Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things currently occupying my brain...

  • Why has the Sparkletts man not come? I need my H20, Stat!
  • I hope the Dodgers pull out a win tonight, it's been too long since I've gone to a game that they've won.

  • I can't believe how many people have entered my giveaway! Woo to joining a carnival. My sister's going to have a hard time picking a winner. But keep entering, the winner will be posted tomorrow!

  • Showtunes are my weakness. Seriously. I have been listening to South Pacific, Wicked, Mama Mia!, Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, Anything Goes, Hairspray and any other musical clips I can find on YouTube, it's so addicting. And makes me want to dance!

  • Is it September yet? I can't wait for my shows to come back, they had such good finales! But more importantly I can't wait for Joshua Jackson's show, Fringe! Ah! I don't really even know what the heck it's about (the synopsis makes no sense to me) but you better know I'll be watching it's season premiere, woo Josh!

  • So much stuff going on this weekend, so much to keep track of... so not another 'no plans weekend.'

  • Do I smell muffins? Muffins? Are you taunting me? Who has muffins?

  • Aaaand this is why I don't like wearing jeans in the summertime, it's too dang hot. But alas, night game = cold = need to wear pants.

  • Good hair day? Why yes, yes it is. Score!

  • Since when did I become a Twitter fiend?

  • "Keep Moving, Forward!"...yes I fell asleep watching Meet the Robinsons and that little message keeps floating into my brain, not too shabby.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A giveaway? Oh? A GIVEAWAY!

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone that Twittered and emailed me to see if I was okay in the midst of the LA earthquake. You guys are so sweet! So many people I haven't even met making sure I'm that's what I call awesome. But yes my office swayed and shook a bit but I'm okay (as are all my friends and fam), you all really do rock.

And now onto today's pressing matters....A giveaway! Wheee!

Did you see that, a giveaway. After reading Jenn's post yesterday I was reminded of all the totally extra swag from BlogHer that is just hanging out in my room going unused and waiting for an owner to appreciate them. And as I am in the process of downsizing and cleaning up to get ready for the upcoming move of course I'm going to give stuff away. So what am I giving away this time?

one Saving Grace t-shirt
four Saving Grace drink markers
3 pens, because really everyone needs pens
a $20 T-Mobile gift card for Wifi or something
a whole bunch of Dental Burst
a 1gig flash drive
and whatever else I decide to toss in there :)

Doesn't that sound amazing? So intriguing? And what do you have to do to win such a fabulous prize...all you have to do is tell me the most bizarre gift you've ever gotten or given. Simple right?

Just submit your entry and I'll show it to the judging committee (my sister) and they'll make their decisions on Friday! So get going and share! Woo!

And while you're at it feel free to check out other giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaways going on now:

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happy wednesday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AC Slater is taking over the world!

It's Tuesday and you know what that means....Hollywhat???
  • Now I don't know if I've mentioned it before (I probably have) but a couple summers ago I interned at Extra! In a word, it was Awesome. I made some good friends, learned some new stuff about the "biz", got to hang out with Mark McGrath daily and meet some other celebs along the way, basically my kind of gig. Well it was brought to my attention yesterday that Extra has decided to kick off Mark McGrath and put Dayna Devon as a "correspondent" so Mario Lopez can take over full time hosting duties...bleh. Seriously Mario, stop trying to be like Ryan Seacrest, we don't need to see you everywhere. Okay?

  • Apparently having twins is the new thing to do in Hollywood. First Marcia Cross, then Patrick Dempsey, Diddy, J.Lo, Angelina and now to add to the mix Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are expecting twin girls this winter. Seriously in like ten years Hollywood is going to have a lot of Doublemint commercials? Or more remakes of the Parent Trap?

  • Speaking of babies, apparently the Duggars aren't the only ones populating the world with their eighteen kids, a Romanian couple living in Canada just had their eighteeth kid last Tuesday. And there are no twins in the bunch! Ah! I can't even imagine having that many kids! Have theese people not heard of birth control? Or a condom? I mean really.

  • Okay and one last baby post and then I am done for the day. But really, how cute is little Sasha? Naomi and Liev really know how to make an adorable baby:

  • Okay moving on to big kid things, the girls from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 were out in full swing last night for the NYC premiere. Now I haven't seen the first one, but I plan on it this week so I can see this one. It looks fun and girly and who doesn't love a movie like that every now and then?

  • Speaking of movies? How come I didn't know that my faves would be at Comic Con this year! Keanu!?! Joshua!? Seriously, why did no one tell me??? I would have easily bust out my Storm costume and made my way to San Diego to meet them. Oh well, maybe next year.

  • And lastly in case you missed it, another Hollywood youngin got a DUI. And who was it this time? None other than Mr. Drunk at Wallgreen's himself, Shia LaBeouf. And not only did he get a DUI but he flipped his car while making an illegal left hand turn injuring both himself and his passenger and the other car's passenger. Way to go dbag. Seriously people, if you're that drunk don't get behind the wheel, simple as that. Or hire a freaking driver! You're a celebrity for crimeny sake! I know you've got the mula. And to make things even more ridiculous Shia just did an interview with Details magazine about his drinking issues and what have you. Seriously Shia? Seriously? Do something about it!
Okay end rant, haha. Well that's all the news happenin today. So stay out of trouble celebs...or I will blog about it (along with a million other blogs), haha. :)

happy tuesday!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A no plans weekend.

So this past weekend was unlike any weekend I've had in a long long time. I simply went with the flow. There were no real plans of any sort and ohemgeee was it amazing. I highly recommend this kind of weekend, I feel like it does a body good (sort of like milk, but oh so much better, haha)

So Friday at work was pretty amazing. We had a taco stand come and we all hung outside for lunch. Then a couple hours later we had a happy hour at work drinking Pacifico and some other beer I had never tried and man was it awesome. The whole office just seemed at ease and not stressed (and hell why should we? it was Friday and we were having beer). After work I headed over to Matt's house where we had no plans. No plans whatsoever. It was lovely. We decided to head out to dinner and went here, where my every part of my meal had some sort of cheese involved and I'm pretty sure my arteries were fully clogged by the end of it, haha, but man was it worth it. Afterwards we headed back to his dad's house, enjoyed some wine and TV before headin to about lovely.

Saturday oh Saturday. Matt and I started the all and mighty apartment search! Squeeee. I felt like such a grown up looking at places (if even just from the outside) and calling landlords. Unfortunately we didn't get to see too many places, but we did nix a bunch so that helped. And we have a whole new list to check out for this week/weekend, so we are set and I am excited. After an afternoon of apartment searching I was beat. So we basically spent the night in, hanging out, drinking wine, having dinner and watching some movies. We also watched some of Matt's family videos...basically hilarious. Matt and his brothers were some creative kids. And in a nutshell, my kind of night.

Sunday was just as lovely. My only planned event of the weekend, my youngest brothers birthday party. A very fun time hanging out with family, eating pizza, cupcakes, and all sorts of other junk (oh yes I went to the gym today, haha). After the familypalooza and a nice little nap, I went to see Mama Mia! with my mom, Matt and his mom. It was such a fun movie. Although I probably would have rethought some of the singing choices (ummmPierce?) I thought it was a good time. And how awesome would it have been to be a costume designer on that one?! I mean all the sparkles and glitter and ruffles!? Amazing! It would be like Halloween all day long! And the songs...yeah I can't get "Dancing Queen" out of my head, haha. I guess it's not a bad one to have in there since all I want to do is dance around now...and go to Greece.

So anyhoo that was my weekend and although I have no pictures or went to any crazy parties, it was perfect and just what I needed. And how was your weekend?

oooh and I'm guest blogging over at well-intentioned heartbreaker's place today where I ramble about posts that could be posts, weird I know. So check. it. out.

happy monday!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dear Friday.

Hey friends,
Stop moving okay? I mean really I go to school in Ohio for four years and I come back home and nooooow you all decide to move out of Los Angeles, what the hell!? And seriously, who moves to Dubai or Tucson anyways? Sheesh. So other friends, no moving allowed.


A girl that's getting lonely

Dearest Jen and Ben,
Congrats! Although you have yet to confirm that there is a bun in the oven, I can no longer contain my excitement and am so happy to see little o Violet be a big sister. I know she will be just as fabulous as I was. And hey, if you need a babysitter now I am totally available.

Your biggest non-stalker admirer

Yo junk food,
Stop tasting so damn good so I can stop eating you okay? Got it?

Awesome. Thanks.

A girl trying to lose some stinkin weight

Dear 24 Hour Fitness,
I love you. I hate you. I love you.

The end.

The same girl trying to lose some stinkin weight

Dear Matt,
I am sorry I jumped at nearly every scene in the Dark Knight and that I still haven't stopped talking about it. Additionally, thank you for being awesome.


Hey closet,
Please replenish yourself okay? I really don't have time to go shopping but I'd really like some new clothes. So can you shop for yourself today? No? You can't? Sheesh. Fine then.

Old Navy and Forever 21's walking ad

Heyyyyyy Friday!
What's up?! Took ya long enough? I hope you know you need to be awesome. I have high expectations here, so don't let me down okay? Sweet thanks.

Your bigggggest fan :)

happy weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good sister, bad sister.

So have I mentioned that I'm the oldest of four kids? Yeah. It's true. And I take my role quite seriously. Seriously, I help with homework, give dating "advice", have clothing swaps, become a second mom and so on. It's quite tiring from time to time. But you know what?... it's also funny as hell. I've come to realize lately the effect I've had on my siblings and I'd like to share, so here goes:

Good sister: When we watch TV, I sometimes let my brothers pick what we watch.
Bad sister: Last night they picked John and Kate Plus 8 and Supernanny...oh the girliness I've shown them.

Good sister: I make my bed every morning (have to make a good example).
Bad sister: I sleep on top of my comforter...yeah not such a good example.

Good sister: I go to my brother's basketball games to cheer him on.
Bad sister: I get more into the game than he does, yeah I cheer/scream a lot, haha.

Good sister: When the boys were little my sister and I loved playing with them.
Bad sister: And by playing we meant dressing them up like girls and painting their nails, whoops.

Good sister: I try to be a little mature every once and a while to set a good example.
Bad sister: And other times I'm just not :)

Good sister: I listen when my sister has boy problems.
Bad sister: I usually make jokes or don't take her seriously (I'm working on it, I swear!).

Good sister: I like to play board games with the boys from time to time.
Bad sister: Annnnd sometimes I cheat (but shhhh don't tell!)

Good sister: I helped my brothers learn to talk when they were younger.
Bad sister: If you ask the youngest one why he's so cute, he'll say "Because I look like Katelin"...oooooh you love it :)

Good sister: Even if they drive me crazy (which is often these days) I still love my siblings no matter what and hope they'll always look up to me.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So last night was lovely. Went over to Matt's dad's house, had some pizza, some wine and sat back to watch some brainless television....ahhh the life. No really I'm not kidding, I needed a night just like that to calm my life down a bit. And damn was it funny.

After watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (gotta get the brain working a bit right?) the new show Wipeout came on. Has anyone seen this show? I was sort of intrigued when I saw the previews a while back but had yet to watch, until last night. And wow. Talk about hilarious. Well hilarious if you find people getting the crap beat of them by giant balls funny....and I do.

I can't find a clip from last night's show, but there was one guy who's legs basically did the vertical splits over the giant balls, I cringed...and then laughed out loud. Seriously the show is ridiculous. Check it out.

We also watched some of I Survived a Japaneese Game Show! and wow yet again. Granted it sort of reminded me of Road Rules a bit with people that are just as annoying and not nearly as funny as Wipeout.

So yes, point is. If you get a chance and don't mind physical humor I think you'll get a kick out of Wipeout, so Woo.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My faves of Hollywooooood.

Oh it's Tuesday and man do I have some Hollywood news today. And go!
  • So I was all psyched and ready to share my quasi review of the Dark Knight until I went onto this morning and saw that my beloved Christian Bale was freaking arrested!?!?! Noooooooooo. Apparently he reportedly verbally assaulted his mother and sister (WTF?!?!?!?!) but no formal charges have been made. Hmmmm. That is weird and not cool and ah, sad.

    But that doesn't mean I didn't love the movie. After a full freaking year of anticipation, the movie I was beyond excited for finally came out. And the final result: AMAZING. Not even kidding, the movie lived up to every expectation I had and didn't have and I was in no way disappointed. Hell it even kept me on the edge of my seat, literally. You can ask Matt, I was jumping and gripping on to him more times than I could count, I was that freaked out. Yeah if anything this movie was way more creepy and dark than I would have envisioned but man was it good. And Heath!?! Oh wow. He played one scary ass psychopath (shudders). I was seriously freaked out, even after the movie was done. And obviously I'm not the only person who thought this movie was so good since it broke seven different movie records. Woot.

    Anyhoo I know this isn't much of a review, but I don't want to give anything away. Just know that I give it two really big thumbs up and highly recommend you get your butt out there and watch it! Stat!

  • In other movie related news, looks like I could get a new job. Looks like both Epert and Roeper are leaving "At the Movies with Epert and Roeper." Um. How does that work? Haha. But hey guys, if you need someone to see sneak peeks of movies and try and review them, give me a call okay? :)

  • The Hills. Oh they are back. I was flipping through channels last night and just happened to catch the preview for season 4 of the Hills and all I have are two words: Oh Man. I hate this show, but I love it and then I'll probably scream at my TV. August 18th the drama returns and you can bet my DVR will be set, oy.

    In other Hills news, apparently Heidi and Spencer are trying to pull some strings with the McCains and get on over to Iraq to perform for the troops. Um. Um. Now I don't want to be mean...oh wait yes I do. Are you freaking serious?!?! I like Michael K's idea better, send them to Guantanamo bay and lose the key. Gah.

  • In other sad news, Estelle Getty from the Golden Girls passed away early this morning. So very sad, she was awesome and will be missed.

  • So the rumors have been swirling lately that my fave Hollywood family is about to expand and although there have been no official statements Jen has been wearing a lot of baggy clothes and strategically placing Violet over her stomach. Annnnd Victor Garber did say she's about 5 months pregnant, and he is a close family friend and was the officiator in her wedding, so why would he make it up, hmmmm? A new sibling for Violet? I do not object :)

  • Remix! Perez just posted a remix to Maroon 5 and Rihanna's fantabulous song "If I Never See Your Face Again" and I can't decide if I like it or not? It's pretty clubby and peppy. And it's sort of hard to top the original, but you decide. Like it or pass?

  • So I finished the Nanny Diaries this weekend when I was stuck in the San Fransisco airport and I give it two thumbs up. Definitely better than movie except for the ending. I think I liked the ending of the movie a little better. However I did want to smack Nan more than once in the book, yeah I get way into stories. And last night I started reading the Devil Wears Prada, another book version of a movie I've already seen. So far it's pretty funny and I have a feeling I'll love it, so I'll make sure to let you know.

and that's about all I got today, just craziness! Anything I missed? Feel free to add it to the comments. Woot.

happy tuesday!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I came, I saw and now I'm blogging about BlogHer '08.

So BlogHer '08. I don't really even know where to begin. In a word however: Awesome. I mean seriously, awesome.

Now I don't want to bore you to tears with everything that happened and hell I did start to post about it on Friday, but you know me, I can't really keep it short, so here goes, long post ahead:

Thursday: So I got to fly Virgin America Airlines, ever been on them? Amazing. There are black lights and your own personal television and the nicest crew ever, I mean really. It was so cool. So after a relaxing flight (and watching SVU) I hopped in a cab and made it to the hotel. The hotel that had a sweet bed, big TV and a bathrobe (heaaaaaaven)!

I want that TV!

Basically a sweet start to the weekend. After that I grabbed some dinner with the oh so lovely Jamie (haha I'm hilarious), Vanessa and Jenn at a lovely little diner (with the sloooowest service ever). Anyhoo, after that we headed to the newbie party where I got to meet some of my faves (Nanette, Ashley, Emily, Katie and Missy) and meet some new faves like Jessica, her coworker Theresa, and Sizzle.
the newbie party

me, Jamie and Jenn, woo!

Basically between the newbie party and the People's Party it was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Friday: Woke up bright and early to grab breakfast, mosey the exhibitors booths and listen to the morning speakers.

Went to some sessions, met some schnazzy people and overall had a pretty good time. And to top it off, I was selected to go to a special lunch with chef Rocco DiSpirito (holla). I kind of sort of felt like I had to go since Bertolli was one of my campaigns a couple months ago and featured all sorts of Rocco videos. The lunch was so fun (and pretty entertaining, read: lots of women swooning over Rocco, haha).
Got to try out some new sauces, yummmm

Rocco cooking away

me and the man of the hour

He was super nice and very into answering questions and cooking tips, heck we even got one of his cookbooks afterwards. After the lunch I went to more sessions, hung out with fabulous bloggers and got some swag. At the end of the night there were some bloggers that got to read some of their posts that got selected and man were they awesome. Some were completely moving while others had us laughing to tears, I thought it was such a great idea and so fun to listen to.

After all the keynoteness there was a partay sponsored by TNT at Ruby Skye which was awesome. Got some tasty food, saw some TNT stars, free drinks and some great blogger dancing, basically: fabulous.
these girls are awesome

seriously, awesome

my partners in crime for the night :)

Saturday: Basically another day of fabulous sessions, meeting new peeps, and picking up more swag. All the awesome stuff came at night. The closing keynote speakers of the night were the oh so fabulous Heather Armstrong of Dooce fame and Stephanie Klein of Greek Tragedy. Both women were awesome and interesting and if you want the full rundown of what they said you can check out Jenn's liveblog of the night (woo Jenn!)

yeah not a great shot, but it works

After the keynote they had the closing party at the Macy's in Union Square. Yeah you read that right, a party in Macy's. Basically it was a progressive party and there were different sponsors and food and drinks in different sections of the store, so fun.

hanging out with some faves in the purse department, haha

the lingerie department was sponsored by KY, oh so appropiate
but also had the worst drink known to man, gah

yeah we took pictures in the bathroom, we couldn't resist :)

So after the party we headed over to a cheeseburger party. Yeah you read that right. Although we weren't there very long it was still fun and we got cheeseburgers and red velvet cupcakes, how can that not be good? :)

people rockin the McDonald's bag hats

yeah i rocked it too :)

Jamie and I with our wine and cupcakes, woo

Basically (man I say that word a lot) it was awesome, so awesome that Jamie and I even made a quick video to end the night with, enjoy:

BlogHer 08 from Katelin on Vimeo.

Oh and to top it all off, this is the insane amount of swag I got and had to sit on my suitcase to get it to fit, haha, gotta love the swag:

Whew. So that was BlogHer '08. Well sort of, you get the picture. I had fun meeting people for work, meeting people for fun and all around just having a grand ole time (even if I am ridiculously exhausted).

And to top it all off, Matt got me from the airport last night (after a nice little delay, eck) in my super clean car (seriously, best boyfriend eva) and we saw The Dark Knight. No, no I'm not going to give my review/opinions/praise now, this post is already way too long. Just know, I loved it (like that's a big surprise, haha) and if you haven't seen it yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!?!

And that my friends was my weekend. Hope yours was just as fabulous and I'll be catching up on your blogs soon!

happy monday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

So far...

while in San Fransisco I have....

...met Jamie, Jenn, Vanessa, Nanette, Katie and Missy.

...along with a bagillion other fabulous bloggers whose blogs I will be checking out as soon as I get home.

...jumped on my hotel bed.

...lounged around in a bathroom.

...gotten on the wrong elevator.

...walked in circles to find a place to eat.

...taken some pictures of the city.

...gotten a sweet gift bag.

...given out some business cards.

...been interviewed by 5 Minutes for Mom, woot.

...had some crab cakes....mmmmmcrab cakes.

and who knows what today will have in store? I can barely wait. Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend, be back Monday with the full scoop (and Batman recap/review, woooooot!)

happy friday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

And I'm off...

So as you can tell I didn't have a whole lot of time to blog today seeing as to how I'm probably frantically throwing last minute stuff together or aimlessly staring at the ceiling in LAX. Either way, wish me luck!
San Francisco here I come, woot!

happy thursday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because I know you want to know.

You really want to know that I really had no idea what to write today because I am too busy getting work done and finishing stuff up for BlogHer tomorrow (ah! tomorrow!?! seriously I'm leaving tomorrow!). So instead I will give you a list of "currently's" because, well I can and you're probably just dying to know, haha. And go!

I am currently....

listening to: O.A.R.'s new CD All Sides! Thank you Itunes giftcards :)

reading: The Nanny Diaries. I've already seen the movie and thought it was okay, but so far the book is definitely much better. And seriously, I laughed out loud at the Halloween scene (Teletubbies??? Classic!).

drinking: Water. I mean really, do I drink anything else these days?

anticipating: The Dark Knight. I mean I know it's ridiculous, how can I be so excited for just a movie? I don't know what I'm going to talk about after it comes out but for now, the anticipation is still there, eeeeeeeeee.

watching: John and Kate Plus 8. Well I'm not watching it now obviously since I'm at work, but man do I love DVR and JK8 marathons. Seriously, in love.

excited for: BlogHer. I mean, do I really need to say anything else? :)

proud of: Matt. First day on the job and he's already getting praised for good work :)
The boy is a smarty pants, what can I say?

wanting: this dress Rihanna is wearing in Milan. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a yellow dress :)

packing: This outfit for BlogHer. Seriously the same thing, I love it and it's partyesque. So don't judge when you see my rockin it this weekend, sweet, thanks.

dancing: at my desk. That's how good I feel today. Woot.

And what are you currently doing?

Anyhoo I hope to blog while at BlogHer so we'll see how that goes, hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week/weekend!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's all about Batman.

Well not allll about Batman, but of course I have to post some Dark Knight ish since it comes out in 3 days!!!! Squeeeeeeeee. (Even though I'm not seeing it until Sunday because of BlogHer but man it will be worth it since Matt and I are seeing it here, woot). Anyhoo, here's the scoop...
  • Christian Bale was on the Today Show yesterday promoting the movie and talking about Heath and seriously I just want to hug him. He just seems so nice and sincere and quiet and ah, love.

    And then on top of it, last night was the Dark Knight premiere in NYC, color me jealous. The premiere definitely brought out some interesting folks (Lauren Conrad, Karina Smirnoff, Danny Devito?? Ummm okay) as well as the actual stars of the film:

    seriously cannot wait for this movie, eeeeee.

  • In other news in no way related to the Dark Knight.....Two of my favorite Thursday night TV shows could have some major changes soon (and not for the best, gah). Apparently William Peterson aka Gil Grissom aka the Man of CSI: is leaving the show mid-season. But not for good? The article says he'll come back whenever CBS needs him (so luckily they won't be killing him) and he'll still be executive producing so I guess it's not too too bad. And in Grey's news, apparently Katherine Heigl may be getting the boot? And one serious boot, Izzy may be killed I knew Katherine was considering leaving the show to pursue movies more, but come on...don't leave, please?

  • In musical wedding news, Taboo from Black Eyed Peas got married this weekend. Now why would I mention this? I don't really care about him of BEP all that much to really share that. But um, they got married in Pasadena! Holla hometown! :) And the church they got married at, yeah I totally know where it is. Always nice to hear of celebs having low keyish weddings.

  • In other randomness... Josh Hartnett, remember him? Of course you do, who am I kidding? But do you remember him with flowy longish brownish blondish lightish hair and facial hair? Cause I sure don't.

    I remember him like this:

    Yeah I like the old Josh better.

  • In comedic and this-would-so-happen-to-me news, Miss USA took a tumble (again!) at this year's Miss Universe pageant. I mean two years in a row? That has to be a record or something. Or maybe she was dared to trip? Who knows, but it's still pretty funny.

  • And what's a Hollywood post without some cute babies? Salma Hayek took little Valentina out for a stroll yesterday and seriously, what a cutie?!

  • And ummmm of course I have to share the latest Garner-Affleck family photos because seriously, they make me swoon. And there are rumors swirling that Jen may be pregnant with baby #2?! But I'm not celebrating anything yet until a statement has been shared by Jen herself. But anyhoo, how cute are they?! Love.

Well that's all I got today. Luckily nothing too wild and crazy in Hollywood unless I missed something, let me know if I did.

And in news that will be considered Hollywood when I get's my mom's birthday! Woot woot, happiest of happy birthdays mom. Hope the boys (aka my annoying younger brothers) give you a day off :)

happy tuesday!