Friday, February 26, 2010

Dinner of champions!

As you can tell there is no Top Ten today. Clearly that idea was short lived, well sort of. I think I'm going to make it a once-a-month thing instead of every week because man I would run out ideas in no time! That and putting them together is quite the task and I just can't do it all the time, so yeah basically no Top Ten today.

Instead I want to talk about...breakfast for dinner.

Yes, I am serious.

Last night Matt and I made pancakes, sausage and eggs for dinner with some mimosas and ohmygod it was heavenly. Seriously I think breakfast may be my favorite meal of the day anyways so having it TWICE in one day is all sorts of awesomeness in my book.

I mean really, if you're ever having a bad day, have a pancake! In college I used to make blueberry pancakes as a study snack and it always made me feel rejuvenated. And hellooooo, sausage? It's delicious. And how can you not look mimosas?

So pretty much if I was having any inkling of a bad day yesterday, breakfast for dinner completely wiped that feeling away.

And now it's Friday and all is right in the world! Woo. So go out there and have yourself some breakfast, you can thank me later.

pps. Don't forget to enter my TCM 31 Days of Oscar giveaway! You know you wanna.

happy weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Text me.

I think I'm becoming a texter. Seriously what is wrong with me? First I start drinking coffee then I start to like red wine and now I'm becoming a texter all of a sudden, what is going on?!?

If you know me in real life you'd know that I rarely used to text people. If someone texted me I would call them back. I only had 200 texts on my plan and I just didn't like doing it, it was boring and tedious and I was all about calling to make plans because clearly that is just way easier.

However now I have an iphone (which makes texting so much easier, hello auto correct, I pretty much love you, pretty much being the key word because you have yet to accept that I say "haha" way more than "gaga" in texts, but whatever, I can move past that), I've upped my plan to 1,500 texts because people wouldn't stop texting me so I was getting charged for going over and now I've become a texter. I text! A lot! I don't think I've made it anywhere past 400 yet but still it's a little nuts and a wee bit overwhelming for someone who rarely texted anyone.

I feel like I've entered a new realm of technology or something, like some hidden texting group that was forbidden before and I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I sort of miss phone calls as my minutes go unused and my text number sky rocket. But alas I guess that's just the way it goes, maybe one day people will remember how to dial again and we'll actually chat, that would be lovely.

So are you a talker or a texter, or the mythical both?

*and yes I know I used a picture of ridiculously old phones, but I totally had that one! It was my first phone eva! So of course it was appropiate.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The warm and fuzzies of Hollywood.

It's time for your weekly dose of Hollywood know all, so here we go!
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have some of the Jolie-Pitt kids yet again! Seriously Knox and Vivienne are so freaking adorable and look just like mini Shiloh's it's adorable and ohmygod they have Angelina's big pouty lips like wo. But umm yes, cuteness.

    how freaking adorable are these two??

  • Also bringing in some major cuteness and a brand new face to the blog, we have Madonna's adopted daughter, Mercy James. Seriously she is a little diva in the making and I love it. And her smile is just contagious!

    ohmygoodness she's adorable!

  • So what else is going in Hollywood? Well one of my favorites, Hilary Duff, got engaged over the weekend and is rocking one hell of an engagement ring...Both Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller are in rehab and apparently their twin sons have joined mom, ummm okay....Gary Busey is a dad again? Wait he was a dad before? Eeeew...Nicole Richie is pilot, who knew?...Bristol Palin is going to guest star on A Secret Life and it's just oh so appropiate, haha...Abbey Road is officially a historic site...and Jared Leto feels like rocking a mohawk is good for his career, umm sure.

  • In some favorites updates, Leonardo DiCaprio is all sorts of suave and handsome in his shoot for Parade magazine. Seriously he is quite superb and pretty easy on the eyes if I do say so.

    oooh hellllooo Leo.

  • And in Twilight news...
    One. Rob apparently has admitted that him and Kristen are dating. Wowzers that's a big one to finally confirm (not that I care or anything).

    And two. Dakota Fanning turned 16 yesterday and went out to celebrate with younger sister Elle and ohmygosh when did they both get so big and pretty and ah! And please stay cute and don't go down the Hohan route, please oh please do not.

    oh so grown up and so chic.

  • In music news...
    I am currently LOVING this song. I don't think I've even ever listened to all of the lyrics but the beat, yeah I love it.

  • In TV news...
    Grey's Anatomy. I loved last week's episode. I loved the flashbacks and the stories and it was just very well done. It was definitely interesting to see that Ellis Gray was the one that got the Chief into drinking straight vodka and probably down his path of alcoholism and the whole Aids storyline was so sad yet so good and Callie and Karev hooked up!! Definitely better than episodes in the past, nicely done Shonda.

    Top Model. Are you ready for a new cycle of girls and crazy and all around awesome? Me too! Well it's coming back next week and Four Four has broken it down as to what girls he thinks will be awesome and just the girls in general, basically I cannot wait.

    How I Met Your Mother. Two big stars are making their way to the show soon and we're seeing stills from both. Carrie Underwood has a guest appearance with a pig and Jennifer Lopez will be giving Barney a run for his money and I can't wait to see it!

  • Lastly in today's WTF news have a not so smart former basketball player who tried to escape cops by swimming away in a lake, only to be caught on the other site and without any trunks on. So yes, he was nude. Winner.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bloggers, Half Marathons and Margaritas.

Annnd I'm back. Weird, I know, I didn't post for two days and it was just yeah well weird. So how did the last couple of days go? And go!

Thursday: Headed to Houston early in the AM and made it to the Four Seasons for the Mom 2.0 Summit. And um can I just say how much I love staying at the Four Seasons? I was just plain out spoiled! After checking in for the Summit and running into Jess I actually worked out for a bit before ordering room service and relaxing in my bath robe before heading to the Mad Men party with Jess, Allison and Brittney. Basically it was a great first night in Texas.

room service and the best bed ever.
yeah I was definitely spoiled and it was awesome.

hello Houston.

Friday: A full of conference and attending the expo and more conference and all around a really productive an awesome day. One of the most fun events was heading to the Mom 2.0 Defining a Movement Photo Display. The pictures were amazing (you can check out a video of some of them here), the conversation was great, the tacos were delicious and it was just a great time. Afterwards, me, Allison, Brittney and Heidi headed over to a delicious tapas bar near the hotel and ummm I think I might become a tapas addict, it was so fun and perfect and delicious!! After dinner we headed back to the hotel bar where we had a rousing conversation with Jessica ranging anywhere from Dawson's Creek to blogging to Twilight to all sorts of awesomeness, it was great and man I heart those ladies.

Saturday: Last day of the conference but sadly I was only able to attend one morning panel and lunch before I had to head on out.

Allison, me and Brittney right before I left.

My flight home wasn't too exciting however when we landed and were getting off the plane I realized that Ellen Page was sitting right in front of me. I was half expecting someone to make a Juno comment, well that someone would have been me but instead I just wanted to tell her that I was a fan, but alas I did not. Eventually made it home and Matt and I headed to Yard House for dinner so I could carb up on mac and cheese (um, yumm!) and then headed to bed early so I could rest up for the half marathon Sunday, woo!

Sunday: Woke up bright and early for the Pasadena Half Marathon! Thank you again for everyone who tweeted, texted and emailed me it meant a lot to have so many people rooting for me.

I look way too happy for 5:45
in the morning, haha.

Basically we (me, my mom, and my two aunts) were so excited to walk the half marathon and the fact that it didn't rain on us (although apparently we weren't too far ahead of a lot of downpour) didn't hurt either. Ultimately we finished in three hours and forty two minutes which was five minutes faster than our walking time last year which was awesome!

weeee areeee the champpions!
well more like finishers, but still awesome.

The rest of my day was spent napping on the couch and watching TV before heading up to my aunts for a celebratory dinner of lasagna and margaritas. We also decided to watch A Serious Man which was not a great decision. We had no idea what was going on, it was a weird movie and eh all around, at least we were drinking so that made it somewhat entertaining. Nonetheless we made it, we walked a half marathon and it's a great feeling!

Monday: I woke up feeling a little sore and a lot tired so I took the day off. My mom and aunts and I actually all took the day off and decided to see Shutter Island. Yes I know I vowed to not see that movie due to the fact that it looked so damn scary, but alas it wasn't as scary as it seemed and was definitely pretty interesting and I heart Leo. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up and treating the fam to some happy hour deals and margaritas at El Torito for dinner. Afterwards Matt and I came home to catch up on the DVR and for me to get back to the internet, because man I missed it. Basically, a lovely way to wrap up an even more lovely weekend.

And that's my long weekend kids, crazy pants right? And how was your weekend? Anything I missed out on the past five days?

happy tuesday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some things.

It's been a busy, crazy albeit short week for me so here goes a super short bullet point post:
  • I'm headed to Houston today for the Mom 2.0 Summit and if it's anything like last year's I cannot wait.

  • Allison, Jessica and Britney will be there as well which is all sorts of fun times.

  • Last year there was a Robin Williams and Jason Kidd sighting, how about Bill Engvall or Derek Fisher this year?

  • I get back from Houston Saturday afternoon and I'm walking in the Pasadena half marathon Sunday morning. Yes I am a crazy person but fingers crossed I make it!

  • There won't be a Top Ten post tomorrow because I just didn't have time to write one, like I said, a crazy busy week.

  • Matt and I watched Terminator Salvation last night and seriously, Sam Worthington has moved up the list, he's probably in the teens somewhere.

  • But don't worry I still love this guy best:

Hope you all have a fabulous day and a most lovely weekend, woo!

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A super sweet day in Hollywood.

Another lovely week in Hollywood and go!
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have the oh so adorable Suri Cruise and ohmygod she's wearing a coat!

  • Also bringing some major cuteness is little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her sister Z. The whole family was actually out and about but these are by far the cutest and most freaking adorable, I mean really, monkey ears? How do you not love that?

  • Moving on from the bebes and on to some other Hollywood news...John Mayer, although his music is good, needs to never give interviews again...Brooke Mueller is in rehab, seriously her and Charlie need to get their act together, at least for their sons...Britney Spears had a very McLovely Valentine's Day...Prince William rocks the cover of Hello magazine and he looks pretty good, oh the magic of Photoshop...Kevin Smith got kicked off a Southwest flight and yet again the power of Twitter was revealed...Ryan Reynolds is the new face of Hugo Boss and oh what a nice face it is...and new stills from Lady Gaga's "Videophone" shoot have been released and they're pretty damn ridiculous and all sorts of awesome.

  • In some favorites news, Lauren Conrad is a best selling author yet again. And is it bad that I am slightly curious to check her books out?

  • In Twilight news...Dakota Fanning is all grown up and so couture in Vogue Italia. I seriously love this photo shoot and these pics are just so fun.

    Also in Twilight news, Rob oh Rob is moving on and this pic with his Remember Me costar Emilie is just so divine.

  • In movie news...
    Valentine's Day. I have yet to write my review but I did enjoy the movie. However I can't get over the fact that Julie Roberts got paid half a million dollars for every minute she was in the movie. Um can I get that job? Please!

  • In TV news...
    Glee. Seriously can it be April yet? Well there have already been some sneak peeks into the Madonna episode but I don't want to watch those, however what I can share is that Molly Shannon is being added the vast array of guest stars coming the second half of the season and I cannot wait.

    Grey's Anatomy. One. As cute as it is that McSteamy was ready to be a dad to Sloane's baby I'm glad she's leaving because really this show does not need a baby. Two. Lexi and Karev again? What's going to happen when Izzy is back once again? Huh? Three. I can't wait for Bailey to go on a date with hottie doctor (he needs a better nickname).

    Project Runway. Can Anthony please be my BFF? He's a pretty good designer and he's hilarious and entertaining and ah, he is so making this season enjoyable.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have one of the dumbest most annoying celebrities out there becoming a mom, apparently. And no I'm not talking about I can't even finish her name, but instead Tila Tequilla. Someone is letting her adopt a child from Russia. Um what? Why?? How!?!
So that's today's Hollywoodness, anything I missed let me know!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fondue is Fun (pt 2.)

Thank goodness for long weekends, I mean really could we have them all the time? Then again I can't really complain since this week is a two day work week for me, anyhoo, moving on.

Friday: As a very belated birthday gift I treated my best friend Megan to see Valentine's Day. And it was so cute. Not nearly as horrible as some of the reviews I'd heard but it was cute and fun and clearly chock full of celebs and contrived storylines but we still enjoyed it. After the movie we had some drinks at the Yard House where Matt and a couple more friends joined us for a fun night of conversation and catching up and just good times all around.

Saturday: Woke up late, ran some errands, worked out with the EA Active (and holy hell my legs are still sore, oy), read a book (oh yes I finished a whole book, it was short but whatever), and before I knew it it was time for a family BBQ. My cousin Michael, his wife Oxana and their daughter Sophia (who I'd never met) were in town from Germany so of course my family made a party out of it. Basically it was so fun to see my cousin and his wife and their daughter is just all sorts of precious and I wish they lived closer!

Sophia and Nana, so cute.

say what?

Sophia and mommy laughing it up.

someone's getting sleepy.

Basically it was so fun to see all of them and little Sophia is so darn cute, especially the fact that she "speaks" both German and English, I love it. If only Germany and the US were closer together, that would be wonderful.

Sunday: Happy Valentine's Day! Started my day off with Matt and the fam walking eight miles (the half marathon is this Sunday, holy crap!). However my legs were still in so much pain from EA Active so once we were done I pretty much was done for the day. I pretty much went in and out of sleep after I got out of the shower until Matt and I went grocery shopping for our Valentine's Day fondue dinner. Just like last year we decided to have a nice night in with lots of cheese and chocolate and all around goodness.

almost ready to start!

Matt testing out the cheesy goodness.

Basically we stuffed ourselves with lots of delicious cheese and artichokeness and chocolatey goodness while enjoying Just Like Heaven and Night at the Museum 2. All in all just the way I wanted to spend the day and night, all around loverly.

Monday: Thank goodness for the day off. All I really did was sleep, clean up the apartment a bit, do some wedding stuff with my mom, and sleep some more! Matt and I hit up a happy hour for lunch which was quite fun and then did dinner at his dad's house where the movie of the night was The Hangover (aka one of the funniest movies ever) and we laughed more than anything else. Then the night ended with some Wii and some wine and it was a good time.

So how was your weekend? Do anything special for Valentine's Day?

happy tuesday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Top Ten Friday - Hollywood Couple Edition.

Whether they were together at one point in real life or on screen I've decided to make my top ten errr eleven (I couldn't narrow it down to ten this week, haha) of Hollywood couples in lieu of Valentine's Day this weekend (and I admit I sort of got this idea from elledee, so thank you!), so here we go:

11. Harry and Helen Tasker (Arnold Schwartzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis). Have you seen True Lies? Do you not just love it? Seriously one of my family's favorite movies to watch and the first rated R movie I ever saw, haha. But um I love Helen and Harry in this movie, especially when they team up together, classic.

10. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Despite the Scientology and sexual orientation rumors I heart them. I've always loved Will since his Fresh Prince days and when he married Jada it just seemed so perfect and cute. They always look like they're having fun and seriously, could they get any better looking?

9. Meredth and Dr.McDreamy (Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey). Yes they've had a very tumultuous relationship but I still heart them. I loved their sticky note wedding and I love that they are actually sort of happy and cutesy again these days, it's endearing and good to see on a show where almost every relationship seems doomed, haha.

8. Alex and Isabel (Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek). One of the best chick flick movies ever...Fool's Rush In. Seriously I heart Matthew Perry anyways, but when matched up with Salma it was just too entertaining and incredibly cute.

7. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Of course I had to include the parents to the cutest kid in Hollywood! I mean really, they are so cute together and so normal and have such a precious family it's almost sickening, almost.

6. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. Josh oh Josh. I am so glad you found yourself a normal lady in Hollywood. These two are so freaking cute together and I love how they talk about each other and how they always look so happy together, it's all sorts of preciousness.

5. Marshall and Lily (Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan). If you're not watching How I Met Your Mother slap yourself on the wrist right this second. Not only does Neil Patrick Harris make it amazing but Lily and Marshall and their oh so adorable antics are just too freaking cute (and pretty hilarious). And I may or may not have teared up when I watched their wedding, just saying.

4. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Swoonface. I mean how could I not love them in the Notebook and then the fact that they dated in real life too?! Sadly, it was too good to be true but ohmygodtheyweresocutetogether!

3. Pacey and Joey (Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes). Oh yes, I was (still am) the biggest Dawson's Creek fan and when the show ended and Pacey and Joey were together I'm pretty sure I clapped and cheered in excitement. Pacey was always my favorite (I mean hello, Josh is my number two) and I was just happy when him and Joey were together.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Oh how my heart will always go on for these two (oh yes, corny Titanic joke). I love them in Titanic and I love seeing how close as friends they really are, they are just so adorable. And when Kate thanked him in her acceptance speech at the Oscar's last year I'm pretty sure the teenager in me squeeeed.

1. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. This comes as no surprise seeing as to how Keanu is my number one fuego, Speed is my all time favorite movie and Sandra is just all sorts of wonderful. Pretty much them together on screen makes my heart oh so happy (yes that even includes the Lake House and all of it's incredibly cheesiness).

So do you agree? Who would you add?

Hope you all have a lovely long Valentine's Day weekend however and whoever you spend it with :)

happy friday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving Sale.

First of all, thank you for all the comments on yesterday's post with our engagement pictures. Matt and I really had a good time all around and are just a silly pair and I'm glad you liked them. And perhaps I'll share some more later, we'll see about that.

Anyhoo, moving on.....So I haven't really mentioned it on here before but my office is moving...upstairs. And because we're moving and getting all swankified we'll no longer be able to put stuff up on our walls. Not a big deal right? Welllll..... this is what my office space currently looks like:

What can I say? I accumulate pictures and posters and random crap and just put it up on the wall. And most of it is stuff I don't want to put up at home so it goes up here. Well not any more. Some of the stuff I'll throw away, other stuff I'll find a way to make work in the new space, others will come home with me and then there's the stuff that I have no idea what to do so I figured I'd give it away. I know this post says Sale but really I just want my random crap to find a good home. So what random crap is it you ask?

An autographed poster of Little Miss Sunshine. Seriously it's signed by the whole cast.

A not signed but equally awesome poster of Puck and Artie from Glee.

An genie themed Bratz doll.

A Johnson Family Vacation trucker hat.

A Smack Down Raw action figure.

A Hercules glass mug.

A Scooby Doo bank.

So do you want any of this? Email me 0r comment here and I'll send it your way. I'm packing up next week so let me know soon. I mean how could you not want a Hercules mug or a genie Bratz doll, haha???

and please tell me I'm not the only one with too much stuff around their desk, please!

happy thursday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Engaging pictures.

*ba dum ching! I crack myself up with that title. fact: I am a huge nerd.*

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I took some engagement pictures down at Santa Monica Beach and yesterday we got the proofs back! And a few things I discovered while looking at them...
  • We are a very goofy couple. But I already knew that.
  • Some pictures it looks like I have a double chin and I know I don't have a double chin.
  • Matt is quite handsome.

  • My hair has a mind of its own, especially when it's windy.
  • Pink shoes make pictures fun.

  • I laugh. A lot.
  • I make really weird faces.
  • My "romantic" face makes me giggle.
  • Matt and I have a lot of fun together.
And without further adieu I present some of our pictures (don't mind the watermark) :)

I'd say we had a good time all around since we're laughing in about 80% of the pictures. It was definitely a fun experience and something to get used to before the big day. Basically I heart us and our crazy ways.

happy wednesday!

*all pictures are by Fino Photography*