Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie! :)

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen everyone!

Hope you are dressed up and taking advantage of the day. And hark! We finally have some clouds in California, not 100 degree weather, but real clouds like October should have, woo!

Speaking of dressing up, today at work I am channeling my inner youth:

not only am I rocking the straight hair,
but the side pony tail as well, holla*

oh and that shirt, heck yes it's an original NKOTB
I'm a true fan through and through :)

See, told you I was a fan. I still have this shirt and another one, along with pins with all of the guys faces, and today I'm wearing Jordan and Joey because obviously they were my faves.

However, tonight's costume is much more elaborate. I don't think I've let it slip here what I'm wearing with Matt and sadly I don't think it was one that anyone suggested, just happened to find it and love it at Party City. But I do know I let someone know because she's dressing up as the same thing! And I have to say I'm pretty excited to wear it to my friend's party tonight.

Seriously, I love Halloween. There's candy and parties and cute little kids in the most adorable costumes (seriously I think the baby chicken suit may be my fave so far, haha) and all around awesomeness.

Annnnnd I'm almost done with Twilight which appropriately is all about vampires that are so Halloween and have gotten me even more excited for today. I lurve it.

Okay that's enough rambling for me, I'm too excited to type, haha.

And what are your Halloween plans? Any awesome costumes? Can't wait to read about it Monday!

Have a most fabulous and safe Halloween everyone!

happy weeeeekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"I put a spell on you."

Last night was awesome. Awesome I say.

After the week I've had at work already, it was just the night I needed. I came home after work to help Matt make dinner and I finally got to try this recipe I saw on City Mama for broccoli casserole. It was so easy to make and so incredibly delicious:

So yes, if you like cheese and broccoli then you will definitely enjoy this easy dish...yummm.

Once we were done with dinner and dishes, our neighbor came over to carve pumpkins and watch Hocus Pocus. It was so much fun. I never knew pumpkin carving could be so entertaining and a movie that's fifteen years old could still make me so happy.

Matt's a pro pumpkin balancer

using the scooper to clean out the pumpkin

I would have gotten more pictures of the carving process except my hands were covered in pumpkin goop and we were having too good a time to stop and take pictures. However once all the pumpkins were done of course I got my camera out:

us with our masterpieces, woo

all three of the pumpkins,
a bat, a skull and a ghost
we're so creative!

all lit up

So yes twas a lovely night. And I'm definitely in the Halloweeeen spirit now :)
Is it Friday yet?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answers from Matt. (Part II)

Although Edward Cullen has currently taken my literary heart, Matt is still my numero uno boy, haha. And he's still answering your most fabulous questions, so here goes:

San asked: Do you ever get upset when Katelin spends too much time on the internet?
A: Ya I do, it gets frustrating, since Kate works online all day I actually think it's kind of funny when she comes home and pulls out the laptop to go back online. However, I do realize that it is one of her passions and i love her for that.

thatShortChick asked: What is your favorite NKOTB song?
A: Even if there are a lot of them and even if Katelin does listen to them consistently, I just don't really appreciate the music, it's just not my thing, sorry. However, I do think Jordan is just a dream boat.

Lacey Bean asked: Which New Kid do you think your most like and why?
A: Joey because Kate says I kind of look like him(I don't know if that's good or not haha.)

CageQueen asked: When are you guys going to get engaged?
A: I refuse to answer this question seeing as Kate will read this and that would kind of take the surprise out of me actually popping the question haha.

Wickedly Scarlett asked: What's your favorite outfit that Katelin wears? Do you remember what she was wearing on your first date?
A: I don't really know if there is a particular outfit that I like most. She wears a lot of pajamas and t-shirts when I see her, and if there is one outfit i don't like it's the leggings or whatever there called, the tights. But I do like most of the skirts and dresses that she wears, I am a sucker for a skirt, just can't help it.

Hollywood Sucker asked: What's your favorite cereal?
A: Cooooooookkkkkkkiiiiieeeee Crisp

Allison asked : What is your favorite gift Katelin has given you?
A: The first year we were dating I was still in school in Arizona and she flew out multiple times to visit. Never really in a surprise manner, but still it was a big deal to me because it was a long hard year living out there away from my family and friends and especially her. So ya that was the best gift since we started dating. However, not to sound too mushy, but my favorite gift Katelin has given me was the chance to start going out with her. I knew for a long time that I liked her, it just took her a while to catch on too ;).

Seriously you guys asked some awesome questions, I love it. I can't wait to see what you think of when I open the floor for myself, haha.

Anyhoo hope you all have a most fabulous day!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bebes, Keanu and ridiculousness.

It's Tuesday and you know what that means everyone....time for the latest and greatest in good ole Hollyweeeeeird:
  • I was looking for some of the cutest Hollywood kids in their Halloween costumes but none really stuck out at me just yet, however Violet never fails in the cuteness and who am I to deny a Violet picture:

    freakin adorable!

  • Okay although they're not my faves (granted I've yet to see their show), Tori and Dean totally rocked the family costume this weekend and I sort of love it:


  • Lastly in bebe news, Amy Poehler gave birth to little Archie Arnett over the weekend. Seriously Archie and Olive Cohen can date when they get older and be the funniest kids on the block with their seriously hilarious parents, haha, lurve it.

  • In not so cute and adorable news, American Idol alum and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew were all brutally murdered this weekend. Seriously it is just so incredibly sad and coming at a time where Jennifer is at the height of her game with a new movie and solo CD. And to lose people so close to you I can't even begin to imagine. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Hudson family, and hope they'll be able to make it through together.

  • In other saddish, ridiculous news, some crazed stalkeratzi is suing Keanu saying he ran over his feet with his car. The initial assault claims were dropped a month ago but the civil suit is still going strong and the jury selection started today. Seriously, why couldn't I be on that jury??? Granted I'd be a little biased...just a wee bit.

  • In other things that I love, I just started reading Twilight and seriously why didn't I start reading these books sooner??? It's like reading a Fear Street book mixed with a Nicholas Sparks book and I sort of am in love. And really, Edward, le freakin swoon, haha. And Robert Pattinson cast as Edward, perfecto. So yeah I've watched the trailer to the movie a couple times already and I'm about 100 pages into the book. Oh man I'm excited, another book I love and a movie with vampire awesomeness.

  • Speaking of other things I love, TV, obviously. Here's the two second cap on the shows.
    Heroes: Seriously this show is getting so effing weird. I love it, I hate it, I still love it.
    Brothers and Sisters: Definitely becoming one of my faves, oh those crazy Walkers and illegitimate children.
    Desperate Housewives: Seriously I was screaming at Edie's husband the whole time and wanting to fight for Mrs. McClusky so much. And yay for Catherine being awesome to Bree, love it. This show is getting better and better I think.
    The Hills: Thank god I don't have their drama. Or a friend like Stephanie. Or their douchey boys(except Brody, he always cracks me up), gah. But I do want Lauren's wardrobe, minus those holey pants I already have those. And Brandy!?! On the show!?! Where the hell have you been the past couple years? You've resorted to the Hills to get refamous, good gracious, what is this world coming to? haha. And Audrina, shut the eff up and get over JB and his dbagness. How do you turn down an Australian?!?! Gah I can't watch this show any more!
    Top Model: Team Sheena! That girl is my fave, I freaking love her.

  • And to end today's post I bring not so much WTF news but ASC (awwww so cute) news of a super dog that stayed inside a burning house to make sure four newborn kitties were okay. Seriously this dog is adorable and precious and the dog and all the kitties made it out okay.
And that my friends is today's Hollywood happenings, anything I missed, fill me in?

happy tuesday!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fog can't stop the weekend, but it sure can make it interesting.

Driving twelve hours in one weekend up and down the California coast is seriously exhausting. Yeah that was my weekend in a nutshell, haha, but here's the semi-extended version:

Friday: Got home after work and kicked back with my DVR and it was pretty sweet. I was supposed to go out with a girl friend but she had to cancel last minute and Matt was in Vegas so it was just me and my TV for the night. At first I was kind of nervous because I don't really do well in quiet or by myself, but I made it through. Caught up on my DVR somewhat and then popped in one of my most favorite Halloweenish movies, Practical Magic. Seriously I love that movie and I always watch it around Halloween, same with Hocus Pocus which I'll be watching before Friday some time, woo. My friend who I was supposed to meet with ended up calling me and we talked for such a long time and it was great only because we hadn't talked in such a long time and only knew how the other was doing via our Myspace pages. Seriously, catching up with friends and relaxing is the remedy for a lovely night.

Saturday: Woke up ridiculously early to pick up my mom and aunt and head up to Big Sur for a cousin's 60th birthday bash. The party was at this cute little cabin like resort tucked up in the woods and was awesome. There was a great lunch, lots of wine, a great blues band and tons of family, all in all amazing:

the scenery was amazing in Big Sur
there were even chairs in the creek, amazing

my cousin julie and i

mmmmdesserts oh desserts

check out all those purdy toes

everyone smile with the birthday boy

the birthday boy playing harmonica with the band

All in all the weather was great (although a bit chillyish), the food was amazing, and it was great to see family.

The most ridiculous part of the night though came on the ride home. Driving up the coast in the middle of the night on a windy road...yeah I saw my life flash before my eyes a couple times. I'm pretty sure the fastest I drove home was around 20 mph, it was a little ridiculous, there was so much fog on the road I could barely see in front of me. Luckily I had my mom and aunt as copilots for the drive but man it was still scary. After the drive from hell we eventually made it to our hotel in Monterey and were able to unwind and relax and sleeeeeeep.

Sunday: Woke up to more fog and slowly got on the move. Then my mom, aunt and I headed over to visit and aunt and uncle on their ranch and chat for a bit. Afterwards my mom drove the bare minimum speed limit (haha, you know you did mom) and we eventually hit the midway point where I took over driving duties and we made it back to town in two hours. Once we got back I spent the night hanging out with Matt, watching some TV and just relaxing, it was lovely.

And how was your weekend? Any death defying experiences to tell about, haha?

happy monday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Answers from Matt. (Part I)

Happy Friday! Wahoo! Yippee! Hallelujiah! It's almost the weekend! I don't know why but these last two weeks have been so incredibly long and I'm so ready for a good and busy weekend, woo! Have anything amazing planned for such a fine weekend? I'll be heading up to Big Sur at the crack of dawn tomorrow and coming back Sunday, yeah talk about a quick trip, so expect an exhausted Katelin come Monday, haha.

Anyhoo on to answering some of those questions you all asked Matt yesterday. He seriously was amazed at how many questions you guys asked and since he is long winded like me he only answered five people's questions for now. He'll get to them all eventually but here goes round one of "Get to know Le Boy":

Hello to all of Kate's readers. Thank you all for you interesting, entertaining, and intriguing questions. I promise i will answer all of them honestly and to the best of my ability. Just so i can keep track i'm gonna start at the top and work my way down from there. So, here we go!
(ed. note: I swear he doesn't talk that formally all the time, I think he was just nervous about stepping onto my blog, haha, oh I love him)

lspoon asked: My husband hates the fact that I'm obsessed with showtunes and more specifically, Wicked. Although (and he would be loathe to admit this) he does enjoy it when I belt out Defying Gravity every time it comes on the ipod. So my question for Matt is: what is your guilty pleasure showtune? :)
A: To tell you the truth, I grew up watching a lot of plays and musicals, and since I openly admit it I don't think it's really a guilty pleasure, but it's hard to say which one is my favorite. However, more recently I've seen the Producers, Wicked, and the Lion King. The Lion King, being my favorite cartoon movie when I was kid, I would have to say one of the songs from that is my favorite, probably Hakuna Matatatatatatatata, it's a great song, who are we kidding here, probably the greatest one around, ever. and if you think otherwise, I will punch you, right in the ovaries. ;)

dmb_libra asked:Why do guys like scratching their balls? is it more readjusting or just scratching?
A: Personally, it's just readjusting. However, I believe it's a case by case situation really. I mean there are guys out there that have been, ummmmm, a little more adventurous in their escapades with the ladies, so for them it might be a little more on the scratching side(eeeeeewwwwwwwww), but again for me, it's just readjusting for me.

Grits asked: What is Katelin's best quality, what do you love most about her?
A: WWEEEEEELLLLLLL, way to put me on the spot, she is literally sitting right next to me right now haha, how am i supposed to answer this without making her all mushy haha. We have a great connection together, we spend most of the time laughing together, granted most of that is because i'm tickling her, but still, we have a fantastic time together. But my favorite quality of Kate's, her ability to put up with me haha. I work hard most of the day and ya find time to cook dinner and scratch her back and all that. Which ya sounds fantastic,.but i do get grumpy, and i do get very tired, so i can be a bit of a grump, so her patience with me and her abitlity to laugh with me when i give her crap, pretty much all the time, ya i'd say that's what i love most about her. That and her boobs.

and What's you favorite drink?
A: Are we talking alcoholic or nonalcoholic here. I do love me some energy drinks. My newest favorite is the Sugar Free Rockstar. Since I hate coffee, it's a great pick me up in the moring, gets me going at work and all that. As for alcoholi drinks, i'm a huge fan of vodka tonic's, rum and coke's, and Clos du Vois Chardonnay wine. They're all great.

Shannon asked: Katelin loves blogging, What's you outlet?
A: I have multiple outlets. Cooking is one, working on cars another. Pretty much anything that keeps my mind busy. I love crosswords and sudoku, trivia games, and jigsaw puzzles. I have this game on my cell phone called Brain Exercise, I do it every day, it's a lot of fun for me because I like challenging my mind, and I love creating/fixing things, hence the cooking and the cars haha.

Daddy Dan asked: Is there any room on the DVR for your favorite shows? What is your favorite and least favorite of Katelin's must-see TV shows?
A: Hahahaha, ya there is just barely enough for me to fit my few and proud shows in. I'll go over an average week in DVR at our apartment. Monday Night: Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, The Hills, and Jon and Kate Plus 8. Tuesday: SVU, Greek, Fringe, Without a Trace. Wednesday: ANTM, Knight Rider, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY, and now Stylista. Thursday: CSI, Grey's Anatomy, and Eleventh Hour. Friday: Crusoe. Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, Brothers and Sisters. Out of those, mine for myself are Eleventh Hour, Knight Rider, Family Guy, and Crusoe. I don't mind most of her shows, but the couple that i really wish she didn't watch are The Hills, Greek, ANTM, Stylista, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. OUT OF THOSE HAHA I'd have to say The Hills and the model/style shows drop to the very bottom of my list. It just boggles my mind that people watch these shows, they are just plain terrible. That's my thoughts at least.

Apparently I'm fairly long winded so I'll come back on another day soon and get a couple more in. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Take care.

Oh isn't he adorable? Haha. Gotta love the long windedness, yeah you can tell we talk a lot.

happy friday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ask le boy.

So when I tried writing this post last night I was having some serious more like a brain fart. Apparently I'm running low on the blog post ideas which is so weird because I always have something to say about anything. But alas, a couple glasses of wine later I could not put together a semi-decent blog post.

However, I did get the bright idea to open up the floor to my blog readers. But not to me, to Matt! Yes, yes one day I will have the "ask the blogger" anything and everything post when I absolutely have to, but in the meantime (and by pseudo inspiration of SO@24) how about you ask my most favorite boy aka the roomie aka le boy aka Matt, my boyfriend anything you may possibly want to know about him or me via him?

He said he's game for any questions so ask away and I'll post the answers soon after. I'm curious what you guys have up your sleeves? Woo.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I saw it in that movie.

So it's no surprise that I love Hollywood and movies and all that jazz. Although I talk about all celebs and TV and music and craziness, by far my most favorite Hollywoodish thing is the movies. I love movies. I aspire to gain fame similar to Siskel and Ebert and one day attend the Academy Awards (with a seat right next to Keanu and Sandra). A girl can dream right?

Anyhoo, where am I going with all of this? Well I've realized over the past couple of days that I have learned so much from the movies. I kid you not. People, events, sports terms, medical mysteries, I've learned about a ton of them from the movies. What have I learned you ask? Well... let me share.
  • The Flying V. I don't really watch hockey and can't really keep positions and moves down but I do know what the Flying V is and it's all thanks to the Mighty Ducks.

  • William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pullitzer. Okay I don't really want to admit this, but I have to. I didn't know these guys were really people. I seriously thought it was just from Newsies, haha. Alas history class told me otherwise, but at least I'd heard of them right?

  • Canopic jars. Anubis. The Book of the Dead. Oh yeah, I learned about it all from the Mummy. Now it may not all be accurate, but heck I'd never heard of canopic jars before and when I saw them at the King Tut exhibit I felt pretty smart since I knew what they were for, haha.

  • Nikola Tesla. Again I don't know why I'm admitting this, but I had no idea who this guy was until I saw the Prestige and even then I didn't really know he was a real guy. What can I say? I don't know a lot about history. But alas, when his name did come up I already knew what it had to do with, that's a plus right?

  • A metro station in LA. Yes I have lived within twenty minutes of Los Angeles my entire life, however I was unaware of a metro station of any sort in the downtown vicinity until Keanu chased after the Dennis Hopper in Speed. Good to know.

  • Opes Dei. Did these people even exist before the DaVinci Code? I kid, I kid. But yeah I'd never heard of them and hope they're not nearly as creepy as they were in the movie/book.
Seee? Movies are so educational? Who'd a thought. And of course there is also the nice general every day knowledge that some movies protrude as well...such as:
  • Don't ever get on a big boat that doesn't have enough life boats for everyone, thanks Titanic for that one.

  • If your nanny has a British accent and could tackle you in two seconds, chances are it's your dad in drag...or just Robin Williams a la Mrs. Doubtfire.

  • When a bad guy is chasing you, it's probably a good idea to not run upstairs as the opposite is demonstrated in almost every horror film.

  • When in doubt during the big football game, the Annexation of Puerto Rico always wins, just ask the Little Giants, they made it look so simple.

  • Chocolate solves everything, even during Lent. And it sounds even better when call it Chocolat.
And that's just a smidgen of the plethora of knowledge and fun facts that movies have to offer, haha. Anything you've learned from the movies lately???

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hollywood may have bad TV, but it's got cute bebes.

Hollywooooooooooood. Yeah I went there and said it like that. Just sing it and you'll love it. Anyhoo moving on we've got the bebes and the music and TV and WTFness, so let's go:
  • Today's bebes are seriously some of the cutest in Hollywood (not to be outdone by my fave Violet, but pretty dang close). Little Olive Cohen is almost 1 and she is freaking adorable and Isla is one cute mom too, so precious:

  • And bebe numero dos comes from little Kingston the rockstar rockin his Halloween costume a bit early, but oh so adorable as a wee little skunk:

  • In other adorable, precious and amazingly awesome news one of my most fave musicians, Craig David, has reemerged with a new song and apparently a Greatest Hits CD coming soon. Sadly it's all staying in the UK, but that doesn't mean I can't watch this new video over and over, enjoy:

  • In other fantabulous video/music news, I can't stop listening to Brtiney's "Womanizer." It's so damn addicting I just can't stop. However, I must say that Joel McHale's version may be the best thing I've seen in a while and I lurve it. Check it out and prepare to laugh.

  • Unrelated to music and bebes some celebs have really been rockin the best fashion lately and I just have to share. I sort of really love the dress Ann Hathaway wore to the premiere of Rachel Getting Married:

    I don't know if I could rock it, but man I would love to try.

    And another dress I'd love to rock is the gorgeous yellow number Thandie Newton wore to the same premiere, dashing:

    It's so simple, but I love it.
  • And on to some horrendously awesome television recaps/revelations/thoughts/exclamations:
    The Hills. Seriously can I be friends with dbag Doug? He has his own jet. How is that not awesome? But I guess if I was friends with Doug I would have to hang out with Justin Bobby and I think he's the biggest of the dbags (with the exception of Spencer). And Stephanie's new guy, Cameron? Where the crap did they find this loser? I mean really where do they find all of these ridiculous guys. Gah I can't even type any more about this show, it drives me nuts!

    How I Met Your Mother. Let's just say, I did not see that coming. What an episode, both funny and sad and funny but more like wow. What is going to happen!?!?

    Desperate Housewives. Susan and Mike's son MJ is freaking adorable, seriously what a cute kid. And Edie's husband needs to stop being so creepy, it's just eerie. And ummm yeah that's all I got for now.

  • And lastly, today's WTF news come from a horse named Cholla. If that name alone doesn't sell you I don't know what else will. Oh well besides the fact that this horse paints and its artwork will be going on display. Seriously what will we be seeing next? Heidi trying to have a singing career? A monkey win an Oscar? Who knows.
And that my friends is the happenings of Hollywood. Woot woot.

happy tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A birthdayful weekend.

Talk about a birthday weekend, I got to celebrate three this weekend and man was it fun. Tiring, but fun, haha.

Friday: After work I came home for a bit then Matt and I headed over to the Yard House to have dinner and drinks with a friend. Seriously I love that place. I got the mac and cheese and pear cider, the same thing I get every time I go and it definitely did not disappoint. So yeah if you ever go, try it all out. After dinner and drinks Matt and I came home, relaxed a bit and slept off the long week, it was glorious.

Saturday: Matt and I set out early to drop my car off for an oil change (whoopee) and look for pumpkin patches. Unfortunately none of the pumpkin patches were open so we had to nix that idea. Eventually we made it to several thrift shops and costume stores looking for costume ideas. Ultimately we went to Party City, which was like a Halloween war zone, and found costumes we liked. I'm not going to say what we're going to be because apparently Halloween hates me and I didn't realize until Sunday that they gave me the wrong size and when I went back to exchange it they were all out. So now I'm on a mission to find my costume in the right size or make my own, wish me luck. After our Halloween frenzy we went over to Matt's brother's girlfriend's parent's house for the mom's birthdayness. We watched football, had excellent food and had an all around grand time. We ended staying there all night, watching Ironman and SNL (which was hilarious by the way, man are they on a roll these days). Eventually we made it home to relax, read (I finished my 16th book of the year) and hit the hay.

Sunday: Woke up early(ish) and went on a cleaning spree in the apartment. Then we were off to lunch for my grandma's 96th birthday with the fam at Shogun. Twas quite the fun and tasty time.
my dad and the birthday girl :)

my boyfriend makes the funniest faces

the whole fam together

After lunch I sprinted home, changed and grabbed my costume to try and exchange. Sadly no exchange was made and Party City officially landed themselves on my shit list. Then I quickly rushed over to the Rose Bowl to walk another nine miles with my mom and aunts. After walking I sprinted back home yet again for a quick shower and change to get ready and go out for Matt's brother's birthday. We went to this Mexican restaurant, El Cholo, and it was fabulous. I forgot how much I love margaritas but man were they great. All in all in was another great birthday celebration to add to the weekend:

matt and his brothers

what silly boys

Twas a lovely dinner and lots of fun and tastiness. We spent the rest of the night at home, hanging out, catching up on the DVR and resting my tired legs, haha.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a questionable Friday.

Clearly I'm too lazy/tired/exhausted/boring/creative for a real post today, so alas I pose some questions:
  • How long untilI eat all of the Cheryl cookies?

  • Has NKOTB's new CD really been in my car player for a month and a half? I just can't stop.

  • Have you ever showed up to work looking like you stepped out of the H&M prepster academy? No? Well I did, today, and I sort of love it. (but don't tell anyone, haha)

  • Seriously who is going with me to see Josh Kelley either October 29th, November 5th or November 11th? I need a concert partner, stat!

  • Is that a bagel I smell? No? Coffee cake? Ah! Stop teasing my nostrils!

  • Where is Ryan Gosling?

  • Why do my Dodgers torment me so?

  • Why does Nyquil induce the weirdest possible dreams?

  • Where is my watch? I feel so naked without it. Anyone else feel like that?

  • Lanolin? Like sheep's wool?

  • Is it just me or was this week incredibly long?

  • Why the heck does John McCain blink so much?

  • Will I get to sleep this weekend?

  • What the heck should Matt and I do tonight?

  • Anyone want to go bowling?

  • And what are you doing this fine weekend?

happy friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love surprises.

First of all , thanks to everyone for your fabulous suggestions for Halloween costumes for Matt and I, you all rock. We're still on the fence about ideas though, so keep the ideas coming.

In other Halloween/boyfriend news, yesterday I came home to a most fantabulous surprise:

This lovely box was waiting for me on the table and boyfriend with a big grin on his face was sitting nearby. Now if you haven't heard of Cheryl & Co. before then you have seriously been missing out. My mom first sent me cookies from Cheryl my freshmen year of college and I have been hooked ever since. They're cookies are phenomenal and they come in the cutest little decorative boxes too, I mean really how can you not love them?

So yeah Matt decided to get me some Cheryl goodies because he knows how much I've missed a "real Fall" and these delectable cookies. Apparently he also knows that I've been lax on the gym going lately too and these cookies will not help the half marathon training cause either, but that's neither here nor there because I love me some deliciousness, haha. And how could I not love it when it came from this guy?

I'm just a sucker for those blue eyes.........and cookies, haha. :)

happy thursday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woooooooe is me, a Halloween predicament.

Yesterday when I left work it was dark outside, dark I tell you at 6:30 pm. And the weather was in the 70s/80s not the 100s. So yes, yes it is finally October like weather in good ole Southern California and I love it (minus the dark after work thing, that I could still go without). And with Octoberness and Autumness comes one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!

As you may or may not know I love dressing up and I love theme parties, and of course Halloween is just one big ole theme party. In college I was all about the group costumes and since I've been with Matt I have have throughly enjoyed the couples costumes and this year is no different. Matt and I have been racking our brains to think of a fun couples costume and we've both been drawing blanks. In our years of coupledom we've gone as Pebbles and Bamm Bamm and a nurse and patient, so both of those are out. Other than that, we're stuck.

Other costumes that are highly entertaining but have also been nixed include:

the bad genie

a human beer pong table

and the biggest show on earth

Clearly none of those costumes would suffice for Matt or myself so alas we are in a predicament. Hence where you, my creative readers, come into play. Please oh please share your Halloween costume ideas and if we happen to go with your suggestion you'll win a most fabulous prize!

So share away, we need the help!


happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It wouldn't be a Tuesday without some Hollywood biz.

So as you can tell today's Hollywood post is late in the making. It's late primarily due to the fact that I spent all of yesterday cooped up at home due to yet another sick day. My poor body just doesn't understand the concept of getting healthy apparently.

So yeah, today's post is late, short and lacking in awesomenes, and I apologize. But here goes:

  • In the cute bebe department comes my most favorite family in Hollywood, the Affleck Garners and cutie patootey Violet:


  • For today's hottness I present you with Mr. Hugh Jackman, who turned 40 yesterday. Seriously, the man is delectable and I love it....le swoon:

    Seriously I can't wait to see him in Wolverine, I hope it's better than XMen3 but just as awesome as XMen2, ooooooboy.

  • In other movie news, apparently Beverly Hills Chihuahua got number one at the box office for the second week in a row. Oy. This really is the slump of the movies when a talking dog movie can get number one. In unrelated movie news, Don Cheadle has replaced Terrance Howard in the sequel to one of the summer's biggest movies, Iron Man. Apparently there were some financial disputes with Terrance and the bigwigs....yeahhhh I don't really mind, Don Cheadle is a much better actor anyhoo.

  • Speaking of new movies, have you guys seen the newest trailer for Twilight? Now I haven't read the books or anything, but I definitely want to see this flick. I'm a sucker for a good vampire movie (heck I own Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie) every now and then and I am just so intrigued by this movie.

  • In music news, the comeback girl herself, Miss Britney Spears released the video for her newest single "Womanizer" and I must say, it's pretty hawt. Seriously Brit Brit hasn't looked this good in a long time and it's so nice to see her back to her poptart ways, good job Brit.

  • And on to TV we go....
    The Hills. WTF. Why do I watch this madness? I swear watching this show while sick is not good simply because Spencer makes me want to vom every time I see his face. Gah. Lauren was actually kind of nice/funny I thought, Audrina needs to get over Justin Bobby/I can't believe they skinny dipped and showed it on the show (my eyes, my eyes!) and Heidi's hair I'm convinced keeps getting blonder as she gets dumber (although I am glad she called out Spencer when he crashed at Stephanie's place for two months, what a turd).

    Heroes. Oh boy. So I said before that the show was getting confusing, but alas I think I am finally getting a hold of things and man I am loving some of the twists. At the end of last nights episode I seriously let out an "Ah ha!" when I figured out some big plot twist (with the help of Matt), haha. So ultimately my initial fear of the show getting too ahead of itself has resided and I am loving it yet again.

    How I Met Your Mother. "Arthritis High Five!" Haha, yeah I laughed out loud at Barney the whole time. Heart him.

  • For today's WTF news comes sadness in the world of cookies and sweets. Apparently Mother's Cookies, the makers of the most delicious Circus Animals Cookies ever, have filed bankruptcy and are closing down, no longer making the most delicious cookies ever! Blasphemy! I am going to the store right now to buy as many cookies as I can.

And that my friends is all I have today. Did I miss anything?

And I promise to make it over to your blogs soon, this whole sick thing has really put a damper on things and put me behind in work quite a bit, boo.

happy tuesday!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nothing says weekend like good friends and wine.

Oh what a weekend, granted I say that after every weekend but really, what a weekend. Although my sometimes stuffy nose and occasional sore throat threatened to put a damper on it all, I made it through in one piece and still in need of a long nap, haha.

Friday: I got home from work and Matt and I really didn't know what we wanted to do for dinner. So we hopped in the car and drove to Monrovia and checked out the restaurants there but nothing really stuck out so we headed back to Pasadena and over to Roy's Hawaiian Restaurant to check it out. However those plans were halted when it turns out the whole place was booked for the night, so instead we headed to the bar and got some drinks and checked out a menu for kicks....yeahhhhh...about that.....I wasn't too impressed with the menu and it's expensive prices. So we headed out and over to Paseo to PF Chang's which has yet to disappoint. So by ten we finally ate dinner and just had fun. Twas a lovely little date night indeed. We ended the night with some wine and History of the World Part I and it was superb.

Saturday: Oh what a busy day. We woke up to some football and breakfast then headed to Smart and Final (Matt) and the grocery store (me) and back to the apartment to get ready for the day. Remember last week when I said nothing like a friend's kid's birthday to make you feel old and want one and then change your mind in two seconds? Yeah well one of my best friend's son turned two and man was it a good time. Lots of high school friends came up for the celebration and the birthday boy was all over the place and all in all in a great day at the park:

Kat and her little birthday boy

four best friends reunited again

and just as silly as ever

the HS girls all together

and throw in some HS boys

me and the cutey patootey birthday boy

Seriously the weather was awesome, there was a ton of Filipino food and delicious funfetti cake for dessert, quite the birthday party. After the party Matt and I headed home to watch the end of the USC game (go Trojans!) with my friend Courtney and relax a bit. Afterwards Matt and I went to my aunt and uncle's house to have a big family dinner (so much fun). I love my family and every time we get together it's always a fun (and delicious) time. Sadly I couldn't stop sneezing all night and was a bit drowsy so Matt and I headed home earlyish. Matt and I had some friends over for some drinks (and Jell-O shots), some baseball and more than enough laughs. Seriously, it's nights like those that I love having my own place with Matt, it's loverly.

Sunday: Apparently my remedy of wine and Sudafed didn't sufficiently kill the cold so I stayed in bed as long as I possibly could until I had to get up, eat, shower and meet a friend and her kids for lunch. It was great hanging out with her since I hadn't met the new baby (that was born in March) and seeing all the renovations on her house, man I can't wait to have a house and a family one day, it will be awesome. After lunch I rushed home to change and meet my mom and aunt to walk at the Rosebowl. Nine miles later and I'm pretty sure my feet wanted to rebel but I did it and I made it and I'm starting to feel more and more ready for this half marathon in five weeks, woo.

After walking I came home to make dinner for Matt and I (since he makes dinner during the week). It was the first time I actually planned a meal and made it for us and I only managed to burn one pan, haha. I made prosciutto covered chicken, cheese bread and salad. Even if the chicken wasn't throughly cooked when I first finished it was nothing that a little time in the oven couldn't fix. And I must say, it was pretty tasty. However Matt and I both agree that something else could be added to make it tastier we just don't know what exactly.

Matt's not quite sure about my meal, haha

cheesy bread and prosciutto wrapped chicken mmmmmdelish

Clearly we made it through dinner alive since I wrote this post, haha, and it was tasty. The rest of the night was spent watching some girly TV (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters), drinking some wine, hoping my legs would not be sore today and praying to the gods of nasal decongestants to cure me. Twas wonderous.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!