Friday, June 29, 2007

Motown Philly.

I don't know if I've ever seen this video before, but it's pretty awesome. The song just came on my playlist randomly, so I was curious and looked up the video (thank you YouTube) and here it is, Happy Friday everyone:

Goodbye Studio 60.

At about 10:32 last night I looked and my boyfriend and said "Aaron has 28 minutes to make me not hate him the rest of his career." Yes I am talking about Studio 60. Sadly this is my last entry on the show because last night was the series finale. So as I said before, at about 10:32 I was still pretty distraught about the show. Nothing was being resolved! Jordan was still heavily medicated and not lookin too hot, Tom's brother was still in captivity, Simon was still in a room with Jack with unresolved issues about his outburst to the news crews and Matt and Harriet still weren't together! I was pretty much flipping out.

However by about 10:40 my fears were put aside and Aaron did good. He pretty much wrapped everything up nicely with a big bow on top. Just when I thought they were going to kill Jordan (ya I had a pillow ready in hand to either cry into or throw at the TV), the doc says everything is going to be fine and Danny shows up with baby in hand to show Jordan. And even cuter, Jordan had adoption papers already ready for Danny to sign, adorable. Then finally, just when Tom was about to give in to hiring ransom negotiators the army rep who had been with him hands him the phone and Mark (Tom's brother) is on the other line, alive and well and rescued, sweet. And finally Jack admitted that he felt bad for firing Matt and Danny five years ago and that he had nothing wrong with them, it was just part of the job. So with that he told Simon he didn't have to of course Simon finally agreed to apologize.

And lastly, the build up of them all. Matt and Harriet. It's been building up all season and it finally came together, granted I don't know if I would have made it like Aaron did, but it worked anyways. Throughout the episode both Matt and Harriet admit to other people that they are the only ones they have ever truly loved (awww) and from there they slowly realize that there is no reason for them to not be together, religious differences or not. So basically Harriet comes back from the hospital and Matt is sitting in the stairwell relieved that the ridiculous night is over and he mutters "Thank God" and Harriet comes back from the shadows in a deep voice saying "Your Welcome." Haha, I thought that part was pretty funny. From there, some words were said and they kissed and got together and asked everyone if they would mind if they were together and of course everyone said "No", all basically knowing that it was inevitable.

And the show ended with Danny smoking a celebratory cigar and Matt up in his office vowing to make a friend out of the giant timer in his office that lingers overhead. So I'll say this, I don't hate Aaron Sorkin anymore, granted I got pretty close. He did a lot in 28 minutes that restored my faith in his story line skills and that made for a much happier Thursday evening.

Well, goodbye Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, it was a good run.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fender is Splendor. (that makes no sense)

I'm wearing this shirt today:

And I pretty much love it. When I first saw it I didn't buy it, but then I saw it again at a Hard Rock store and I was pretty much compelled to own it. And I just thought I'd share.

It's official!

(courtesy of

The Spice Girls are reuniting! I read it on and they announced a eleven show tour over two months, kicking off in Los Angeles December 7th. Woot. Not that I'm planning on seeing them or anything (because I can only imagine how much tickets are going to cost) but it's still exciting to see them all back together in all their Spice Girl glory.

I think I also have a nice soft spot for them because as odd as it sounds Spice Girls reminds me of college (and not sixth grade). This is only because there were several nights of dancing on furniture with my roommates singing (can be interpreted as horribly screaming) "Wannabe" at the top of our lungs. However the main reason Spice Girls=college is because of the fabulous Halloween where five of us got together and we dressed up as the fabulous fivesome, it was amazing. We had the hair colors, the outfits, make up, the only thing we didn't do was where those eight inch platform shoes(only because we wanted to make it through the night in one piece, haha).

Anyhoo. All I really wanted to say was "Spice Up Your Life!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Josh to the Kelley.

Apparently I'm on a Josh Kelley kick again because I can't stop listening to his songs. And in my search for his other new song "Masterpiece" I came across a video of it from the concert I was at. And I'm pretty sure I remember which girl was filming this too, haha. But anyways, that concert was great and this song is great and I just want his new CD to come out already, it's going to be superb.

But here's the video clip from when I saw Josh at the Troubadour last month, and I'm probably one of those random screaming voices, stellar:

I wish....

...this was growing in my backyard.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kate and Leo. I just heart them.

As I have talked about before, I love two on screen duos, Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves and Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio. And currently Leo and Kate are working on their new movie together, Revolutionary Road. I still don't really know what this movie is about, but I'm excited to see it. And put up another picture from the set, this time of Kate, and she is just so pretty, I heart her. So I thought I'd share:

Okay and as I was writing this I went over to Imdb to see when the movie was coming out and alas they had more pictures for me! I love them, so here are some more, woo!

(courtesy of


And apparently it doesn't come out until December of 2008, gah. So long to wait.

"I am the law."

Okay so Will and by far his best costar, Pearl, have teamed up one last time to bring us "Good Cop, Baby Cop." I really wonder how Will has the free time to do random videos like this, however they are so funny and a lot of the stuff on his site Funny Or Die is pretty great. So I just thought I would share the last Pearl installment, it's not as great as "The Landlord", but it's pretty funny.

Good Cop, Baby Cop

Monday, June 25, 2007

I Can Work and Blog....

The work day is almost over but I just came across the fact that Brad Pitt did a Heineken commercial. And not only that, Jennifer Aniston did one too, random. So I thought I'd share for anyone who doesn't live overseas or know all these random tidbits like me.

Brad's commercial:

Jen's commercial:

If only I liked Heineken....

"I'm just ripples in your ocean, but you're my tidal wave"

I heart Josh Kelley. He's a great singer. I saw him a concert about a month or so ago, it was fabulous, he is fabulous. I love his music, I have all three of his CD's and they are equally wonderous. And I love that he has been debuting his new songs via his myspace. I guess he has a new CD coming out this fall and he has been previewing some of the new songs on his music player. Last week he had a song up "Masterpiece" that he played when I saw him in concert and I LOVED it, like I want to own it so I can play it on repeat like I do for most songs I become obsessed with. However, he took it down to debut another new song "Tidal Wave." This song is just as amazing. I have played it probably 14 times already today. So I highly recommend you go and check it out this instant:

I recommend all of his songs, but "Tidal Wave" is today's favorite. Josh Kelley, you rock.

The Dark Knight.

Batman on his new ride
(courtesy of

Okay so I'm making this short, but I can't wait to see The Dark Knight, the next Batman movie for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about. I know there are so many other movies I could talk about instead, but I just loved Batman Begins and I think The Dark Knight has potential to be just as good. I love Christian Bale and I just love how the movie was done, so basically it's going to be great. I was on imdb looking around and saw some of the new cast members which make me quite happy: Maggie Gylenhaal taking over for Katie Holmes (a smart pick), Heath Ledger (as the Joker), Aaron Eckhart (as Harvey Dent aka Two Face), Eric Roberts and Anthony Michael Hall are also new to the scene. Well this movie doesn't come out until July 18th of next year, but I'm good and ready for it.

Director Chris Nolan and a sweet shot of the Joker
(courtesy of

The Peril of the Pants.

So as a part of my regular morning website routine, falls in there somewhere and I check the headlines and some of the sub stories, and today's find was about some really expensive pants, haha. Well not really expensive pants, but about a man who was suing a dry cleaner over his missing pants. I read about this story awhile ago and it's just all around ridiculous. This man dropped his pants off at the dry cleaner, then he claims they lost his pants, when really the people there said they had his pants but he denied they were his, ridiculous. So this idiot sued a little mom and pop tailor for 54 million dollars! I mean honestly, 54 million! Idiot. And not only is this man an idiot in my opinion, but heartless, suing a small shop for that much money over some freaking pants, this guy needs to get a life.

And with that said, what I read this morning was that the judge threw the case out! Woo. I'm just glad the judge was smart and realized what a complete moron this guy was. The pants man gets my nod for idiot of the week, woot.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Spice Up You Life!

So as most of you have heard, there have been some rumors flying that there is a Spice Girls reunion tour in the making, and according to several "stalkeratzi" sites it's 99% happening and will officially be announced June 28th. Even more of an indication that the tour is really happening is that it is rumored that their former manager told the girls that no one can get pregnant (haha)! The girls have to be in tip top shape to rock the stage again, woo!

I can only imagine how much those tickets will cost, but I may just have to find a way to go anyways (maybe test my radio ticket winning skills again?haha). I just know it'd be a fun concert to say the least, woo, who's going with me???

Girl Power!

"One of the servants has been at the sherry again."

So as I wrote yesterday AFI has inspired me to reevaluate/recreate my list o movies that I just need to see, and last night I started on the list (with the help of my bf and his local video store, haha) and saw The Philadelphia Story. I really had no idea what the movie was about (I wasn't paying attention when AFI was talking about it because I was too intrigued that it had Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart all in the same movie!) To me, that was amazing in itself, so it was number one for me to watch.

So basically the movie starts out with Cary Grant leaving Katherine Hepburn, basically walking out on her and they are in a fight and she breaks his golf club and then he shoves her in the face (haha). Then it comes back from black two years later with a wedding announcement for Katherine Hepburn and some new guy. Then Jimmy Stewart comes into the picture as a reporter from some skeezy paparazzi kind ofmagazine that, with the help of Cary Grant, tries to get the inside scoop to the Katherine's wedding. Basically the movie goes on like most movies of the 40's, random humor that is still funny today, some crazy wedding outfits, a change in love interest, Cary and Jimmy looking pretty, Katherine going on long spiels, and so on. And I liked it. I won't give away the ending because it's funny and cute and I'm not one for spoilers.

And afterwards I looked up the movie online (like I usually do nowadays) and discovered it won two Academy Awards, Jimmy Stewart for best actor and best screenplay, amazing.

Anyhoo, I recommend The Philadelphia Story, it's funny, cute, and hello Jimmy, Cary and Katherine, ya that's a trio right there.

Okay time to get to some work. Happy Friday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here today. Gone Tomorrow.

So I just read this article on CNN about a lake that disappeared in Chile. Like it was there in March and in May it was gone. That's crazy and all, but all I could think about was Fried Green Tomatoes, haha:

Idgie: One time there was this lake, and it was right outside of town. We used to go fishing and swimming and canoing in it. And, uh, see, one November, this big flock of ducks came in and landed on that lake. And then they temperature dropped so fast that the lake just froze right there. And the ducks, they flew off, you see, and they took that lake right with them. Now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia. Can you imagine that?

100 Years....100 Movies.

So I like to consider myself somewhat of a movie-a-holic, for lack of a better description. Actually a better description would probably be movie addict or Hollywood know all or just all around pop culture junkie, all of the above aptly apply to me. However, most of my movie knowledge is only accurate for movies made in the late 1970s and onward, and AFI proved this to me last night. I was watching the AFI's 100 years, 100 movies special last night, and man, I have some serious catching up to do.

Granted for a long time I did have a list of older movies I wanted to see taped on the back of my door, so I could always see it and just cross them off as I saw them, yet I don't know where it is now. But after the special last night, all I could think of was how many movies I haven't seen! The only thing that made me feel better was that at least I knew of most of the movies and could say at least one person that was in it, a key phrase or some minuscule fact relating to it. So needless to say I am not at a total loss when it comes to old, classic movies, I know some stuff, I just haven't necessarily seen the movie.

So basically you can just assume that my summer will either be spent at a movie theater or catching up on movies I missed lately, or hanging at a video store looking for some of those "classics" I need to see, haha.
So for anyone that's curious, the AFI's top ten list went as follows (and I've only seen one):
1. Citizen Kane
2. The Godfather
3. Casablanca
4. Raging Bull
5. Singin' in the Rain
6.Gone With the Wind
7. Lawrence of Arabia
8. Schindler's List
9. Vertigo
10. The Wizard of Oz

and to check out the rest go to the AFI site:

Okay, I'm off to finish up the work day and go start on that list of movies I need to see, happy movie watching Thursday everyone!

Happy Summer!

Ah it's that time again. Summertime. Happy First Day of Summer everyone. And today is also the longest day of the year, woot Summer Solstice. I like sunniness, so stay sunny today, sweet, thanks.

I just love summer. For Several reasons....
More of a reason to drink margaritas....

Time to lay out by the pool....

(granted none of my friends' pools look like this, haha)

or le beach...

And summer is just a key word for BBQ....

which makes my dad and boyfriend quite happy since they are quite the BBQers, haha.

But that's it. I love Summer. Although I'll be working the whole time, it'll still be great. I'm excited. Road trips. Parties. Weekends. BBQs. Visits. Relaxation. Baseball games. Lovely.

(and unrelated, seven years ago today I was on a plane to Germany, wowzer)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cutest Scientologist.

Today's uber cute kid award goes to Suri Cruise. Although I still think she really isn't Tom and Katie's, (maybe Katie and a donor? a mystery man? an alien?), she is still so freaking cute. And I just wanted to share. I never really go to the uber stalker paparazzi sites, but I came across today and man, Suri. So darn cute, so I thought I'd share:

Step by Step.

So I don't know why I keep wandering to clothing websites, because I so should not be spending any money on clothes right now, but I'm a girl, and I can't help it. And really, Urban Outfitters has one of the best shirts that I may just have to get. I must say I'm surprised I don't already own it, or if I do it's wayyy too small by now:

But man do I want it. Jordan Knight, you are the man. Step by Step ooooooooh baby.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I could win some new shoes.

So this add popped up on Myspace, and if I truly felt like contributing to SPAM I would so get myself some new shoes, because I clearly know the answer here:

Speed. Obviously. Pshaw.

Watch Out Tiger.

So I was reading and I just came across this story and just had to share it...who knew golf could be so dangerous:

RENO, Nevada (AP) -- A golfer's attempt to get out of the rough and back on the fairway started a grass fire in Reno, Nevada, that burned about 20 acres near a golf course, officials said.

The golfer had knocked his ball into dry grass beyond the course on Monday afternoon, officials said. When he tried to play back to the fairway, his club struck something that created a spark.

"He was totally honest about it," said Reno Battalion Chief Curtis Johnson.

About 50 firefighters responded to the blaze as it spread through tinder-dry grass, and engine trucks were brought in to protect nearby homes.

No buildings were damaged and no one was injured, officials said.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day....Love Suri.

Haha I came across this on earlier, I thought it was pretty funny. A Father's Day tribute from celeb babies in the future...enjoy:

I Have a Strange Fascination with Plaid These Days....

Mmmmmplaid shorts. Thank you Forever 21 for making me want to spend money I don't have.

Bob meet Ellen. Ellen meet Bob.

So I know I've been writing about a lot Bob Baker lately, but I can't help. Ever since my friends and I went on the show, it's just been fun to follow him as The Price is Right winded down. And alas the show is over (for now) and Bob is officially a retired man. And he definitely went out in style, taking home the Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show Host on Friday. However, as much as I love Bob, I love Ellen a little more, haha. Ellen DeGeneres is great. She won for best Talk Show host (her fourth I believe), as she well deserves it. Granted having a job has taken away my ability to catch daytime television I still like her, she's funny, and pretty much all around great. So with that said, I'll leave you with part of Ellen's acceptance speech which I thought was hilarious and very Ellenesque:

"I really am shocked.... (talking about "The View") I thought Rosie brought a lot of new viewers to daytime television and it was interesting.....And I want to just start with something controversial right now to kick it off and I know this might not be popular and I don't care because that's what I'm doing. I just want to say it -- I think Bob Barker is a quitter."

Oh Ellen.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lauren. What were you thinking???

Okay Lauren, I usually love your style, but really? Are you serious? Suspender shorts? They're just not cute. So take note of this fashion mishap and please don't add something like it to your own fashion line that I believe you are starting soon, just don't.

I'm just going blog wild today.

Wow this must be my dear effort to not do a lot of work today, even though I've got tons o research and a final report to get together before the end of the day. But pshaw for two seconds. So somehow I came across this guy, Jack Myers' article on Studio 60 and how if viewers rally together like the viewers of Jericho did, we could possibly save the show.

However he also points out, that that is very unlikely. Studio 60 is a good show, but an expensive one, and in my opinion NBC has just become kind of stupid (with the exception of Heroes, brilliant, and Scrubs. So as much as I would like to rally for Studio 60 I don't really know how much good it would do. Heck I have signed a petition or two to bring it back, but it's not like we can send a million pounds of peanuts to NBC and say "come on, bring it back!" and have them listen. I love television and I love movies and I basically love Hollywood as a whole, but sometimes they are just stupid. I'm going to miss Studio 60, and Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson, basically all of it. But alas, Aaron you tried and NBC won.

Just please make the end of the season end on a good note, please. I still haven't seen last night's episode, but I really want this show to end on a better note than it's at right now. Make me laugh. You can do it, I have faith.


So should be doing work instead...

But I remember I saw a preview for this movie Crazy Love a while ago when I saw Waitress and for some reason I felt like looking it up again to see what the heck it was really about, since the preview didn't give too many details.

But here goes, in a nutshell: It's a documentary about the seriously bizarre relationship between Linda and Burt Pugach. Basically Burt was a married man when he came across Linda and basically became obsessed with her. They had an affair, she broke it off, she later became engaged to another man, he became enraged and hired thugs to throw acid at her, which left her nearly blind and somewhat scarred, Burt went to jail for 14 years, when he got out he proposed to her (twice!), she eventually said yes (because her fiancee left her after seeing how scarred she was and she had no other romantic prospects) and they are still together.

Um. Wow.

So I guess the movie chronicles this and other weird aspects of this "love story", I have no idea. But Crazy Love is definitely a good title, since these people are clearly crazy.

Three words...

O.A.R. is amazing!!!

I really don't know what else to write besides that. I could go into a whole concert review, but really, where is the fun in that? However I will say that that concert was absolutely fantastic. I knew every song they performed (with the exception of one/two new ones). I basically sang as loud as I could and danced like a crazy person, it was great.
And I must say, I knew from the very beginning of the concert that it would be awesome, they started out with "Hey Girl", one of my top three O.A.R. songs, ah, amazing. Haha.

Man I really intended on a much better recap of such a great night, but I think I am just so exhausted and my brain is fried that I can't think of anything that creative to say really. However, another amazing thing about last night, it was like a flash back to college. Drunk college age kids everywhere singing and dancing without any hesitation, yes it was just like college.

Ah. I love O.A.R....Okay real attempt at the concert:
They played a nice mix of new and old songs, and did a lot of new renditions of songs from the latest live CD (and I have heard them all so I could sing along even if it was a "remix", haha). They basically played music non stop, which small intermissions of talking to the crowd, but basically sang and played their Ohioan hearts out, it was awesome. And they played basically all of my favorites, "Anyway", "Lay Down", "Love and Memories", and ended with a lovely rendition of "Crazy Game of Poker." Okay enough of my rambling, time to get to work.

Lovely summer concert....Lovely O.A.R......

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I can't wait...

for Thursday night, when I get to see O.A.R. in concert at the Wiltern!

Ah! I can barely contain my excitement. I love them. I have seen them in concert three times before, however I feel like this show has to be the best. The first time I saw them I was just getting into them, so I knew like four songs and that was it. And on top of that they were one of four performers on stage that night, so they didn't get to do a whole set. The second time I saw them they performed at UPenn, now that was fun. I went with a friend of mine who doesn't listen to them, but went with me anyways. It was a fun concert, don't get me wrong, but their newest CD had come out recently and they were basically playing songs from that (and I hadn't heard that CD yet!ah!). So it was a good concert, but not great. And the last time I saw them was when they opened for Dave Matthews Band last summer in Arizona. Now I love Dave, but I love O.A.R. more, so I was so excited for them. However, when trying to get into the concert, one of the guys that I was with couldn't get in because his ticket was having problems. So I pretty much missed all of O.A.R. and could faintly hear them over the crazy crown of people at Cricket Pavilion. I got in just in time to hear them play "Love and Memories" and another song and then they were done.

So needless to say, I am ridiculously pumped for the concert this Thursday for many reasons. One reason being that I have basically all their songs (well I think I do, if not at least 94% of them) and know pretty much all of them too. And if I don't know the words I can at least pretend like I know the beat, so that will work. Second reason, I have never been to the Wiltern but I hear it's great and a small venue and I love small venues and I love standing room only. Third reason, my boyfriend is coming back home just to go to this concert with me, haha. He's an O.A.R. fan too(he was actually a fan before I was), but just not as big of a fan as I am, haha. Anyhoo, I just wanted to share my excitement/love for O.A.R! Woo!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh!

Happy Birthday Josh Jackson!
You are definitely in my top three. Haha. I have hearted you ever since your days as Charlie Conway all the way through the Pacey Whitter days (aw Dawson's Creek how I love thee).
Diane Kruger, you are a lucky woman. Haha.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I am a Huge Dork.

I just wanted to share the fact that I absolutely love playing word racer online. It's a Yahoo! game and it's fabulous. Yes this makes me a total word nerd, but I can't help it.

So check it out folks, try and beat me, muah haha!

Goodbye Burke.

After rumors and gossip and the season finale, it's finally come out that Isaiah Washington was "let go" from Grey's Anatomy. After a very controversy-filled season Dr. Burke got the boot. I can't say I'm too too surprised though. The Grey's finale left it open for both Dr. Burke and George to leave, however it has been confirmed that T.R. Knight (aka George) will be back next season. Well I don't really know what to say, except that Grey's has lost two key characters. So hopefully the plot lines will still be as strong and even funny and the show won't suffer. I guess we'll just have to wait and see in the Fall. Fingers Crossed. Good luck Shonda.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Come on Down. Jail? Quack Quack! Trevman.

So as most of you know, yesterday was quite a big day in Hollywoodland and Sportsland. In Hollywoodland we had Bob Barker's last day on The Price Is Right and Paris Hilton release from jail after five days instead of twenty three days which was originally forty five days, gah, that ho. And in Sportsland two major milestones for California, the first and probably more recognized being that the Ducks of Anaheim won the coveted Stanley Cup (a first in franchise history! heck a first for California!). And in the baseball world, Trevor Hoffman (from the San Diego Padres) became the first relief pitcher to accumulate 500 saves, amazing. So with all that being are my two cents:
Bob Barker. You are the man.

After attending The Price Is Right two years in a row I must say that it is quite the experience and can't really be compared to anything else. So with that, Thanks Bob, you will be missed.
And on the other end of Hollywoodland.....
Paris Hilton. You are a whiny biotch and I hope you know this.

"Medical reasons"? Yeah right. You just couldn't handle jail, even after all your spiels of "I'm ready to face the consequences" blah blah blah. Granted I knew she would never serve her entire sentence, it's still annoying to see the law tossed around by yet another celebrity. As much as I love Hollywood and the people, I hate the special treatment they get when they are stupid enough to get themselves into trouble. So I'll just remember if I ever get arressted to pull the "medical reasons" and maybe I'll get house arrest too. Too bad my house isn't a bagillion dollar mansion that is probably bigger than the jail I was staying at. Gah. Paris. You suck.

Okay. On a much happier and not so bitter note, QUACK QUACK! Haha. I really don't know that much about hockey, heck I've only been to two games in my life and the whole time I was there I was comparing plays to
The Mighty Ducks . But woo eeee for a California hockey team for kicking ass and taking home the Stanley Cup. Woo! Congrats guys!

And another woo to Trevor Hoffman! Although I am a Dodger fan, I like Trevor Hoffman (mainly because he is my aunt's favorite player) and good for him to be the first relief pitcher to ever have 500 saves, that's amazing. Congrats Trev.

So with all that said, here goes Thursday. Woo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Movies! Movies! Movies!

I just can't stop thinking about all the movies that are coming out this summer (and how much my wallet isn't going to like me), so I thought I'd share what I'm looking forward to and help you look forward to them too and hope they are coming to a theater near you, woo:

What I really want to see:
  • Ocean's 13 (6/8)
  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (6/15)
  • Evan Almighty (6/22)
  • Evening (6/29)
  • Transformers (7/4)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (7/11)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum (8/3)
  • Rush Hour 3 (8/10)
  • Penelope (8/17)
  • Good Luck Chuck (8/24)
  • The Nanny Diaries (9/7) * not really summer, but i want to see it anyways*

What I might be seeing:
  • A Mighty Heart (6/22)
  • Hairspray (7/20)
  • Stardust (8/10)
Ah it's going to be lovely. So expect some "reviews" or what have you. Eeee. I can barely contain my excitement!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

View from the "lobby" part deux.

Okay so I am making this brief because I'm about to head home. But wow. There are some crazy people in the neighborhood. A random guy (who looked perfectly normal to me) just burst through the front door of my office came up to me really close and behind my desk and didn't say anything but held up a piece of lined paper that said something along the lines of "can I have 200$?", wow. So I tried reading it and looked at him and said "no" and then he stormed out of the office. What the hell??? So random. He didn't even look like a crazy homeless person.
Other than that all that was weird that I saw today was a smart car on the road, those are so funny, I love them. And I also saw old shirtless uber tan man reading the paper, however he also had a hat on today (and it wasn't even sunny), haha.

Oh man crazy I say. Until tomorrow....

Alrighty Then.

I seriously come across the most random and interesting facts throughout the day, some from doing work and some just from perusing the internet. For example, today's random facts have been supplied from imdb (one of my most favorite sites), and more specifically about Jim Carrey. I don't know what possessed me to look up his random trivia on imdb, but here are some of my favorites:

  • He dropped out of high school at 16 (even though he was a straight A student).
  • He has an 18 year old daughter.
  • He wrote letters to Tupac Shakur when he was in prison to help him laugh, because he was Tupac's favorite actor.
  • He has the most MTV awards (9) than anyone else.
  • He was the first actor to hit the 20 million dollar mark (crazy!)
There are more, but those were my favorite. Very interesting Jim, very interesting.

I heart him.

So I had full intention of writing about my adventures driving to work today (basically how there was a huge accident, I thought it'd be smart to get off the freeway two exits before my work, and ended up taking a forty minute detour around eagle rock, superb).

However, has made me oh so happy again. So I just had to share the beautifulness and awesomeness that is Keanu Reeves. It's a pic of him on the set of his new movie "Night Watch" where he is an LAPD officer who gets framed for a murder, or something like that. Not like the plot really matters to me, it's a guarantee I'll be seeing it in theaters.

Oh Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Too Fast To Mow Grass....

So right now for work I am looking up people that are involved in lawn mower racing, and that tagline just made me laugh, "too fast to mow grass." Yes they are badass, haha. I didn't think I would actually find that many sites about lawn mower racing, but oh was I wrong. There are so many teams and homepages dedicated to it, it's a little ridiculous. In case you are curious feel free to check them out:

Those are just some of the sites I have come across so far. Oh Midwest, how I heart thee.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Real Talk.

Oh man. I heart YouTube. I just found this video from the Mickey Mouse Club (MMC). I was such a fan. And I loved this song, I believe I even made up my own dance for it. Love it.

The quality isn't super great. But enjoy anyways. Happy Friday!

Aaron, I think we need to talk.

Okay Aaron Sorkin, I think we need to have a little chit chat. Just because your show Studio 60 wasn't picked up for another season doesn't mean that you don't have to care at all what happens to the end of your show. Heck it made it an entire season, that's more than some shows can say (Andy Barker, P.I., The Black Donnely's, Raines to name a few). So, in saying that, I would like to know what possessed you to make the usually witty and pretty funny show go down the ridiculously depressing route last night.

I mean honestly, the show started out kind of funny with the announcer calling the show "Studio City" instead of "Studio 60" but after that, there wasn't much humor left. Matt's drug problem was getting worse and his assistant noticed and called him out on it, Tom's brother who's in Iraq hadn't contacted his family yet, and Jordan and Danny were arguing about the show and the war. For a show that's about a comedy show, there was very little comedy in it last night. It was like watching the Grey's Anatomy finale all over again, just in a studio and not a hospital.

Ultimately the show ended even sadder than it started. Danny confronts Matt about his drug problem (since he is a recovering addict), so that was emotional, Jordan reveals that she hasn't felt her baby kick all day (so Danny makes her go to the ER) and lastly the most depressing of all the story lines to me was with Tom's brother. The show ended with the news that Tom's brother had been captured along with two other soldiers and was being held hostage in enemy territory. Not only was he being held hostage, but it was being broadcast on the news and sent to the studio directly. So let's just say that by this time I was pretty much streaming tears, not sobbing or anything, just a steady flow of tears. I think the show just got too real for me, hence so freaking sad, and the fact that my oldest cousin is in Iraq on his second tour doesn't really help much either.

So needless to say I was pretty much left with my mouth hanging open again as Aaron's comedy show turned depressingly real. I think I was even more sad that there were no previews for what next week would be like. I think I need to mentally prepare myself to either cry again or maintain that sliver of hope that Aaron will use the last three episodes of Studio 60 to bring back the fast paced comedy that started it all. You can do it Aaron. Fingers crossed.