Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A lovely giveaway. *closed*

Congrats to miss Doniree who said she'll be getting something schnazzy for another blogger, can't wait to see what it is! Woo!

Thanks to everyone that entered!

Friends, we are under the two month mark. Did you read that right? UNDER TWO MONTHS. Holy crap.

So I'm warning you now, be prepared for some serious wedding talk in the next 59 days because it is definitely coming.

But to thank you all in advance for bearing with all my countdowns and proclamations of bridelyness I have a giveaway today! A lovely little site, Beau Coup Favors, that is my lone ad provider these days has provided me with a little something something to share with my fabulous readers.

If you're getting married or planning a party or just want a fun reason to buy some schnazzy favors, Beau Coup is the cutest place to go. I mean they have things you can personalize, a wide variety of just favors and basically just fun stuff all around. And some of my favorite finds so far include:

Mini Candy Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers
(I mean this would just be all sorts of ridiculous
and hilarious to have at our wedding)

Personalized Wedding Golf Balls
(Matt golfs, I like movies about golf, it's a win win)

Star Fish Wine Stoppers
(I love wine and I love stars,
could there be a better combo?)

I mean how awesome is all of that? There's also some stuff I've definitely going to purchase but don't want to share because there should be some surprises at my wedding right? Anyhoozits, I did say there was a giveaway right? So what is it you ask?

A $50 gift card to shop at Beau Coup !

Schnazzy right?

So to enter this lovely giveaway, visit Beau Coup and tell me what your favorite favor is.

For a second entry, tweet about the giveaway and leave it in a separate comment.

Giveaway ends 4pm PT July 7th and I will email the winner after they are selected randomly.

Good luck!

happy wednesday!

*Beau Coup is a sponsor of my blog and graciously provided this gift card for a reader, woo!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Eclipsing day in Hollywood.

Another Tuesday, another fabulous day in Hollywood. So let's get started shall we?
  • Starting off this week's cuteness we have a new baby on the block, little Charlotte Prinze with mama Sarah Michelle Gellar. Seriously she is too cute and love those cheeks!

    oh so precious.

  • Also bringing some major cuteness is little Satyana Denisof and mama Alyson. Seriously they are the cutest little duo, I just love it.

    how freaking cute are they!?

  • In other bebe news, Mel Gibson's baby momma Oxana whatever is sort of nuts and their separation is all sorts of dramaful these days, yikes...the Lohan's are going to be on another TV show (yeah because that first one was solid TV gold, oy)...Kellie Pickler (oh how that girl makes me laugh) is newly engaged, congrats!...and apparently Megan Fox and Brian Austen Green have tied the knot, congrats to them as well I suppose...Matt LeBlanc had a grand ole time in London and definitely has some drunk face action going on, haha...Angelina Jolie opened up a bit in a new Vanity Fair interview...and although I haven't been the biggest fan of Katie Holmes lately, I am loving this fun loving picture of her and Malin Akerman:

  • In some favorites news....
    Sandra Bullock is a single lady again and also has one hell of a divorce lawyer because I think that may be one the fastest Hollywood divorces ever.

    A new fave to the mix, Mr. Zefron himself at the Dodger game I was at. And I admit, he's sort of dreamy.

    "I'm such a dreamboat"

    Also in some favorites news, our favorite LiLu is in the running to be MTV's first TwitterJockey (TJ) and we all need to show our support, weee.

    LiLu for MTV TJ

  • And in today's Twilight news...

    Oh well there was the Eclipse premiere last week and the trinity looked pretty fabulous. I mean a red suit Rob? That is daring. And Kristen you don't look too miserable. And Taylor, oh Taylor you can do no wrong.

    suave and chic and ah, just ah.

  • And in movie news...
    One movie that makes sense and I can't wait for: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. A new trailer was released and man this movie just looks better and better every time.

    However a movie that makes absolutely no sense AT ALL. Titanic 2. Um. Did we see the same movie? Why oh why does someone think this is a good idea???

  • And in music news...
    The BET Awards were on Sunday and I didn't see any of it but I watched most of Chris Brown's performance and his dancing is awesome but um him crying, seriously crying while singing "Man in the Mirror" was just all sorts of awkward. Anyhoo here are some pics from the night.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have one hell of a headline. I mean it doesn't even need a story:

And that's what's going on in Hollywood, woo. Anything I missed let me know.

happy tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I've got the Dodger Blues.

Oh what a fabulous weekend and I'm so sad to see it go. But let's recap shall we?

Friday: I took the day off of work but man I did not relax. My day started at 9 and went something like this: Meet with the florist, finalize order. Pay bill at the doctor's office. Eye appointment. Productive trip to Target. Visit with my aunt real quick. Reading time. Nap time. Cake meeting (um, YUM!). Pretty much it was an awesomely productive day and I rewarded myself by going out to dinner with Matt and then seeing the A-Team with him and my sister and her boyfriend and it was awesome. So really, if you haven't seen A-Team yet, you need to, it was entertaining and a fun movie all around.

Saturday: Slept in a bit, worked out a bit, cleaned a bit and then was on my way to my brother's graduation party. Seriously my little brother and my cousin both graduated 8th grade and are going into high school!! How did that happen!? I mean, I actually remember the day he was born, it's crazy.

After the party we came home and I watched the Time Traveler's Wife (eh, I wasn't all that impressed) and Matt napped and we pretty much just hung out, it was nice. Eventually my sister, and my friend AJ and his friends came over and we drank some beers (well obviously I drank wine) and watched some Fantasy Factory and shared stories and eventually we all made our way to our local dive bar and my cousin and his friends met up with us and it was just a grand ole night of hanging out.

Sunday: DODGER DAY! Pretty much all I did was sleep, work out and get dressed in my Dodger blues and before I knew it, it was game time! Matt's dad's friend had a luxury suite and invited him and his family along, so we all got to go and oh my goodness people I was in heaven! The box had an amazing view:

fantastic right!?

There were dodger dogs and unlimited drinks and good company and TVs on delay so you could basically watch the game twice and ah, it was heavenly. Not only that, but a couple boxes down who do we see? Oh just Tom Hanks. And then looking through the binoculars a little ways down who else is at the game? Oh just Tom Cruise and his kids and the Zefron chatting it up with Demi and Ashton, no big deal you know? Basically the game was awesome and the Dodgers should have had the win but oh you know, Johnny B decided to throw the game. So despite losing it was still a great night. And on our way out of the suite who do I see coming out of the bathroom? Oh Tom Hanks. And his wife, Rita Wilson, was waiting at the end of the hallway. Basically all I wanted to say was "there's no crying in baseball!!", it was awesome.

trying to get all artsy with Matt's glasses.

such a delicious candy apple, yummm.

oh hello Ethier!!

Andre up at bat, woo!

After the game we all got to go to the Dugout club or Clubhouse whatever it's called and I might have squealed. I was seriously in baseball heaven, it was amazing. So many great pictures on the wall and the World Series trophies and yeah it was sweet. And not only that, I got to walk on the field level and Michaela ran over and got to shake Tom Cruise's hand (again!) and we saw some big wig super agent guy and yeah, awesomeness all around.

an awesome Jackie Robinson display in the club.

Not only that, but I fulfilled something on my life list. I stepped on the field. I literally put my feet on the field and came back and I may or may not (yes I totally did) have had some tears of happiness in my eyes and the guy watching the gate might have laughed at me a bit but I didn't care I was happy.

standing pretty damn close to the filed, ah!

the actual dirt I stepped on.
yes I took a picture.
and yes I am a HUGE dork.

Pretty much it was an amazing night and I am so grateful my first game of the season was so fantastic and amazing and basically life changing. I think a win would have been the only thing to make it better.

And how was your weekend? Any celeb sightings or sports events? Woo!

happy monday!

*also. 2 months from today I'm getting married! ah! ohmygoodness! yay!*

Friday, June 25, 2010

When I grow up.

So this past week has entailed several events that have made me feel like a grown up. And because I'm all about sharing and sharing is caring and caring is awesome and awesome is...yeah I have no idea where I'm going with that I'm totally rambling.

So what's been uber grown up like?

Well if getting married wasn't enough to kick my butt into adulthood, sending the invites out sure as hell was a step in that direction. Monday we made our wedding even more official by sending out 125 invitations and since most people have already received theirs I figured I could finally share here what they look like:

and the super cute stamps we used:

Also super adultlike? Getting a new fridge. Matt and I got a super sleek new fridge that totally stands out in our kitchen but it's all sorts of awesome and pretty and I like it a lot.

I also took another step towards adulthood by wearing a robe and drinking red wine. Super classy and refined right? Yeah I thought so too.

Basically besides the bill paying and responsible like stuff, being a grown up isn't half bad sometimes, woo!

Anyhoo, any "grown up" moments in your life lately? Or am I the only one who thinks of these things?

happy weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Makeup dilemma.

Yes I've had a shoe dilemma and a hair dilemma and you guys have been awesome so help a girl out with her latest "crisis" please.

As I've mentioned a few times on the blog here, I'm not much of a makeup person. And whenever I do throw on some eye shadow or lipstick my friends and Matt notice because hello! It's a change. And I like a change every now and then.

And I sort of want a change for my wedding. But that's where the issue comes in. I want someone to do my makeup for me on my wedding day, but I don't want it to overtake my face. I don't want the makeup to wear me, I want to wear makeup and still look like myself.

Basically I don't want to look like this:

But rather this:

or this:

Not a problem right? Wrong.

I mean I could do my makeup myself or enlist the help of a friend for cheap but I don't want to add any more duties to my friends or put that sort of pressure on them to make me look kick ass. But at the same time every makeup artist that has responded to me so far has been no less than $200 for a trial run and day of makeup.

Um. Say what!?

$200 for my makeup? Makeup that I guarantee will be easier to apply than most girls because I'll probably nix a lot of froofy ideas and want to go pretty plain Jane with a bit of flair. I just can't stomach that price, it seems ridiculous to me.

So what should I do?

Go to a counter demonstration and have professionals how to do my makeup myself? Keep looking and hope there's someone out there that's more afordable? Try and bargain with the ones that have already responded? Enlist the help of my makeup savvy friends? Wear a paper bag over my head? (I kid on that last one)

So freaders, what would you do in my situation? Or if you got married, what did you do?

I thank you all already for being awesome and helping me through my oh-so-pertinent dilemmas, haha.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disney goes designer.

Last Thursday instead of watching the Lakers beat the Celtics I was at Revolve on Melrose helping celebrate a speciality line of Toy Story 3 inspired clothing. Thanks to Tara (who now works at Disney) I was invited to the special event full of all sorts of Toy Story clothing and delicious food and lots of candy and some random celebs and kiddie funness all around.

And because bullet points are awesome, here are some highlights of the evening:
  • Fried mac and cheese. That should say it all.

  • Agyness Deyn is absolutely gorgeous in real life.

  • I really want a Woody shirt, but alas I cannot afford one.

  • Cheryl Burke is super tiny, but was very cute taking pics with the merch.

  • Disney knows how to throw a party (open bar and free food and great music all around).

  • I met MK from Popbytes and I was a bit nervous and afraid that the wine was making me ramble too much but really he was awesome and I was so glad to meet him.

  • Taking a picture in a big chair is all sorts of silly and awesome.

    me, Maya, Esther and Tara.
All in all it was a great time all around and it was fun to mingle and hang out with some new people and woo all around. Oh and check out Tara's recap of the night too.

So have you seen Toy Story 3 yet?? I haven't and it's killing me! I can't wait!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Hollywood supernova.

Hollywood Tuesday actually on a Tuesday!? No way! Way! Okay that was lame. Anyways, Hollywood was happening as always this past week and as always I like to share the best of the best (in my opinion anyways) so here we go:
  • Starting off this weeks' uber cute bebeness we have the Affleck girls (like that's a surprise). I mean really, could they be any more precious?! Ah! Heartface, adore, cutenes, lurrrve:

    oh so dang cute.

  • Also bringing some major cuteness to Hollywood we have little Valentine Pinnault (Salma Hayek's daughter). Seriously she is just so cute and I think she should have a play date with Levi McConaghey and how cute would that be!? Ah! Lurve!

    precious little mini Salma.

  • In some non-bebe news there were several engagements and a marriage announced last week: Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart tied the knot after eight years together, America Ferrera got engaged to her uber cute boyfriend and Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr announced their engagement as well, congrats to all! the total opposite of engagement, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are "on a break", whatever that other Hollywood whatever weirdness, Jeremy London was allegedly kidnapped and forced to do drugs and it seriously just the weirdest freaking story ever...Chris Klein is in rehab after getting arrested for a DUI last week...and Amanda Bynes has retired from acting apparently (what!? No She's the Man 2??? I am appalled!)... William, Harry and Becks, enough said...and lastly, Jake Gylenhaal was caught in the act at the Laker game, what act, well just look for yourself:

    oh Jake you really are an ass man after all, haha.

  • In some favoriteness Leo has officially signed on for a Clint Eastwood directed biopic of J. Edgar Hoover. Yay Leo, way to keep on working and being awesome and maybe you'll get another Oscar nod from this? I mean biopics are Academy Award gold right? Right? Anyways, thanks for being a Lakers fan and being awesome and yeah...

    one. Leo what is that necklace?
    two. I'll forgive you for it.
    three. who are those kid's parents that got them tickets
    to the game in front of you!?! say what!???

  • In today's Twilight news...
    First of all, did you see Rob on Leno!? I mean it might be his best interview ever (well besides the one he did with me, haha, I kid, I kid). It was so cute and joking and adorable and um. Please watch, stat.

    Secondly, Kristen and Taylor are blowing up the international Eclipse tour (I must say it's quite sad without Rob) and I sort of love her dress at the most recent premiere in Sweden:

    va va vooom.

    And thirdly, the ladies of Letters to Twilight had a BIG weekend. They got to meet and hang out and interview and chat with Stephenie Meyer (and um Stephenie reads their blog, EVERY DAY! How awesome is that!?) So yeah go read their story as its shared because so far I love it. Woo!

  • In music news...
    Can you believe it's almost been a year since Michael Jackson died? I still can't and it feels like I wrote this post yesterday. In any case, Billboard magazine is dedicating their newest issue to MJ and some of his hits, I might just have to check it out.

    In other favorite musician news, NKOTB was playing the Radio Music Hall over the weekend and who joined them on stage? Only the Backstreet Boys! Ha! Seriously a boy band supernova right there. I can only imagine how insane that audience was.

    Not really music news persay but it definitely had to be shared. So I'm a Keith Urban fan. I have a secret country side that's not really secret but Keith is my favorite. And after a story I saw from one of my favorite bloggers, Yvonne, this weekend, he has skyrocketed to awesomeness. Basically Yvonne's young daughter Gabby is a huge Keith fan and my work of the celebrity gods they ended up on the same flight as him back from Chicago. First there was this tweet that freaking adorable. But this, this right here melted my heart after Gabby had sent Keith a note, he sent her one back! Ah. Nicely done Keith, nicely done. *here's Yvonne's recap of the whole event, so so cute!*

  • Lastly in today's WTF news we have a dog that has inherited 12 million dollars from it's deceased owner. Um. What the what? The whole story is nuts especially now that the lady's son is suing the estate and I have a feeling this might get messy and that dog better not get too used to it's own driver any more, haha.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Loverly sorts of loverliness.

Why hello there Monday, not so great to see you as I thoroughly enjoy my weekends but alas you are here. And how was my weekend you ask? Well let's share shall we:

Friday: On a whim Matt and I decided to have a little date night at P.F. Chang's. We sat outside and had delicious food and a good time and it was just loverly all around. After dinner we came home and played the Wii for a little bit which was fun since we hadn't done that in a while. Eventually we made our way over to our friend Gianni and Laura's place to hang out since they're leaving on a big trip and moving to San Fran soon. It was nice to just hang and talk and laugh and have cookies and just have fun.

Saturday: Slept in for a bit which was all sorts of fabulous. Woke up to run some errands which was awesome. One of my errands included a trip to Best Buy where one of my best purchases occurred.

amazingness personified.

Seriously I went just to get the Eclipse soundtrack because as a devoted Twilight fan it was about time I owned it but instead I got Glee and Gaga too and ah! Heavenly!! So pretty much my whole day was spent listening to all of my new CDs and then my mom and sister came over and we worked on putting the invitations together all afternoon and it was all sorts of family bonding and loverly.

After the invite party I was on my way to Jenn's place for a little Nintendo sponsored night of Netflix fun. It was a good night of pizza eating, sangria drinking, new friend making, Nick and Nora watching and some Rock Band playing. Pretty much a fun night all around.

Sunday: Woke up early and met my family at Roscoe's for a little Father's Day chicken and waffles yumminess. After breakfast we all went our separate ways for the afternoon and despite all sorts of neck soreness Matt and I went to Universal Studios for a couple hours which was fun. It was a nice day and we hit up the tram ride and the Mummy and the Simpsons ride which is just so fun.

I feel like a kid again.

After Universal I took an oh so glorious nap while Matt went over to his dad's house to get start getting dinner ready. Eventually my family went over to Matt's dad's house for dinner and it was loverly. I love when our families can get together and just have a good time. Basically it was a fun night with food and laughs and our dads chatting and everyone else hanging out and eating and it was just loverly all around. The rest of the night was spent watching Big Bang Theory and my sister finishing off the invitations (seriously I owe her so much right now, thanks Kourt!) and drinking wine and ah, heavenly.

And how was your weekend? All sorts of fabulous and loverly I hope.

happy monday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Me-over.

A couple days ago I was in the grocery store and I realized that I needed a Me-over.

And with that I bought all sorts of veggies and random foods that I never buy regularly (chick peas, cottage cheese, artichoke hearts to name a few) and came home rejuvenated. I realized that I needed to start eating better and more balanced. So I did.

The next night I was home by myself and I made myself this dinner with a few alterations and it was delicious and different and I was proud of myself. After dinner I did the dishes right away, then brought out the massive stack of bills and papers I had let accumulate on our dresser and filed them all away while I watched a movie that had been sitting on our DVR for a month.

Eventually I was done sorting and filing and throwing stuff away and it felt amazing. It felt like my life had been sorted out just a little bit more.

That night after a trip to the bar I came home, put laundry away and washed my face before bed (a habit I have been desperately trying to keep) and did a little reading on Italy. It was like something clicked.

Now the only thing missing from this new, inspired and motivated me is the working out part. If you remember at the beginning of the year I was working out a lot, training for the half marathon and just being a good ole Loser. And then I got sick, got busy, demotivated, and thoroughly enjoyed my sleep. And I still do.

But now the fact that I have my first official dress fitting in less than three weeks is starting to press on me. I have been the complete opposite of most brides and have probably gained weight, instead of lost it and it's just frustrating.

So what's the point of this post? To put it all out there again. Putting it out there that I, Katelin will tone up what I have, not go all crazy diet on everyone but will eat healthier and in smaller portions and get my butt in gear and utilize the EA Active again and walk around the Rose Bowl on a regular basis again and look all sorts of awesome when August 28th rolls around.

So this my friends is the beginning of my Me-over. Wish me luck.

ah! a cupcake! get it away!

happy weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The name game.

So I was going to surprise everyone and just magically switch my blog to wordpress one day but turns out there is a lot to go into it and how I'm going to have to get some new schnazzy pants design because there is no way I can do it myself and who just wants to make something pretty for me anyways?

And with this whole switch comes the big question about my blog name.

When I started this little blog three years ago I picked a quote from one of my favorite Dispatch songs "Flying Horses" (seriously listen to it) and gorgeous footsteps in the sand... was born. However I never realized that such a long title and such a long blogspot would be such a hassle to tell people and rewrite myself and get down and it was just a hassle.

So a year or so later I finally went to google and bought because it was cute and short and simple and easy to remember and sort of linked up to my blog title.

So now the question is, what do I do about my new blog and the title???

Do I keep gorgeous footsteps in the sand or do I rebrand the blog as pretty sandy feet?

Ah! Dilemma! Decisions! Help! I'm torn!

And this is where you all come in. Yes I've already asked on Twitter more than once (and most of you voted to change) but clearly I need some more convincing. Help a sister out and vote and give me good reasons and tell me it'll all be okay when I move this blog and ah, hold me.

an homage to my original header pic.
er at least i think it was the original.
close to at least.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hollywood is the new hawtness.

I swear Hollywood Tuesdays will be on Tuesdays again for more than just a week at a time, haha. Anyhoozits although I was out for a while I still managed to find some Hollywoodness to share today so here we go:
  • Starting off with some serious cuteness we have little Levi McConaughey rockin some team Brasil gear just in time for the World Cup. And although his hair is long and almost girllike and I don't usually like such long hair on boys, this pic of him made my heart melt a wee bit.

    gah he's so cute!

  • Also lookin all sorts of adorable is little Nahla Aubrey on her trip to Disneyland with mom and dad. It's so cute to see the whole family together again and Nahla is just precious.

    so darn cute.

  • Moving on from the cutie pie bebes and onto some Hollywood mish mash...A SECOND I repeat SECOND car of Charlie Sheen's was found at the bottom of a hill (um. weird)... Taylor Swift showed everyone again why she is so awesome after doing a free meet and greet in Nashville that lasted 15 hours! Snooki and Jordan Knight were tweeting each other yesterday and it's just weird and back away Snooki, just back away...Katy Perry is split between the USA and England and of course she knows how to show it...and apparently Tom Brady has Beiber Fever...and I have a mild case of Zefron fever after this picture of him at the beach went up, oooh la la...and the Tony Awards were on Sunday and I didn't watch because I was on a plane but um Will Smith is so suave and other people were there too and Mr. Shue and Rachel Berry did a performance and it was awesome:

    the man does not age and I love it.

  • And in some favorites news...
    Did you know yesterday was Thank You Keanu day? Not even kidding. I freaking love it, too funny.

    I bet Keanu would cheer up if he was in a new movie with Sandra Bullock instead of Ryan Reynolds? But then again Ryan and Sandy are a cute pair too and I can't wait to see them on screen again.

    Also in some favoriteness, Ryan Gosling on set of his new movie just looking so cheeky and suave and I lurve it. I mean who else could rock a green suit so well?

    oh hello there.

  • And in today's Twilight news...
    Thank goodness Taylor Lautner is eighteen because holy crap these new GQ shots seem like they might be illegal because those abs are just wow.

    *jaw hitting ground*

    And the whole cast made a stop at Kimmel and love how much fun it looks like they're having with each other. TWO WEEKS TIL ECLIPSE COMES OUT, WEEEEEEE!

  • In TV news...
    Criminal Minds. Ummm what the eff? JJ is leaving! Seriously people, seriously!? And although I love Garcia she's going to be the only full time lady on the show now? Um what's up with that?

    GLEE! So much gleeness I don't even know where to start. So here goes it:
    • The cast graces the cover and inside pages of the Emmy mag and I sort of love it.
    • The finale was all sorts of awesome and I loved all of the Journey! Also loved that Sue has a heart and voted for them. And Josh Groban and baby Beth and ah! Just loved it all around.
    • Need more than that? Renee's Glee Love post sums up my sentiments pretty well.

  • Lastly in today's WTF news, Jesus was hit by lightning and went up in flames. If that isn't weird and just weird I don't really know what is.

And that my friends is this week's Hollywoodnes, anything I missed? As always let me know!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woo for a wedding weekend!

Four flights, sixteen bug bites, unpredictable thunder storms, countless glasses of wine, a fabulous wedding and a ridiculous weekend in Ohio later, I'm back! I could probably use a full week's worth of sleep but I don't think I'll ever be caught up. Anyhoo let's talk about the weekend shall we?

Thursday: Matt and I had a ridiculously early flight out of LAX to Columbus but we got there early enough to hang out with everyone for a while and even go grab dinner downtown, well on High Street. It was so fun to chat with my girls and my cousin Bryan and Matt and it was just loverly all around. The rest of the night was spent hanging out and watching Grey's reruns and being silly and just fun.

Friday: Slept in for a bit which was glorious. Then spent the rest of the day hanging out with the girls, eating some brunchness before heading to get our nails done which was awesome. After our nails were done we all got ready and were on our way to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was so fun to see so many college friends and just hang out and give toasts and hear toasts and ah I love weddings. After the rehearsal me, Matt, Liz and Jen all headed to a local dive bar that was having karaoke night and somehow I got talked into singing. It was pretty ridiculous but it was so much fun because me, Jen and Liz (Matt and VA were our cheering squad) sang "Callin Baton Rouge" and man do we love that song. Pretty much a great evening all around.

Saturday: Wedding day! Basically we did a whole lot of nothing before the wedding. Liz and I ran some errands and got me some Caribou apple cider and had lunch and before we knew it it was time to get ready for the wedding.

And in a nutshell the wedding was great and the weather gods were pretty much on our side. The wedding was outside and there was only a little bit of drizzle during the ceremony. And then everything else ended up being inside and it worked out perfectly and it was just such a fun wedding. The band was great, my friends were fun, catching up with college kids I hadn't seen in a while, the food was delish (there was mac and cheese and raspberry filled cake, basically I was in foodie heaven!), the wine was yummy and ah, can we go back? And of course there are pictures, so here we go:

aw Lindsay and Ethan are just too cute!

and they're married! hurrah!

Matt and I with the happy couple.

Virginia and Jen are quite stunning bridesmaids.

Meggie (hi!), me and my lovely hostess
for the weekend, Liz, looking loverly.

all the Denison kids! Love it.

we've mastered the art of silly faces.

Matt found a new dance partner with Marten.

Virginia and Alex were getting down too.

aw heart these two.
(hi Glynis! hi Rachel!)

aw the veteran married couple, love it.
(hi Megan!)

gotta love a couple that knows how to get down.

Pretty much it was one hell of a dance party wedding and I loved it. Lindsay and Ethan are just the cutest most laid back couple and it was awesome to see them tie the knot. After the wedding VA and Alex had some people over and we ate some pulled pork and drank some more and were pretty much ridiculous. Eventually we made it back to Liz's place and she did a cartwheel and we all watched some Grey's reruns and had popcorn and it was glorious.

Sunday: First of all, I wasn't hungover, hark! Secondly, we slept in and it was glorious. Afterwards me, Liz and Matt met up with Jen and VA at Whit's oh so fabulous Whit's. After Whit's we stopped by Ethan's mom's house for a little post wedding brunch soiree. By the time we got there it was just the bride and groom and their families but it was quite fun to see them and hang out some more. Afterwards we went the Park of Roses for a bit and then over to VA and Alex's to hang out before grabbing some lunch and heading to the airport and before I knew it we were on a plane back home again and the weekend was over.

So yes, it was a great weekend. I love weddings. And only 74 more days until ours, yay!

And how was your weekend? Any weddings for you?

happy tuesday!