Friday, November 28, 2008

LA Bloggers Meetup! Woo!

Oh boy, so apparently wine and me have become pretty close over the past couple of days, haha and it's only Friday. I really don't know how much my poor liver can handle. Oh well. Anyhoo, my Thanksgiving was lovely and yummy and fun and a great time all around. And how was yours? I'll do the real recap on Monday though, for now, today's post is brought to you by the fine bloggers of LA:

What: A meetup for all the LA Bloggers to finally get together and show that not just the East Coasters get together, haha
Where: St. Nick's Pub and Restaurant Bar, 8450 W Third St Los Angeles, CA 90048
When: Friday, December 5th, 8pm (a week from today, woo!)
Who: LA Bloggers, holla
Why: Because we can and that much awesome in one space just needs to happen

So hopefully this works for everyone, email me if you have any questions, and hopefully we'll see your nice shining faces a week from today, woo. You can just look for me, the girl with crazy curly hair and a big drink in her hands :)

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend and hopefully I'll see you next week! Woo!

happy friday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is just so much to be thankful for and I'm pretty sure I can't get it all down, but I'll try just a snippet*...

I'm thankful for a family that has always been there for me no matter what. I'm thankful for a boyfriend and a best friend who has been nothing short of amazing to me. I am thankful for friends near and far that are always a phone call away and can always make me laugh. I'm thankful for all of the books I devoured this year and made my lunch breaks exciting. I'm thankful for my sweats, flip flops and short hair that make life so much more comfortable. I'm thankful for movie theaters for making me happier every time I enter. I'm thankful I have obsessions, without them I'm pretty sure I'd be boring. I'm thankful for lazy days and busy nights. I'm thankful I've only burned one pan so far in my cooking adventures. I'm thankful for blogging and each and every one of my freaders for being so ridiculously awesome.

And what are you thankful for?

Hope you all have a most wonderous and amazing Thanksgiving today with good food and great people, woo!

happy thanksgiving!

*idea snagged from larissa, woo

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving: Bringing families together since 1621.

So have I mentioned this year's Thanksgivings plans? No? Yeah I didn't think so. Last year was the big to do with the whole extended fam up in Aptos which was awesome, tiring and filling, but all around awesome. This year's Thanksgiving shindig is set to be just as awesome but just a wee bit different...

This year while my aunts, uncles and cousins are headed to Arizona, my parents, my brothers and sister, my sister's friend, my grandma and me are all headed over to Matt's mom's house to celebrate the holiday with Matt, his mom and his two brothers.

I'll let that sink in. My family. Matt's family. All together now.

Now I have no worries about our families coming together because we've all hung out on several occasions but never for a holiday or something so traditional. This is big time people, big. And you know what, I'm okay with that. It's slightly crazy and incredibly huge that our families are coming together at the holidays, which I guess is probably just a hint of what's to come in future years of Matt and I together.

So if I'm okay with it all why am I posting about it? Well because I think the Peter Pan in me is freaking out. Every time I do something even close to growing up I get a little excited, a lot nervous and then even more excited. I can't explain it, I'm just weird.

However despite my nervousness and excitement I will say that I am thankful. As cliche as it sounds, I am so incredibly thankful to have all of my family in one place, together with another family I hope to one day call my own as well.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and is surrounded by people they love and are thankful for! :)

the most important people in my life :)

so thankful I found him

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A fashionable day in Hollywood.

And here we have another Tuesday, another Hollywood post...
  • This week's bebe news comes yet again from cute little Suri who is finally learning to wear a jacket and has rockin sunglasses, wahoo:

  • In other bebe news, Ashlee Simpson finally had her little Wenz and what did they name the bouncing baby boy?....Bronx....Mowgli Wentz. The kids initials are BMZ and his middle name is after a jungle boy?! Seriously guys, seriously?

  • In today's fashion highlights we have to Do and Do Not Not Not. For the Do we have Alicia Keys at the AMAs over the weekend. I seriously love her dress, the shape, the style, the fit, simply divine:

    And for the Do Not Not Not we have Sasha Fierce:

    Seriously what the hell is she thinking?! Neither of these outfits are cute and are just a wee bit bizarre.

  • In other music news apparently my boys, New Kids on the Block, performed at the AMAs a lovely medley of some of their hits and I sort of loved it. Well maybe not loved, but enjoyed it and definitely swooned a bit.

  • Lastly in the music world, apparently Miss Britney is closer and closer to her comeback and I absolutely love this new Rolling Stones cover she's rockin:

    Seriously, heart the new Brit and her new album is pretty schnazzy too, go Brit!

  • In other favorites news because I can't seem to stop talking about Twilight just quite yet, Rob Pattinson was on Tyra's show (airing on Friday) and Ty asked Rob to bite her...and he complied! Yes I think I sort of melted when I saw these pics and got a wee bit jealous, oh Ty Ty you are so lucky, haha:

  • Speaking of Tyra and TV let's just get to the TV recap...
    Top Model. I was so not happy with McKey winning it all. I was Team Annaleigh for sure, Sam as cool and funny but Annaleigh was so spunky and nice and I loved it. But McKey? Really? Luckily I wasn't the only one that felt that way.

    How I Met Your Mother. Can I just say...Naked Man! Seriously I think I laughed through the whole episode, it was hilarious.

    The Hills. Oh my freaking god. Heidi and Spencer eloped in Mexio last week. Really? Really? I think I may have vommed a bit in my mouth when I read that. I must say though that I'm surprised that they didn't have a camera crew and a million people paid to be in attendance. However they are still milking the secret wedding for all it's worth with the US Weekly cover and story, eck.

    Grey's. I am so loving the storyline with Cristina and Dr. Owen, seriously they need to just get it on already. And Izzy's business? Yeah I have no idea what's going on there.

  • And in today's WTF news we have a mystery piano. Yeah you read that right, a piano. Cops in Massachusetts were baffled when they found a piano, in tune and with a bench sitting in the middle of the woods. No one knows how it got there or who it belongs to, but it's definitely funny. An Matt's response to the story "If there's a piano in the woods and it's tuned is there anyone there to play it?" har har har.

And that's all I got for Hollywood news today folks, anything I missed?

However in non-Hollywood news today's my little sister's 21st birthday! Woo woo! So happy birthday Kourt and hope yours is just as awesome and ridiculous as mine was, holla:

happy tuesday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I came, I saw and I Twilighted.

Seriously why is the weekend over already? This weekend was the perfect combo or laziness, awesomeness and Twilightness. Care to hear about it? And I swear I won't talk Twilight for the whooole post...

Friday: Got home from work, hung out with Matt where we decided that we didn't want to go anywhere or do anything besides drink some wine and have some pizza. It. Was. Awesome. We even went so far as to order You Don't Mess With the Zohan for some ridiculous entertainment. The movie was actually pretty funny, hell it might have been funnier because I was on a wine high but it was still a good time. Towards the end of the movie our neighbors came over to have some more wine and rum and pretend to be pirates while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, I don't think we stopped laughing once.

oh man it was a good time

Matt and the neighbors embracing their inner pirates

Seriously it was hilarious and such a good time. I polished off my own bottle of wine and there were plenty of other empty ones by the end of the night and I know we all stayed up way past our usual bedtime, but it was so worth it. Pirate Nights = YoHotastic, haha.

Saturday: Amazingly I woke up hangover free and headed over to my hair stylist to do my semi-anual chop. Seriously I have no patience with my hair and when it gets to long I chop it, see Exhibit A:

So yeah that was nice, afterwards headed to the museum for my brother's family day thing which was cool. But the best part of the day came when Matt and I headed down to Huntington Beach to hang out with his brother and his brother's girlfriend for the night and see Twilight. Seriously, Michaela is more of a fan than I am and I love it. We watched some of the recorded intervies on Ellen, TV Guide Channel and MTV to get even more revved up. So we had dinner, got ready and headed to the movie theater. Well we stopped at a bar nearby first so the boys could get some alcohol in them before enduring the movie with us. Finally we made it to the movie and I couldn't have been happier, a month of anticipation all in front of me.

So what did I think? I sort of really liked it. For a two hour movie it seemed so incredibly short, I feel like it could have gone so much longer and added so much more story but alas it was not. Rob Pattinson was definitely swoon worthy the entire time and I thought the story was there, just not as deep as it's described in the book, obviously. But I stil liked it. And hell apparently I'm no the only one since it took in the top spot with 70 million this weekend and they officially got the greenlight to start working on New Moon. I don't want to go into a review or anything but know that I'm hopefully seeing it again and I just left the theater feeling elated and happy and uber lovey dovey (I think Matt was even lovey dovey too, haha)

After the movie and comparing notes we all went back to Matt's brother's apartment for some celebratory champagne and games. It was just the Twilight night I had envisioned and hoped for (and yes I am a complete dork).

Sunday: The typical day of an eye appointment, watching football with Matt, six mile walk with the family and my little brother's 13th birthday party. Seriously how he's 13 I do not know, it baffles me.

Speaking of the crazy little brother, I wrote a guest post over at Dana's sharing my thankfulness of brothers, I'm not even joking, I don't know what came over me, haha.

And that my friends was my weekend in a nutshell. And I'm so happy this week is a short work week so I can do it all over again with just as much awesome, lazy and ridiculous, woo!

And how was your weekend? See Twilight? Love it?

happy monday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh yes, another Twilight post.

It's here, it's really here, the weekend of Twilight has arrived. Sadly I did not go to a midnight showing, so this is not a post of how awesome the movie is and how I dreamed I was Bella last night, no no simply a post of my sheer excitement.

Seriously after my obsession with the Dark Knight I was pretty sure I would have no movies to anticipate for the rest of the year. However, my sudden Twilight fandom has changed all of that and I find myself talking Twilight, reading Twilight, watching Twilight (oh I can't even count how many times I've watched different versions of previews), listening Twilight, hell straight out just Twilight.

Now some may say I've become a TwiHard or a FanPire, but I'd just like to say Twilighter. I'm not making the trek to Forks, Washington any time soon, I'm not asking the stars to bite me, I'm not pretending vampires are out there lurking, but I am having a great time enjoying these books, anticipating an even bigger enjoyment of the film version and I'm not apologizing for that. So hopefully you all aren't sick of my Twilight talk or Rob Pattinson obsession just quite yet.

Oh! And before I forget or you're curious about this Twilightness check out Jenn's hilariously accurate guide to Twilight , haha.

Anyhoo, hope you have a fabulous weekend Twilighting or not :)

happy friday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

People knows their zexy.

*disclaimer: sexy zexy men and me being uber girly in this post, you've been warned, haha*

Not even kidding, People and I are already on the same wavelengh (well most of the time) when it comes to the sexiest guys, I mean really, they picked three of my freaking favorites:

Hugh Jackman. The man has been deemed the title of Sexiest Man of the Year, now I don't know if I would go that far about Hugh, but really the man is all sorts of sexy. And clearly I am biased because I met him and he was incredibly nice and suave and Australian, yumm.

And how can you not love a guy that plays with his kids all the time?!? So freaking adorable.

So yes I agree, Hugh is a sexy, zexy man.

However, People also voted in two more of my faves in the sexy zexy category, my number two, Joshua Jackson and my newest crush, Rob Pattinson.

Joshua Jackson! Welcome back to the sexy list! I've always though you've belonged there but alas the public has finally caught up thanks to your return to the spotlight of television with Fringe, which I sort of really like. And woo I couldn't be happier to see you once a week again and popping up in sexy lists and magazine, woo woo!

I mean how could anyone deny that suave, Pacey Whitter sort of zexy?

Or the dark, brooding zexy of your new character Peter Bishop? No one! That's who. Welcome back Josh!

And Rob Pattinson. Oh Rob. I don't really even need to explain this one.

Seriously the guy is just zexy. And his hair?! Ah the hair. It's both ridiculous and awesome at the same time and all around just fantastic. And in his interviews he's just so adorable, you just can't deny it. I already have my DVR set for the Today Show in case he's on before I watch it today and Ellen tomorrow. And umm the biggest selling point of his sexiness.....he's freaking Edward, oh le swoon.

If that doesn't win zexy I don't know what does.

Mmmmmokay that's all I got today folks, too much swooning for one day, haha. I know Matt loves it :)

Anyone you think should have been added to People's Sexy Zexy list this year?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogginess all around.

So once again I have been bestowed by some of the bestest of the best bloggers out there with some schnazzy awards and instead of waiting five months this time to pass them on, I figured now is a better time than any, woo. Soooo here goes:

The fabulous Hillary gave me this schnazzy award:

and I'm passing it on to these schnazzy bloggers:
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The oh so awesome blicious bestowed upon me
this cool award:

and I'm passing it on to:
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let me choose an award and how could I not pick this one:

and of course I know some other
fabulous blogs to pass it on to:
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So yeah check all those fabulous blogs there, they all rock. And if you still need more blogs to check out just look at my blogroll, seriously it keeps growing every day, I love it. And thanks to all the new commenters you all are rockin my socks off, haha.

Anyhoo that's all I have for today.

Besides the fact that Twilight comes out on Friday! Woot!

(I know....I'm obsessed, haha)

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All around Hollywoooood.

Ooh my Hollywood. So I apologize if this post isn't chock full of all the best of the best of Hollywood, you'd think with having the day off yesterday that I'd have more time to blog (and read blogs!) but alas that was not the case and so I don't know if I'm completely caught up on the know. Anyhoo here goes....
  • This week's cute bebes are accompanied by their even cuter dads, I mean really, these children were destined to be adorable:

    Christian Bale and his daughter Emmeline

    all the Beckham boys at a Laker Game

    Aren't they all just so dang cute?! Love it.

  • In big time music news two things have happened. One. TRL has officially shut down and is no longer. MTV had a big to do for the last show on Music Television that actually played snippets of music. I must say I am a wee bit sad even though it's not like I watched it any more, but I did get in the audience back in the day when Mr. Mariah Carey was hosting and it was pretty fun. Oh well, so long music videos!
    And two. Apparently some twat decided to leak Britney Spear's newest CD, Circus, this weekend. Her CD isn't supposed to come out for two more weeks so it sort of stinks that it's been leaked so early. Has anyone heard it yet? Is it good? I'm slightly curious and definitely still rooting for a kick ass comeback.

  • In other music news, one of my faves Josh Kelley is performing tomorrow at the Hotel Cafe and if anyone would like to go with me I'd love the company :)
    Oh and if you have no idea who he is, he's married to Katherine Heigl....still doesn't mean anything, check out his Myspace. Woo.

  • Other favorites news....Twilight. Did you know it's coming out in theaters this Friday? Did I mention that already? Haha. But no really, I started Breaking Dawn yesterday and I'm liking it already and I'm definitely curious to see where it's going. But really, the movie. This weekend. Wahoo.

    le swoon oh swoon

  • Hey guy readers, I didn't forget about you. Here's the oh so hot Heidi Klum at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this past weekend, seriously if I was a guy I'd have a crush on her:

  • And from Heidi we go to some tranny fabulousness. Remember Isis from Top Model? How could you forget her, she's the first tranny on the show! Anyhoo, Ty Ty, being the angel that she is, surprised Isis on her show by offering to pay for and arrange her sex change operation. Now I agree that is one awesome gift since the operation is apparently thirty five thousand or something like that, but just know that Tyra will bring up this act of kindness any chance she gets. Oh I love the crazy Ty. But congrats Isis!

  • In other TV news...
    Umm actually there is too much TV to talk about without making this post even longer so I'll save it for later. Just know that all my shows are pretty great, the Hills folks are for sure doing a season five and Steven Weber is officially everywhere!

  • And lastly today's WTF news comes from a man and his invention....a vibrating toilet seat. Yeah I'll just let that one settle. Everyone wants some vibration to get them going in the morning right? Haha, wow, just wow.

And that's what's happening in Hollwoooood? Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

November is for birthdayness.

Oh another weekend come and gone, and woo hoo it's still going for me since I took today off of work today, holla. Anyhoo, so how was the weekend you ask? Let me tell ya:

Friday: Made it home from work, changed and got ready with Matt and Megan to get going for Katrina's birthday party at Howl at the Moon (seriously I love that place). We got there just in time as the birthday girl was getting nice and trashed and Megan and I, being the good friends that we are, bought her a birthday bucket of Adios goodness.

kat enjoying her bucket

bff's for life :)

two of my most favorite people

After the bucket was gone and a couple drinks later the night quickly came to a halt as the birthday girl had to be carried away to recover from the over indulgence of birthdayness, haha. Luckily she had a good boyfriend to take care of her and me, Megan, Matt, Megan's sis and boyfriend were all able to head over to Saddle Ranch to finish out the night.

Seriously I forgot how fun Saddle Ranch was, we danced, and watched people ride the bull (Megan's sis included) and had an all around great time.

megan's sis on the bull

megan and j.r., oh so cute

aw me and matt

Saturday: Twas a loverly day. Got to sleep in a while and then headed to the Pasadena Expo to get my race packet for the half marathon on Sunday. Afterwards I, like a nerd, read Eclipse while I waited for Matt to meet me at the movies for a nice afternoon date. Granted I don't know that I would really consider Zack and Miri Make a Porno a great date movie, haha. That movie was so funny, so dirty and oh so awesome. After the movie we headed to Matt's dad's house for dinner, which was pretty fun. Got to chat Twilight with Matt's brother's girlfriend and even made plans to see the movie next Saturday (wahoo!), plans that also involve the boys, haha. I already warned Matt that I may drool when I say Rob Pattinson on screen, I mean how could I not:

We didn't end up staying too long though because I had to get a long night's sleep for an early rise for the half-marathon I was planning on walking in on Sunday.

Sunday: Got a call nice and early from my mom sadly informing me that the marathon I was planning on walking in was canceled due to the poor air quality because of all the fires going on. Needless to say I was sad that I wouldn't get to walk in the half marathon after months of training however I definitely reasoned that I had no real reason to be upset since my house wasn't in danger like so many other So Cal people. But really, it was still depressing. So when Matt woke up early to golf I just rolled back over into bed to sleep the day away.

After a couple more hours I sleep I migrated out of bed to catch up on the DVR and eventually kicked back with the Ipod on classical music and the last 150 pages of Eclipse. It. Was. Awesome.
Post-Eclipse (seriously I was a bit emotional, it's a good thing Matt wasn't home, haha) I went on a cleaning spree around the house, seriously it was bizarre. Before I knew it it was time to head to my aunt's house for what was going to be our celebratory post-half-marathon dinner but turned into a game night of Scene It and tacos and margaritas as an early birthday celebration for my sister (who's turning the big 21 in 8 days, woo woo). It was such a great night of stories, drinks, great food and even better company.

kourt and her birthday cake, woo

And really nothing ends a great night like cheesecake and champagne, holla.

After the party I ended the night relaxing with TV and Matt and it was fabulous, fabulous I say.

And that my friends was le weekend. Today should probably just be considered more weekend since I took the day off anticipating that my legs would be killing me and I'm headed to lunch with Matt and the spa with my mom, it's going to be superb. And in between all of that and whenever other chances I get I'll most likely be reading Breaking Dawn, haha.

And how was your weekend everyone? Any champagne, crazy fires smogging up the air, or lovely Twilight stories to share, haha?

happy monday!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I need the weekend, stat.

Have you ever realized that you do something simply because you saw it on TV?




Yeah well I learned that I have started incorporating TV lingo into my everyday speak. On Wednesday I was talking online to my friend and I typed "I need to go on vacation, stat." She then replied "Stat? What is that?" She really had no idea what the word stat meant and I actually had to look it up and post the definition, which is:

Medical term used to imply urgent or rush. It may appear in lower case letters as stat or in capital letters as STAT, as in "Treatment may include STAT surgery." The term is derived from the Latin word "statim" which means immediately.

I then asked my coworkers if they ever heard anyone say "stat" in conversation and they both said "well only you and medical shows." And that's when it hit me. I've started talking like a doctor, haha. I've already established that I'm no Doc and actually have quite the opposite effect, but that doesn't mean I don't talk like one. Apparently all my years of watching episodes of Grey's, E.R. and SVU are rubbing off without me even noticing.

I wonder if I'll start saying 'legendary' or 'fetch' next? Haha.

So does anyone else say 'stat' or some other random word they picked up from TV or a movie without noticing? Or is it just me? haha.

happy weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

From eh to awesome.

So apparently I can't really put together a full on post without bullet points or huge spaces and that trend is continuing today, just so you know....

Things that were eh about yesterday:
  • My credit card bill. Ew.

  • The fact that I woke up multiple times during the night tossing and turning and making me ridiculously exhausted during the day.

  • My hamstring that has yet to fully stop hurting, ugh.

  • I was still in a weird sort of 'funk.' Don't know how to explain it or what it is but it's still lingering.

Things that were awesome about last night:
  • My random tuna, pasta, Alfredo sauce, onion, and tomato dinner that I managed to put together.

  • I got my Autumn Mix CD swap (that Legally Heidi put together) in the mail from July Bug that I can't wait to listen to!

  • Not only that, I came home to my free Nintendo DS. Oh yes, you heard me right, a free DS. Much thanks go to Brand About Town for that one. And I think Matt would probably want to thank them too for the awesomeness.

  • My neighbor came over for a Top Model/Stylista "marathon" which was totally girlie and completely what I needed.

  • Not only did we divulge ourselves in girlie TV we also talked Twilight and of course that just makes me happy.

  • Ending my night curled up with Eclipse and Matt, mmmmmlovely.

And how has your day been?

happy thursday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Wednesday oh Wednesday.

Dear Ryan,

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a most fabulous 28th birthday even if it is without Rachel. However, you know where I work so just come on by and we'll get a cupcake or something :)

your new bff

Dear half marathon,

Please oh please don't kick my ass this Sunday. I've been prepping for a while now and I feel ready so please oh dear please don't kick my ass.

my sore hamstring

Dear California weather,

Please make up your damn mind. First it's hot, then it's rainy, now it's sort of coldish and windy, and now it's supposed to get in the 80s. WTF!? It's November, give me some November weather already okay? Is that too much to ask? Sweet. Thanks.

a superfan of Autumn

To the crazy Twilight fans,

Stop being so damn crazy! And stop bombarding all these mall appearances and leave poor Rob and company alone. It almost freaks me out a bit. However your craziness also makes me look less and less like a superfan and I sort of love it. So thanks in a way, thanks.

a not so obsessed Twilighter

Dear Rob and Kristen,

Seriously you two are just so cute together and I haven't even seen the movie yet and I just love seeing you two together. And the outtake pictures from the Vanity Fair shoot....loooove!

one of your biggest non-crazed fans

Oh my Matt,

I know you are probably (okay not probably definitely....) are getting annoyed with my latest Twilight obsession and huge crush on Rob Pattinson but do know you're still my Numero Uno, El Fuego of all of my el Fuegos, the best of the best and my favorite of all my favorites. So yeah you should probably just get used to my obsession and love me anyways okay? Sweet. Thanks. Love you!

your sweet chinchilla

Dear hairstylist,

Why oh why oh why did you have to leave!?!? I have yet to call your cell so I don't exactly know where you went, but please still be cutting hair! I only trust so many people with my hair and it's scary to start all over again. I need you to cut my hair!

Katelin's hair

Dear life,

Do something. I don't know what I'm waiting for or what I want you to do, but I feel like something is coming and I don't know what that is. But I'm ready. Just so you know.


Dear Wednesday,

Why aren't you Friday?

The end.


happy wednesday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Bald and the Beautiful of Hollywood.

Either not a lot of stuff is happening in Hollywood these days or just not cool enough to totally grasp my attention. Nonetheless I bring you today's Hollywood best...
  • For today's bebe cuteness I bring back little Suri who I haven't featured in a while. But really how I could not post this pic of little Suri and her only friend, Paddington Bear:

    and seriously people, where's the jacket???

  • Usually next I would talk about which Hollywood guy I'm currently swooning over but my goodness I just had to share John Travolta's latest makeover and say WOW:

    Oh how I miss the days of Danny Zuko:

  • In sad couples news, my third favorite couple in Hollywood has broken up yet again. And who is this couple? None other than my other boyfriend Ryan Gosling and his now ex-again Rachel McAdams. Seriously I love them together and I was so happy when they got back together, but alas they are done yet again. Sad times folks.

  • In happier favorites news, Rob Pattinson is still adorable and Twilight is still coming out in 10 days! Woo! And the LA Times has been publishing a Twilight story every day including interviews with the cast and other faves and man it's just exciting. However not so exciting but just plain weird, a young fan recently asked Rob if he would bite her?!? And she was serious!?! Okay now I know I can't stop talking about Twilight and that some may consider me obsessed (mostly just Matt) but I would never ask something like that and I wouldn't follow Rob around everywhere he went either, I almost feel bad for him.

    oh le swoon, le swoon

    Oh and the heck did the original Twilighters not think Rob was a great fit for the role!?!?! Apparently people went on a rampage on the internet at his casting choice, yeah well they've all changed their minds now, haha.

    Oh and final Twilight related fact of the day, apparently Rob is not allowed to cut his hair because it's considered his trademark or something like that, I love it. Love it.

  • Oh hi male readers, still here? I know I've talked a lot about my love of Twilight lately so here's Mila Kunis (Matt's other girlfriend, haha):

    yeah she's pretty hot, haha.

  • In TV news...
    Desperate Housewives. Or should I call it Dawson's Creek a la Pacey Whitter and Miss Jacobs era. Seriously it's getting a little nutty, the kids of Wisteria Lane are so effed up it's crazy. And Julie is back next week and dating an older man and Dylan is already married and pregnant and supposedly only 22?!! Come on now. Was there something in the water that all the kids of Wisteria had to be so messed up? Haha.

    Top Model. I am still behind. Slap my wrists and I will catch up before this week's episode if they actually play it on the right day, damn you Clippers for taking over my daily dose of Ty Ty and company.

    How I Met Your Mother/The Hills. Wondering why I have clumped these two totally different and totally awesome shows together? Yes, I bet you are. Well apparently my two worlds of good sitcom and trashy reality are coming together and Heidi and Spencer will be guest starring on HIMYM....THE HORROR!!!! Seriously when I saw the story last week I thought it had to be a lie and now my worst fears have been confirmed. Ugh. Seriously writers, seriously??? Why not Lauren at least or whiny Audrina even? Why oh why Spencer and Heidi??? I may just go throw up now, eck.

    One more Hills tidbit, Brent Bolthouse you are officially my new favorite person on the show. Telling Spencer off and that he's just awkward...freaking priceless, I love it.

  • In movie news, last night I went and saw Changeling and it most definitely lived up to the hype of being a great drama of the year. Angelina really is more than an action drama sort of actress and really delivers in the movie. Seriously I was in awe the whole time of the story and the acting, it was amazing. I definitely recommend checking this one out, it will most likely get an Oscar nod too.

  • And lastly today's WTF news comes from a woman that had a little too much fun on Halloween and started punching and attacking cops. And that's not even the best part, her mugshot is beyond priceless:

    haha, love it.

And that my friends is today's Hollywood scoop, anything I missed?

***and how the heck could I forget Leo's birthday?!?!
Happy 34th Birthday Mr. DiCaprio!
Hope it's fantabulous! :)

happy tuesday!