she tried to twitter on her laptop while she was in the bathtub. Um say what? I couldn't make these stories up if I tried.

And that my friends is today's Hollywood scoop. And yes I saw the Perez story but I didn't really want to talk about it. But anything else I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Take me out to the weekend.

Oh hello there friends and happy summer, yay it's officially here (even if the weather doesn't totally agree)! So yes another weekend come and gone and man was it a good one, here we go:

Thursday: After work I headed over to the west side for some margaritas and Mexican food with Lacey. It was so great to finally meet her since I've been reading her blog forever it feels like. We had a good time chatting it up and having some tasty food. Twas a lovely evening.

Friday: Had a fun day at work with an afternoon BBQ on a lovely day. After work I headed to the movies with Megan to see The Proposal. It was such a cute movie! I loved it (and of course reviewed it)! Once the movie was over I came home to an uneventful evening because a headache took over so I was incredibly lame and went right to bed, damn you headaches!

Saturday: Woke up to crappy weather, went walking with my mom and sister then came home quickly before running some errands. Afterwards Matt, my sister and I headed to our friends house despite the craptasticly cloudy weather. Nonetheless the BBQ was still a ton of fun, lots of food and alcohol and we played an intense game of spoons. Seriously, it was amazing.

yay for the sisters

After BBQ #1 we headed over to Matt's brother's girlfriend, Michaela's parent's house to celebrate Michaela's birthday. It was a pretty good time, as usual. We had tons of food, watched some NASCAR, danced a bit, sang a bit, had some cake, basically an all around great time.

happy birthday Michaela!

Sunday: Got another earlyish start and met my family for brunch at Roscoe's (it was delicious, as always). After breakfast my dad opened his Father's Day presents and then I was on my way to productivity before we had to leave. My parents eventually came to pick me up later so we could go to the Dodger game! My dad, mom, little brother and I went to Anaheim to see the Dodgers play the Angels and oh what a great way to spend the day. The Dodgers were victorious, Kobe was in attendance and it was just awesome to be the away team but not be alone, haha.

All in all another great weekend and a fabulous way to start the summer. How did you spend your summerful weekend? Anything awesome?

happy monday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why I Love Sandra Bullock.

I thought since I'm seeing The Proposal tonight and Sandra is my favorite of the favorites of female celebs I'd share a post to recount the ways in which she is awesome and why I heart her. SO here we go: (and yes I realized that every post this week except Monday's has involved some sort of list or bullet point, but I can't help it, so deal with it.. Okay? Thanks!)

1. She was in SPEED aka the best movie ever created in the history of movies. Also it's the movie that made me one of her biggest fans.

2. She's also in some of my other favorite Hollywood gems such as The Net, While You Were Sleeping, Love Potion #9, Practical Magic and umm Speed 2: Cruise Control. Seriously how can you not love all of these? :)

3. She just emits niceness. Seriously I hope she really is as nice as she seems because if I ever meet her and she's anything less than nice my little adoring heart probably wouldn't make it. But again I doubt she's not nice because according to imdb, in high school she was voted "Most Likely to Brighten Your Day." Seriously? Heart her!

4. She's almost 45 and my god she looks better than she did ten years ago. Sandra what is your secret?

5. She's willing to do a lot for a good comedy. She fell down multiple times and wore some ridiculous outfits in Miss Congeniality (love that movie) and apparently she gets pretty darn naked and hilarious in The Proposal.

6. And She's married to Jesse James. Total odd couple, but totally adorable and cute.

Seriously Sandra, you are awesome. Keep up the awesomeness and funny roles and I'll keep being a fan :)

Are you a Sandra fan? Or heart someone else just as much? It's okay, I won't judge, haha.

happy weekend!

*also please update your readers to http://www.prettysandyfeet.com, if you still have the blogspot address I don't think it'll show up anymore*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm afraid of rock climbing.

As I was driving home from work yesterday and blaring the Twilight soundtrack I was pretty glad I was by myself because seriously if someone had been with me, I might have been a little embarrassed. And then I realized, there are lots of things I should be embarrassed about but I'm really not any more (with the exception of my thirteenth birthday, but that's a whole other post). I think writing this blog and putting my whole life out there has definitely made me a lot less insecure and by darnit I'm going to put even more out there, all the things that I should be embarrassed about:
  • I am a horrendous parallel parker, horrendous I say.

  • I believed in Santa until I was twelve.

  • I routinely play pop music and musical soundtracks while I'm at work.

  • I saw Titanic in theaters five times.

  • When I listen to the Twilight soundtrack I think of the scenes in the movie that correspond to the songs.

  • I put on Barbie rock shows until I was thirteen.

  • I belch like a guy.

  • I play the Sims for hours and don't even notice.

  • I think Keanu Reeves is awesome. And Speed is my favorite movie.

  • I went through a whole bright colors, crazy socks and middle part during my teenage years.

  • I spend a ridiculous amount of time on a computer, even when I'm not at work.

  • I both burned and undercooked chicken at the same time.

  • I take pictures like this:

The list could proably keep on going for a while but I think that's enough for now, haha. Anything you're no longer embarrassed about (or you're at least telling yourself you're not, haha)?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resolution redux.

After reading Playful Professional's recap and renovated goals yesterday I realized that I should probably take a look back at my New Year's resolutions too and see where I stand. So here we go:

1. Try not to worry as much. I think I've done okay with this one so far. Although life is a bit tricky right not I'm doing my best not to worry and stick to saying that it will all work out for the best. And I feel like I'll definitely have to remind myself of this resolution once wedding planning picks up, haha.

2. Meet more bloggers. Oh heck yes. I have rocked this resolution. At the end of January I went to a party courtesy of Tara and got to meet Esther. February was bloggerstastic as I got to meet the fabulous Ev'Yan, Kerri and Sarah for dinner on the west side then I headed to a BOCA event where I met Nicole and Andrea, and a couple days later I was off to Houston where I ran into Allison and met lots of mom bloggers at the Summit. After I got back I had my Nintendo party in March, where more bloggers were in attendance. And most recently I went to Vegas with 25 other bloggers, haha. Even more so, I'm meeting Lacey on Thursday and going to a potluck with more bloggers in July. I'd say I've fully met this goal and can't wait to keep on meeting and hanging out with more bloggers :)

3. Read 25 books. I'm currently on book 18 and it's only June. So I think I'll up this to 30 books by the end of the year. And I'm always taking new suggestions.

4. Become a baking master. Ummmyaaaaaaboutthat. I've baked a few times but I am definitely no master. I guess I should work on this one.

5. Take at least two vacations with Matt that aren't attached to weddings. Well I believe Vegas counts as one. As for two, we're tentatively headed to San Diego at the end of July. Other than that, funds have become a bit tight but I think we'll manage some sort of fun getaway soonish.

I just wanted a reason to post this pic by the fabulous Doni

Well looking over my resolutions I'd say I'm doing pretty well. I think that might be a first for me, haha. Hopefully I can keep it up til the end of the year, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.

And how are you holding up with your resolutions/goals?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How do you do Hollywood?

Why yes it is Tuesday and we have a Hollywood day ahead, so let's go:
  • This week's first cute celeb bebe we have little Levi McConaughey. Seriously he is precious and makes some seriously adorable faces, lurve it:


  • And for this week's second adorable celeb bebe we have another cute little boy, Zuma Rossdale. There's nothing too extraordinarily cute about this picture but he's adorable nonetheless.

    so dang cute.

  • Moving on from the cuteness of the bebes we have the cuteness that is Gerard Butler. Even though P.S. I Love You made me cry like no other, Gerard is still so good lookin and loveable and hello there:


  • In some random Hollywood news, apparently Mel Gibson's new baby mama/girlfriend released a song. Ummmm okay. This woman is the smartest famewhore around, got knocked up by Mel Gibson and now she's trying to be a singer. Okay then.

  • Also in random news that is much more entertaining, Betty White went on Jimmy Fallon last week and played him in beer pong. Betty White is a champ. Seriously the woman is awesome and I can't wait to see her The Proposal this weekend, woo.

  • Speaking of movies, I just saw the preview for Leo's new movie, Shutter Island. And wow. The movie looks freaky as hell. I don't know that I'll be able to see it, but I'd like to. Another movie that's got me interested is The Time Traveler's Wife. I started reading the book a while back and just couldn't get into it. But the movie may get me interested in trying to check it out again. It definitely looks interesting.

  • And of course in today's Twilight news we have several tidbits...
    One. ET has shared some new behind the scenes footage of New Moon and ahhhh love it.
    Two. Rob Pattinson's officially on set of his new movie Remember Me and hi. That's all.

    and how are you today?

    Three. When Rob's not filming he's getting attacked by the crazies. Seriously girls in NY are going insane. I wonder how much Rob has to pay for body guards, haha.

  • And in TV news...
    Heroes. I know I'm so behind and this season finale was over a month ago, but wow. I know I may be one of the few people still watching this show but wow. I gotta say I was kind of impressed with the he's dead, he's not dead, he's falling apart, he's not falling apart, that baby is adorable ending. I'm sort of curious about next season now. My interest is peaked. The Nathan/Sylar story is so bizarre and creepy and ah!

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have quite the funny story. A couple weeks when a bunch of kindergarten students were assembled to watch Camp Rock they got quite the different show, they got 45 seconds of some hard core porn. I guess they'll have to start teaching sex ed now so the kids know what they saw, haha. But oh man can you imagine explaining that to little kids? No thank you.

And that my friends is today's Hollywood news. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend: this is a good thing.

I love weekends. Seriously, they need to be just a wee bit longer but I love them just the same. And this was one was a great one.

Friday: After a ridiculous start to my day (my phone turned off in the middle of the night and I woke up when I usually am walking out the door) and a long work day I met Matt at his mom's house for a delicious dinner and a lovely evening of relaxing. Afterwards we came home, drank some wine and played some Wii. Seriously I love our Wii still, it's fantastic.

Saturday: Slept in a bit before heading over to the LA pre-BlogHer meetup. It was quite nice to meet some of the other local bloggers heading to Chicago in July. It also helped that the coffee shop had some delicious hot chocolate. After some blogger time I came home and relaxed a bit with Matt before my friend AJ came up and we all went to see The Hangover (oh I loved it and I reviewed it too!). After the movie Megan joined us all for dinner at Island's (aka one of my favorite restaraunts ever!!) which was quite fun. Once dinner was over we made the short trek over to the newly renovated bowling alley.

Ohmygosh have I mentioned how much I love bowling!? Ah! I was so excited we could actually get in since the place was so packed. And oh did we have a great time!

oh what silly guys

Megan and I having a good time

the AT&T commercial is everywhere!

So yes we bowled, we danced, we cheered, we had a lot of gutter balls, there were some strikes, and plenty of laughs all around.

After bowling we all came back to our place where my sister and a couple more friends joined us for some drinks and a rousing game of "I've Never." Oh man it was a good time. And I think we learned some new things about each other and of course we drank some more and laughed til some of us cried, haha.

Megan, AJ and Matt are very into the game, haha

Brad's lovin it

oh the effects of alcohol, haha

weeeet willy!

the beginning of the jelly bean toss

All in all another great night with great friends.

Sunday: After sleeping in a bit (hark!) me, Matt and AJ headed out for breakfast burritos aka amazing morning after drinking food, haha. After breakfast AJ headed home and Matt headed to his dad's house and I had the apartment to myself. And what did I do? I watched P.S. I Love You (which I realized I can never watch again because it makes me cry too much) and Twilight while dozing in and out of sleep. It was a perfect afternoon. And the evening was just as nice once I met up with Matt at his dad's house to watch the Laker game (Yeaaaaaaaah Champs!) and have dinner. After the game we went to my parent's house for some family time and what not and eventually headed back home to relax with some Sister Act (love that movie) and each other.

Basically it was a great weekend and I'm sad it's already over. But man at the rate my week is booking up next weekend will get here in no time.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Things to be said.

Today I felt that there were a few things that I needed to say. And it's my blog and I'll say what I want to, duh.
  • If you've given me a blog award, thank you. And if I haven't passed it on, I'm sorry. But not to sound like a hot shot or anything, but I've gotten so many random blog awards in the past and even recently that I just haven't posted or passed on. Why? I don't really know. But I do still appreciate the acknowledgment, please just don't get mad if I don't post about it or pass it on . Still friends?

  • I realized that I have something to do almost every weekend between now and September. Oh boy.

  • Although they're Hollywood A-listers, Denzel and John Travolta's new movie The Taking of Pelham 123 does not look good. Sorry if you want to see it, but I won't be in the theater with you. I'll take a pass on this one.

  • I finished Handle with Care and posted my review of it at my schnazzy review blog. You should probably check it out.

  • As an AT&T customer for seven years I am kind of annoyed of the new iphone prices. Seriously what the hell? I think I should basically just get the new phone for free. Right? Right?

  • Popcorn and wine are almost as good as cheese and wine, almost.

  • Big alcoholic drinks are both delicious and dangerous. And I would love another one this weekend? Who wants to get it for me? :)

    Vegas pic courtesy of amanda

Anything you feel like you should say today?

happy weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Ode to Wine.

Wine is awesome,
wine is great,
wine makes me sleepy,
before it even hits eight.

I love white wine the most,
especially in a big glass.
I could drink it all night,
without falling on my ass.*

Wine makes everything funnier,
it's always a good time.
It tastes delicious and
makes me think I can rhyme.

I drank wine tonight,
in case you couldn't tell.
It inspired this ode
that's so silly and swell.

wine for the win!

*that is not entirely true :)

happy thursday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What I'm NOT blogging about.

So I've realized that I'm a hypocrite. I can't stand some people yet I continue to write about them. So today I am taking a stand and will no longer be writing about the following on my blog:

Heidi and Spencer. Those dimwits will be on this blog no longer. So I leave you with a parting gem.

Peace out you two. You will not be missed.

Octo-mom. Reality show what? I will not be watching and if you pop up on People.com again, I will not read it. You are done to me.

The Gosselin drama. Seriously it just makes me so sad. I still watch the show and I still will because those kids are so darn cute, but the drama with it all is just depressing and no one wants that on their blog. So buh bye Gosselin drama and come back never.

Twilight. Haha, who am I kidding? I will talk about Twilight as much as I want, I pretty much can't stop and I'm okay with that. I don't really care to much about the on-set hook ups as I do about the movie so maybe I'll stop with that but as far as everything else Twilight, yeah it's totally game :)

Oh and just because I said I wasn't going to write about that stuff here doesn't mean I can't write about it elsewhere... like Jessica's blog, haha, check out my guest post over there today.

So anything you're not going to blog about any more or you want to not blog about but can't help it, haha?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh what an adorable Hollywood.

It's Tuesday and you know what that means...it's Hollywood day! So let's not waste any time and get to it!
  • For today's first celeb baby we have the ever adorable Nahla Aubrey. Seriously with parents like Gabriel Aubrey and Halle Berry, it was pretty hard to go wrong with her genes. She is just so precious!

    too cute!

  • For today's second bebe we have another adorable girl with some cute mixed genes in her as well, little Harlow. Seriously she makes some of the cutest faces (but I think Em's may be cuter) and ah, just heart her and her cuteness.

    look at those cheeks! love it.

  • Oh my goodness and just because I heart them and these pictures make my heart melt, my most favoritest Hollywood fam, the Garner-Afflecks and their super cute girls, ah! Love!

    ah she is so big and so cute!

    ah so adorable!

  • In some favorites news, Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger (aka my most favoritest couple) are officially moving in together! And they're talking babies! Ah! Love them. Can I be invited to the wedding? Please! :)

  • As for a couples I don't care about, apparently Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West are dating and ummm Speidi are still the most dramaful, attention getting, couple on the planet.

  • So apparently the Tony's were on last night and my fave Neil Patrick Harris hosted. And I missed it all. Blame the Laker's, heck blame exhaustion, blame whatever. But was it good? I bet NPH was awesome, right? He did look dashing, that's for sure.

    suit up!

    Oh oh and I found his closing number I heard all about. Ah he is the best! Heart him. Heart this performance.

  • In other favorites news... also know as Twilight news....which today just means a picture of Rob Pattinson, we have a picture of Rob, being Rob, in plaid.

    hello there.

  • And in movie news...
    The Hangover. So many people I know saw this movie over the weekend and said they thought of me since I was in Vegas, haha. Now the only tigers we saw were in cages and the babies belonged to other people but apparently this movie was a huge hit and even beat out Up. So I guess I should see it now? Yeah I think so.

    The Proposal.
    Oh my goodness I cannot wait to see this movie! I love Sandra Bullock (she's my fave leading lady) and umm Ryan Reynolds is all sorts of deliciousness. But I've gotta say that I loved this video of them promoting the Proposal even more! Seriously too cute, and Betty White is a rock star. The end.

    Also in movie news, did you know Eat, Pray, Love is getting turned into a movie? Doesn't really surprise me but Julia Roberts will be playing the leading lady and apparently Javier Bardem is in talks to star in it as well. I'm sort of interested to see how this will play out on the big screen, very interested I say.

    Oh wait and one more movie news tidbit. Transformers had their first premiere in Tokyo over the weekend and I gotta say, even though I'm not a huge Megan Fox or Shia fan, I think they both look pretty dang schnazzy:

    so classy...for once :)

  • And in TV news...
    John and Kate Plus Eight. Now I'm not going to comment on all the cheating drama and now the animal abuse drama, but I will say that TLC is totally milking this family and it's awkwardness and sadness for everything they can get. Why do I say this besides the obvious? Last week they aired Kate's birthday, which was in March. The season premiere with the sextuplets birthday and all the drama, took place in May. Basically TLC is trying to get as much out of the media attention as they can get and the poor kids are stuck in the middle of it all. I used to love this show and even though I still watch, it just makes me a bit sad inside. Hopefully things will change, hopefully.

    Medium. Oh man. Does anyone watch this show besides me? Thank goodness it wasn't a series finale because man what a cliffhanger of an episode! Basically the Mexican cartel was involved and Allison was freaking out and she had a brain tumor and she may lose her powers and just wow. Cannot wait for this to come back on CBS (just please don't make it at the same time as two other shows, please!)

    Law and Order: SVU. Another ohmygosh finale?!? I don't like it when my faves are in peril and man were Eliot and Olivia in peril at the end of the season finale. I couldn't believe that the crazy tech assistant was such a psycho, I mean he was weird, but killer weird? No way. Man next season will be another interesting one and I cannot wait.

    Greek. Oh man so I'm still a week behind but I love this show. Ohmygoodness and remember when I met Calvin from the show and another guy was with him? Well now he's finally on the show! He's Grant! And ah! Love Calvin and Grant. And looooove Cappie, seriously he's the most hilarious on the show. Love it.

    Top Model. Remember Allison from this past season of Top Model? Of course you do! She was in the final two and her eyes are huge. Well, Rich, my most favorite Top Model recapper, posted a hilarious video with Allison and his cat and as weird as it is it's oh so fitting. Check it out here and enjoy.

  • And lastly for today's WTF news we have this hilarious article that has compiled some of the best orphaned tweets. Seriously there are some gems in there like " what kind of donuts are you offering?" and "trying to escape this insanity." Any good orphaned tweets out there you know of? haha.

And that my friends is today's Hollywood update. Anything I missed, you know the drill, feel free to share it.

happy tuesday!