Friday, October 30, 2009

"A virgin lit the candle!"

So last year we started this tradition with our neighbor to carve pumpkins and watch Hocus Pocus before Halloween. So we did it again last night and it was awesome. Seriously I love my friends, love Halloween and love Hocus Pocus.

After dinner we headed to the pumpkin patch nearby and had fun picking out our pumpkins and cracking jokes along the way.

And then we set up shop.

pumpkins. check.
newspapers. check.

scalpel. check.

And once the pumpkins were set and the newspapers out we all got to work!

Matt and Jeff discussing sketches for their pumpkins.

Erica and Breanna cutting into their pumpkins.

mmmm pumpkin guts!

Basically it was so much fun trying to figure out what to carve and quoting the movie and making fun of the movie and tearing out pumpkin guts and yeah, good times all around. Ultimately we had our own pumpkin brigade by the end of the night and I gotta say they looked pretty great.

the corpse bride pumpkin, silly face, sillier face,
jack skeleton and a pirate flag.
yeah we're awesome.

all lit up!

Matt and I posing on our yard, woo!

Aren't they awesome? Seriously it was too much fun and I love Halloween! And I can't wait for this weekend, lots of piratey fun arrrrrrrrrgh!

Have you carved your pumpkins? What are your Halloween plans?


happy friday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Windy Woes.

Dear wind,

yes this is how I picture you right now,
evil eyes and all.

Please stop being so windy.

Yeah I said it, I'm over your windyness. I don't have a kite so I have no need for your massive winds. My allergies are not a fan and I can't stop sneezing. And on top of it, on Tuesday night when I was walking with my mom your super windness picked up and hurled some sort of dirt or twig or I don't know what it was but it freaking hurt, into my left eye. And it didn't come out! It stayed in my eye all night causing me pain and frustration and I cried (because I'm a wimp) and Matt had to help me put in eye drops (because again I am a wimp) to try and get it out and sadly nothing worked. So I slept with weird wind crap in my eye all night.

So yesterday morning I had to go to the doctor so she could flash bright lights into my eyes and get that piece of whatever out from under my eyelid, my eyelid! And then she proceeded to douse my eyes with drops like they were on fire, yeah that was fun. Even better she told me to keep putting drops in and hopefully my eye doesn't flame up from infection from a possible cut on my cornea (um say what?). So yeah wind, I blame you for that and I'll be sending you my bill if I need surgery or anything else.

So wind, you hear me alright? I am not a fan. Stop windying already, I'm over it. Or at least keep the flying particles to a minimum, my eyes can't handle any more.

the girl who doesn't like eye drops

pps. It is funny though that I am currently reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, haha.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I couldn't be in Cirque Du Soleil.

Lately I've been seeing all these commercials for Cirque Du Soleil's Kooza and how it's at Santa Monica and ummm I really want to go! Remember, I love Cirque shows. But then it got me thinking about how insane it would be to actually be in a Cirque show and how there is no way I could ever pull it off. So similar to why I couldn't be a criminal, there are plenty of reasons why I couldn't be in a Cirque show.

1. I'm so not bendy. I can't even do a freaking cartwheel. So I definitely couldn't pull off this move. Or this one.

2. On top of not being bendy like, my balance is awful so there'd be no way to do something as crazy as this.

3. I'm 5'9'' so I'm pretty sure I'm a good five inches over the maximum height of anyone in the shows.

4. Although I've sky dived and love rollercoasters I'm quite afraid of heights and would probably scream if I had to run on big wheels or swing from a high flying trapeze.

5. As we already know, I don't wear a lot of makeup, so painting my face on a nightly basis would probably make me break out in hives or something. And knowing my luck I'd end up with glitter in my eyes and permanently green hair or something, haha.

6. I'm pretty clumsy. Not good on sets that require precision and accuracy and not tripping.

7. I'm not a very strong swimmer which would be pretty clutch for O I hear.

8. Now don't shoot me but I'm not an uber Beatles fan which I feel would be a necessity to participate/enjoy being in LOVE, so that's a no go for me.

9. I can only stay in Las Vegas for so long, so doing shows there forever and ever would totally not fly. I'd have to be in one of the moving shows, but then again that'd be too much traveling. Man I'm such a whiner.

10. I don't think Matt would be too keen on me having sex on stage a la Zumanity, haha.

I know there's got to me more reasons but those are just the ones I can think of for now. But just because I can't be in Cirque doesn't mean I don't still love it. So come on now, who's going to get me Kooza tickets? Or send me to Vegas to see O? Cause yeah that'd be amazing.

jumping onto a big bed?

yeah maybe I could do that, haha.

Could you be in a Cirque show or are you just as unbendy as I am, haha?

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little bit Hollywood.

Hello Tuesday, how's it going? Ready for some Hollywood? Yes I thought so.
  • For this week's adorable celebrity bebe we have my favorites, Violet and Seraphina Affleck. Seriously if these pictures don't melt your heart a bit I don't know what will. Jen is just such a cute mom and those girls are precious.

    so so cute.

  • The second cute bebe pic of the week is the oh so adorable Richie-Madden family portrait with little baby Sparrow and the oh so precious Harlow. Sparrow's just a cute wittle guy while Harlow's smile is just too precious.

    oh so presh.

  • Moving on from the bebes and into some random Hollywood news...Ashlee Simpson was fired from Melrose Place, but looks like it could be a blessing in disguise since that show isn't doing too hot. The John Travolta case unfortunately ended in a mistrial. Amy Winehouse got a ridiculous boob job and she's already showing it off, haha. And Raven Symone got surprisingly skinny.

  • Oh and look who decided to pop up and not look creepy anymore? Jack Kelly himself, Christian Bale looking mighty chipper and healthy looking.

    oh hey did you get me coffee too?
    you're too kind.

  • And in Twilight news...
    One. Even though New Moon isn't even out in theaters yet, Eclipse just got a title treatment.

    Two. The stars of Twilight are going to be on the Today Show three days in a row before it hits theaters. Um yes please.

    Three. The official Twilight YouTube Channel has released some more trailers and TV spots and I need to stop watching it because it's giving it all away! But um I'm still excited obviously.

    And Four. Taylor Lautner was seen out with Taylor Swift over the weekend. Seriously, if they are dating how cute would that be?!

    oh what cute teens.

  • And in some movie news...
    Fan of Boondock Saints? Yeah well surprisingly I am too. Did you know that a second one was officially made and is coming out this Friday?!?! I sure didn't until last night. So yeah check out the trailer, I'm slightly intrigued.

  • And in TV news...
    Glee. Seriously in love with this show. After every episode I seriously can't stop singing along. And did you know that Ken was Atila the Hun in Night at the Museum? Yeah I didn't until last week. Also in Glee news, the show just got the rights to Madonna's songbook. Um yes please?! Solo for Kurt anyone? I think so.

    The Forgotten. Not a great show, not a bad show. Matt and I have been watching it lately and the episodes are pretty intriguing. And who am I kidding I'm such a crime show nut lately of course I would watch. And even more reason to watch it? James Van Der Beek will be guest starring soon as a creepy guy, go figure. But yay for James, I love seeing the Dawson's kids in action.

    Grey's Anatomy. LOVED last week's episode. The mystery and "who dunnit" feel was so well filmed and executed, I highly enjoyed it. And even though we knew that mom was going to die from the beginning it was still such a sad story. And the burned kid and Lexie's crying, ah I would be crying too! But yeah, great episode, nicely done Shonda.

    Top Model. Oh I knew Rae and Erin would be in the bottom two but I was sort of said to see Rae go. I think Sundai should be next on the chopping block because she is just so darn annoying. And props to Jennifer for being so awesome on the interview and commercial challenges, I like her a lot. But I like Laura a wee bit more. I don't think she'll make it all the way but her peppiness and countryness just cracks me up and makes me happy. For quite the entertaining recap go here.

    Desperate Housewives. Check out my review up at BSC Review, woo.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have a trigger happy cop who apparently doesn't get the idea of Halloween. Basically a cop in Baltimore pulled his gun on a guy dressed as the killer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre outside of a haunted house, haha. Seriously how ridiculous is that?

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheesecake, Snoogans and the Haunted Mansion.

So basically this weekend was amazing. I love weekends like this last one and I'm quite sad that it's Monday already because I could pretty much use a day of sleep to recover. Anyhoo moving on...

Friday: After work neither Matt or I wanted to make dinner so we went to Cheesecake Factory to use a gift card I had. Seriously that place never lets me down. And the best part? Red Velvet Cheesecake!?! I think my jaw dropped when the waitress mentioned that and we just had to get a piece to bring home. After dinner we came home to drink some wine and our neighbors came over to play some Mario Party on the Wii. Basically, it was a lot of laughs and trash talking and just a whole lot of fun.

Saturday: Slept in a bit before my day o errands. It was a nice day to get lots done, found my Halloween costume and all that good stuff. Afterwards went on a six mile walk with my mom and rushed on home to shower and get ready to go again! And then Matt and I were on our way to see one of his favorite people, Kevin Smith, at the Orpheum. It was hilarious. Seriously I had tears in my eyes most of the night from laughing so hard. Kevin Smith is so dirty and crude and awesomely amusing. He started out the night with a sex story and lots of references came up throughout the night. He also talked about Wayne Gretzsky, Jason Mewes, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis (he just finished working with him on a new movie and the stories were so funny), his introduction to weed, an obsession with, realizing that he has to figure out where his writing is going and so on. Basically if you're a Kevin Smith fan, I highly recommend checking him out on tour. The Q&A format is great and the stories he tells are just so awesome and Matt and I had a great time.

Sunday: I forgot to mention earlier that on Friday Matt told me that Sunday would be a surprise. So we woke up early and were on our way. Half way into the drive Matt told me to close my eyes so I'd be surprised and surprised I was when we finally got to our destination, DISNEYLAND!!! I'd been saying for a while how I'd never been to Disneyland during Halloween time and Matt thought it'd be a great surprise (well yeah it was) for me and a fun time for us. So basically we spent the whole day at the park, even met up with our neighbor who was there enjoying her birthday and all around had a great time. We even made it over to California Adventure for two rides (their amazing roller coaster, seriously one of the best and the Tower of Terror).

loved all the fabulous Halloween decorations
at the Haunted Mansion, woo.

Matt and I in front of the mansion, ooooooo.

it was Halloween and Christmas!

a look at Main St. all decked out for Halloween.
loved all the pumpkins everywhere.

California Adventure was decked out too. so fun!

taking a walk to a back drop, haha.

one more shot before heading home.

So yeah, as if Matt wasn't awesome enough this surprise was amazing. It was great to just have fun, go on all the rides we wanted to and just be together having fun and not worrying about anything and trying to ignore how much our feet really hurt, haha. Also, some other highlights of the day: We got soaked on Pirates of the Caribbean, waited way too long for Peter Pan, and screamed like a little girl on Space Mountain. And now I can officially say I've been to Disneyland during Halloween season and I've finally been to California Adventure, two great things to check off my list.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weird Katelin food facts.

So yesterday's tweet inspired me to share some fun/random/weird food facts about myself. Some of which I may have shared before, some maybe not, but I'm too lazy to look at past posts and find out, so here we go.

One. I've never had a pear.

Two. I don't like fruit clumps in my yogurt.

Three. I also don't like clumpy jelly/jam and pretty much spread it out so that there are no fruit clumps.

Four. I ask my smoothies to be super blended for the same reasons. Basically I hate fruit clumps.

Five. I don't like strawberries, oranges, mushrooms and especially not zucchini/squash.

Six. I can only eat an apple if it's crispy, if it's soft yeah there's no way.

Seven. As we all know, I can pretty much eat cheese with every meal. All cheese included. I have yet to meet a cheese I don't like.

Eight. Frozen fruits (especially grapes and bananas) gross me out even if chocolate is involved.

Nine. One of my favorite food combos is tuna, green apple, cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

Ten. I used to hate onions and tomatoes but now I love them and add them to everything. Especially burgers. Yummm.

nom nom nom.

So am I the only weird eater out there or do you have weird food quirks too?

happy weekend all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The offline blogworld.

So I've been thinking lately (crazy right? haha) about how much blogging and bloggers have infiltrated into my real life. And it's not even just me, kay even told me yesterday how I popped into her dreams and we haven't even met, haha! But then I realized how much it really happens in my every day life. Examples...
  • Whenever Tyra says "smile with your eyes" or "smize" I think of Jamie and how she used to post Top Model recaps and how every time we see each other we joke about being fierce or prepping for Tyra.

  • Whenever I hear a Kelly Clarkson song I automatically think of Ben and his love for her.

  • Whenever I hear some BSB related story I think of Deutlich because she's a true super fan.

  • Whenever I see a big fountain I have the urge to jump in it and can only think of the ladies in Vegas.

  • Whenever I hear "Hey Soul Sister" I think of Renee. And her infamous super awesome 20SB video blog.

  • Whenever I see a story about John Krasinski I think of his second wife-to-be, Jess.

  • Whenever someone tells me they have a cat I tell about LiLu's cat's hilarious pee story. Seriously I laugh every time I tell it.

  • Whenever I want macaroni and cheese I would prefer Nicole make it for me because hers is amazing.
And that's just a few of them....

Basically bloggers, you're taking over my life! And I'm okay with that :)

Just know that you're all awesome and I love that I think of you when I haven't even met most of you before. That's just how superb you are, woo!

Do you think about bloggers at random times when you're not online?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wuv him.

*just a head's up, this post is mushy so if you're not in the mood for mush go elsewhere today cause it's all I have*

Between our wedding location snafu, my recent influx of campaigns at work and just life overall I haven't always been my cheery positive self lately. But Matt's been there the whole way reassuring me that it's all going to be okay.

Not only that, but last night just reaffirmed to me how much I truly love him.

On my way home from work Clementine decided to die. Like black screen, wouldn't turn on no matter what I did, died. Needless to say I was upset (my phone is only three months old!) and sad and just frazzled. So I made it to the Rose Bowl to walk with my mom and used her phone to call Matt and tell him what happened so he'd know I didn't have a phone and he reassured me again that it would all be okay.

When I got home I was pleasantly surprised. Besides kissing me Matt took my phone and told me to go to the kitchen where he had roses waiting and mac and cheese in the microwave.

Um say what? Is that not the sweetest thing ever? He truly knows the way to my heart, flowers and cheese, haha.

But really in all seriousness it was so sweet for him to do and it's the little things like that that make me love him even more. While I was eating Matt managed to look online and fix my phone. Yes I was a little dramatic but I couldn't help it, it was my phone! But he fixed it! Seriously, he's so handy sometimes.

And it's times like last night to remind me how lucky I am to be marrying someone so amazing.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hiya Hollwyood.

I'm actually posting Hollywood news on Hollywood Tuesday, woo, go me! So shall we?
  • For this week's first cute Hollywood bebe we have Katherine Heigl and her oh so adorable daughter Naleigh. Seriously I just want to squeeze her cheeks she's so darn cute.


  • And for this week's second batch of adorableness we have little Birdie Leigh and her mom, Dawson's Creek alum Busy Phillips at the pumpkin patch. Seriously they are quite the cute mommy and daughter team. Love it.

    so cute.
  • Moving on from the bebes we have some randomness in the world of Hollywood. Apparently Lindsay Lohan and Balthazar Getty are hooking up? Um. Ew. And Katy Perry and Russel Brand are hooking up as well, not nearly as ew, actually sort of cute. Someone bought Elvis's hair on an auction for 15k, um say what?! Ridiculous. Matthew McConaughey has a new pet bird, yeah a bird. And Stephanie Pratt got a DUI over the weekend, it was just a matter of time anyways, haha.

  • Unrelated, can I please look like Beyonce? Well maybe not look like her but man I love some of her outfits lately and she looks amazing. So yeah I wish I had the bod to rock this.

    Sasha Fierce say what?

  • Also in some fierceness, Jen had her own Ryan Gosling encounter at a Dead Bones concert over the weekend. I gotta say, Ryan looks amazing and Jen looks fabulous too. Yay for RG sightings!

  • And in Twilight news we have a few things.
    ONE. MONTH FROM TODAY NEW MOON COMES OUT! Wait did I just yell? Oh yes I did, I'm just too excited. ONE MONTH! Squeeeeee.

    Two. Taylor Lautner did a hawt magazine spread and um how is he only 17?!!

    And three. Remember that wonderous Vanity Fair spread the Twilight kids did last year? Yeah well we have some new outtakes that look amazing and um yum love.

    heart this.

  • And in movie news...
    So I read Nicholas Sparks' book Dear John earlier this year and although I didn't love it I did like it and now it's being turned into a movie with Amanda Seyfried (who I love!) and Channing Tatum. So yes the trailer has me a wee bit intrigued, what do you think?

  • And in TV news...
    How I Met Your Mother. Seriously love this show. The whole scene of teaching Robin how to be an American scene, so hilarious. And I loved Ted calling out Marshall and Lily for being the ultimate "us." As much as I love Matt I hope that never becomes us. I love Marshall and Lily but I totally agree that as much as they are a cute couple they need to have individual time every once and a while.

    CSI. Such a sad episode and race relations and ah. But Danny from Without a Trace was on it so that was fun.

    Law and Order: SVU. Well goodbye Christine Lahti, it was fun to have you while you were sober, haha. Such a crazy mixed up episode that definitely but alcholism in the center of everything.

    Top Model. Oh I could have told you five minutes into the episode that Kara was headed out. Way too obvious this week, but oh well, glad to see her go I never liked her all that much anyways. But I did like the crazy go-sees and driving in cars with maps (and no GPS! the horror!) and Laura, oh Laura, heart her. Anyhoo a better recap as always is here.

    Grey's Anatomy. Such a crazy emotional episode. Why was everyone crying or screaming or yelling!? Yikes. The chief is so unlikeable so far this season too, it doesn't really help anything. Oh and Izzy's leaving was so lame. A note?! Come on now! And she left Karev too?! Um lame and very Burkelike. I know she's coming back in a while but I wonder how that one will work.

    Greek. Can Cappie be my friend already!? Love that he has a book club with Dale, haha. And then Rowdy Rusty, haha. Loved it.

    Desperate Housewives. As always my latest review is up at BSC Review. Also in DHness, apparently a plane from Oceanic Airlines may be making a crash landing on Wisteria Lane. Uh oh. As if this season didn't have enough going on already this season.

  • Lastly for today's WTF news we have three ridiculous driving related headlines. Nevada Man accused of DUI for 3rd time in 17 Days. New York woman arrives drunk to pick up DWI. Police stop driver for 15 violations in 11 minutes. Get off the roads everyone, there are crazy people out there!

Anything I missed, let me know as always.

happy tuesday!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh what a loverly weekend.

Monday? Really? Already. Okay then. And weekend recap and go.

Friday: Had dinner with Matt at home, caught up on some TV for a bit. Drank a lot of wine to forget about the wedding mishap earlier in the day. Yeah I only had two wedding things planned and now one is unplanned for the time being. We no longer have a wedding location/date. Long story but we hopefully may get it back, fingers crossed. Anyhoo afterwards some friends came over, we played Scene It Squabble, drank more wine, had some laughs and an all around good time. Loverly.

Saturday: Slept in, thank goodness. Ran some errands then went to Matt's dad's house to watch the USC/Notre Dame game. I almost had a heart attack cheering on USC but it was some fun rivalry since Matt's a big Notre Dame fan. After the game Matt and I had a date night. It was so nice to be just the two of us and man dinner was tasty. We went to this place called Vertical in Old Town and it was quite the classy joint. But it was fun just to be together.

one of my fave pics from
last weekend's wedding

After our date night we met up with our newlywed friends Gianni and Laura for some fondueness (um delish!) and fun times. Eventually we made our way home to play some Wii and relax a bit and head to bed, all in all a wonderous Saturday night.

Sunday: Slept in again (thank goodness) before heading to lunch for my grandma's 97th birthday (yeah you read that right, my grandma is a champ!). Then spent the rest of my day napping, walking with my mom and hanging out with Matt. Basically another loverly night.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuff for you to know about me.

Oh yes it's one of those fabulous Friday posts. And go!
  • Thanks to everyone for entering my Blu Fringe giveaway. Pacey Witter is by far my favorite Joshua Jackson role, but I have to agree he's pretty great as Peter Bishop too. Anyhoozits, the winner of the giveaway is:

    Congrats! Send me an email with your info and I'll get it sent out. Woo.

  • Speaking of Joshua Jackson, Ali and I are going to Dawson's Creek: A Look Back at the Paley Center in a couple weeks? Want to come with? Buy yourself a ticket and join us! I really don't know what it's going to be like but I love all things Dawson's Creek so I just had to go. And I figure if it's anything like the Fringe event I went to in April that's just fine with me.

  • I actually don't have a wedding to go to this weekend. Wahoo. Just birthday activities for my grandma, not too shabby.

  • I always listen to this song in October and I just love it. You should too.

  • The Dodgers make me crazy sometimes and I really hope we can pull out a couple wins, that would be great. World Series? Yes please.

  • I plan on sleeping in til 10 tomorrow and it will be glorious.

Anything I should know about you today?

happy friday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cooking with Katelin.

Since I had Monday off I decided I wanted to cook something fun. I went through a ton of Real Simple recipes I'd kept around until I found one I really wanted to try. And what was the winner you ask? Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower. Sounds delicious right? Yeah well it was. Here's what the magazine says it should look like:

And this is what it turned out to be:

Not too bad actually. It was pretty delicious I gotta say. It wasn't too hard to make, the cauliflower added some healthiness to it and some unexpected bites which was fun. I'd definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who loves some cheesiness.

Matt and I also added some chicken to have on the side/mix in with it and it was a great addition.

So yeah basically this post is just all about how I only slightly burned a pan, made a delicious meal, and am obsessed with everything mac and cheese. So props to me, the chef in making! Wahoo!

Any cooking accomplishments for you lately?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hollywood spectacular.

Wednesdays work for Hollywood days too right? Yeah I thought so since I did it last week too, haha. Anyhoo Hollywood day and go!
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have the oh so adorable Zuma Rossdale. Seriously that kid has some of the best facial expressions and is just so precious with his blondeness nad adorableness.


  • And this week's second cute kid of the week is little Ava Jackman with her dad the birthday boy Hugh. Seriously they always look so happy together and cute and aw this picture just makes my heart melt a little bit.

    so darn cute.

  • Also in bebe news, Heidi Klum gave birth to a daughter, Lou Sulola on Friday. Not too keen on the name Lou for a little girl, but hey at least it's not Sparrow. Congrats to the happy family!

  • Moving on from the babies to some random Hollywood news. Apparently Miss Tyra Banks is the highest paid woman in primetime. Crazy right? The whole list is here if you're curious. And Zach Braff is alive. Two guys got engaged at Mariah's concert over the weekend, and on stage. Dead Man's Bones is officially going on tour and the guys want you to know about it.

  • Oh and Matt Damon looks quite good in a fedora.

    oh so suave.

  • And Hayden Panettiere looks super cute in this purple dress, I sort of really want it.

    so chic and cute.

  • In this week's Twilight news we have a few things.
    One. The New Moon soundtrack is being released this Friday instead of next Tuesday due to high demand!

    Two. Twilight is officially on twitter now. So check it out. Obviously.

    Three. I bought the New Moon Official Illustrated Movie Companion Book. I have yet to look at it because I don't want it to ruin the movie but man it's tempting.

    and Four. Hey Rob.

    oh so zexy.
  • In other movie news...
    An official preview for Toy Story 3 has been released and umm I can't wait to see it.

    Also, remember how I said I saw the Invention of Lying? Yeah well I liked it, didn't love it but liked it. I didn't realize how much of a satire it was and how much it made fun of religion, haha. I'd say rent it.

  • And in TV news...
    How I Met Your Mother. The Gouda! Have some of the gouda! Oh and Barney's Armani sweats, amazing. All the coupleness cracked me up and the sexless innkeeper? Oh man, good times.

    Top Model. Oh man, Cirque? The pictures could have been so much better but eh they were still fun. And hello Benny Ninja! I'm so sad they didn't use him to his full potential, because really every episode with him is a good one. An dyeah I still heart Laura, she's so darn cute and peppy. As always a more full and hilarious recap here.

    Grey's Anatomy. Dr. Sloane I heart you, standing up for the old guy with the younger woman, too darn cute. And way to give up a kidney Meredith (and smart writing to give Ellen some maternity leave, haha). And Arizona I sort of heart your passion for pediatrics.

    Law and Order: SVU. I'm pretty sure I let out a scream when Eliot was pushed off the roof. Yeah that was a little scary. How he was back at work the next day I do not know, but man I'm glad they didn't kill him.

    Desperate Housewives. My review is over at BSC Review, woo.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have something for all the dog lovers out there. Sluttified Halloween costumes for dogs. Say what?

Anything else I missed? Let me know!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wrapping up one fabulous wedding season.

Oh hello again freaders, I am back and I survived my final wedding of the year! Hark! And oh what a glorious weekend it was, let me share a bit.

Thursday: Took a half day at work, came home and watched some shows and got my MOH stuff together and it was loverly.

Friday: Spent my day running errands (man I love a day off) and eventually met up with my cousin the bride, her mom and sister at a salon to get our nails done. Seriously, I love getting manicures and pedicures and it was just fun to hang out with the ladies before all of the wedding hoopla began.

Saturday: Wedding day!! I was up at 6 and out of my house before 7 to meet the ladies at another salon for hair and makeup. Then before I knew it we were off in the limo to Lytle Creek for the ceremony. It was basically a go go go kind of day and I think I handled my maid of honor duties well, and everything happened like it was supposed to. So pictures? Why yes!

making my way down the aisle.

the bride and her brother making
their way
down the aisle, so cute.

Christina and Henry
exchanging their vows!

loved the location, so gorgeous.

embracing the 'jumping' shot with the wedding party.

my mom with her siblings! heart my fam.

my family with the lovely bride and groom.

oh I do love Matt, despite my silly looks.

After the morning ceremony we all made our way back home for a bit before revving up for the evening reception. It was a nice break in between because the evening reception went alll night long. It was a lot of fun to see my cousin so happy, my family enjoying themselves and all having quite the night. And after all of my worrying and fretting I gave a pretty good MOH speech too (and in front of 350 people!), which made me quite happy.

love this pic of my sibs.

oh the awesome head table.

aw the first dance.

my parents would not stop dancing, haha,
love it.

everyone in my family was dancing,
so so fun.

this picture is amazing, heart my cousin
and my sister.

All in all it was a great wedding and I'm so excited for my cousin and her new hubby. But as much as I love weddings I'm so glad that was my last one of the year, huzzah, we made it! Now it's time for Matt and I to do some of our own weddingness, woo! :)

Sunday: Slept in like wo, talk about tired. Before I knew it I was off to my friend Katrina's son TJ's birthday party. Seriously how that kid is 3 already is beyond me. But it was quite fun to have delicious Filipino food and hang out with my friends. And then yeah I took a ridiculous nap the rest of the day and just hung out with Matt, quite loverly in fact.

Monday: As you noticed I didn't blog yesterday, I was too tired Sunday and I didn't work so I took the day off, woo. But yeah it was fun I had some gift cards to Crate and Barrel and Barnes and Noble and totally indulged in fun stuff (hellooo New Moon companion book and a pitcher, among other things, haha). Matt and I also caught a movie, The Invention of Lying, and I came home to indulge in my Martha Stewart side. Basically another lovely night and coming back to work is definitely a difficult one, haha.

And how was your weekend? Any weddings, haha?

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happy tuesday!