Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stop. Break it down.

This is me saying "stop. hold up. wait a minute. break it down."

err really it's just me dancing, but you get the point.

I'm taking the day off of blogging today.
I'm exhausted and could probably use five days to sleep.
Too bad that's not happening any time soon, oy vey.

Come back tomorrow where I'll hopefully be well rested and full of
ridiculous celebrity fun facts and TV show recaps and celebrity nonsense.


happy tuesday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nothing says houseparty like Jell-O shots.

Oh. Em. Gee. What a freakin weekend kids. I mean really. It was slightly ridiculous. And I'm still recovering....oy vey.

So here we go:

Friday: After a week of allergy induced days and nights Matt and I decided to take it easy. So after work we relaxed at home, caught up on the DVR and enjoyed some good ole Chili's to go, delish. Not even kidding, it was one of the best nights in a long time of sheer relaxation and awesomeness, haha.

Saturday: Woke up "early" to run errands all around town. Who knew you had to do so much to get ready for a party? Between the two of us, Matt and I went to Target, Circuit City, Ralph's, Old Navy, Target again, Matt's mom's house, my parent's house,Smart and Final and Circuit City yet again, haha. After the errand running came the apartment cleaning and playlist creating and food cooking and showering and whew. It was a lot to do but totally worth it. We had a pretty great turnout of people and all around a grand ole time...pictures you say? Pshaw. Of course I took pictures :)

yes we're back in college, woo Jell-O shots

what lovely ladies

Megan and JR, so cute

Matt, me and Brian, presh

Roomies! :)

haha, we crack ourselves up

Me and Matt with my cousin and her fiancee, woo

Reppin the yellow, haha

The guys hangin outside

I have no idea what Kat and I are doing, haha

All in all it was one great party. My friends all brought gifts (which they totally didn't have to) ranging anywhere from gift certificates to red wine and freezer shot glasses, haha. I finally met my neighbor after I kidnapped her and bribed her with Jell-O shots and a common love of Top Model, haha, so that was sweet. I loved it all. And it was quite the night of great friends, too many drinks, lots of Jell-O shots and impromptu dancing, twas amazing.

Sunday: Sunday...oh Sunday...oh day after a party....oh my liver...my stomach...my head. I swear I'm never drinking again (at least not until this weekend, haha). Er maybe just never doing Jell-O shots again. Who knows? But whatever it was had me curled in a ball trying to sleep away the pain all day long, it was not a pretty sight. Eventually I mustered the energy to go walking with the fam and only made it three miles before I had to call it quits and sleep in the car for the last three miles, haha. Seriously, I'm so not 21 anymore. My body can't handle too much partying, it's so sad. After walking I went to my parents house for dinner which was nice and tasty. Eventually I started to feel better and Matt and I went home, did some cleaning and more relaxing and some TV watching (anyone watch Desperate Housewives? Sooo good I thought. Woo Mike! ), twas lovely. Afterwards we headed to bed where I was ready to pass out for a good night's sleep, but sadly my nose had other plans. I was up every couple hours sneezing or sniffling or cursing at my inability to stay asleep, it was awful. Seriously I need a new liver, new stomach and new nose, pronto!

So yeah that was my weekend, and hopefully this week will fly by allergy free because I'm headed to Ohio on Thursday! Wee!

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Happy and I know it.

Oh man, ever have one of those days, or weeks even where work just gets you down? I'm trying my best not to be stressed with all of my new stuff and slowly bu surely I'm getting to it all and hopefully kickin butt in the process. But with all the stress and work I've had lately, there has been more than enough good stuff to go around such as:
  • The more than obvious Ryan run in that still makes me happy (especially since there have been two more sightings since, woot).

  • The same Ryan run in post has brought in tons of new readers a la Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling forum boards, holla. (hi new peeps!)

  • My Dodgers won the NL West! After a season of ups and downs, multiple letters to the team and numerous close calls with the Diamondbacks we actually clinched the win! Woo hoo! Go Blue!

    and my other team....the Trojans.....yeaaaaah we're not talking about that. (although if you ask Matt he'll tell you all about it)

  • The Grey's Anatomy season premiere is waiting for me on my DVR to watch this weekend and I cannot wait. So no one tell me what happened okay? Sweet thanks.

  • Matt and I are slowly but surely getting into a groove with our apartment. It doesn't help that we're both so busy and our schedules are constantly changing but we're doing our best and that's just fine for me, woo.

  • Jen and Violet are just the cutest mommy/daughter duo and it's been too long since we've seen their adorableness and it just makes me smile:


  • Lovely Bones. As creepy and sad and disturbing as this book is, I absolutely love it. I'm pretty sure Matt is even getting tired of me saying it because every time I put it down I say "I just want to finish and know what happens, I love this book!" Luckily I only have 20 pages left and I can't wait to see what happens at the end, I've been so enveloped in this story it's crazy. Well done Alice, well done. Oh and random side note: Ryan Gosling was originally slated to play the dad in the new movie adaptation of the book, however because he looked to young Mark Wahlberg replaced him. Crazy huh? Ryan is everywhere! :)

  • In one week I'll be gallivanting around Ohio with some of my favorite friends and I cannot wait! Wahoo!

  • Matt and I are having a little housewarming shindig this weekend and I can't wait. I don't even know who all is showing up but who doesn't like to have friends over and drink and be crazy. And hey maybe even my neighbors will come over to partay too? But woo for housewarmings!

  • It's Friday! What better reason to be happy could I have than that?!?

And what's making you happy today?

happy weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katelin meet Ryan. Ryan meet Katelin.

Okay so first of all, just wanted to say I hope I didn't come off as putting those awards in everyone's faces yesterday. I wasn't trying to do that at all, just wanted to pass on the goodness all at once because there are truly some awesome blogs out there. So yeah, not trying to be snooty, just sharing.

However in more important, exciting and overall awesome news....I finally met Ryan Gosling!!!!

Auburn Kat must be psychic since she posted yesterday that she hoped that it would be the day I met him and squeeeee she was right!

So how did it finally happen you ask? Well let me tell you....

I was sitting at my desk, working away (per usual) with my headphones on and my coworker goes "Kate! Kate! He just walked by!" I, as expected, darted from my desk to the door to double check this and oh! He was right, I saw Ryan walking away with dog and a friend in tow. So I dash back to my desk, grab my purse and head down the street behind Ryan with plans to go to the coffee house down the street. I really had no idea what I was going to do or say, but I just wanted to meet him. My other coworker came out the door behind me and we walked (a little faster than normal, haha) down the street when to my surprise Ryan stopped because his cute lil mohawked dog, George, had to do his business*, haha.

So basically my coworker and I walked up to where he was as he was trying to calm his dog, haha. I sort of walked by but then stopped to pet the dog (even though I'm highly allergic to most furry creatures, haha) and started making small talk. Eventually my coworker and I introduced ourselves...well she said her name and I don't know what I said the first time because he had to ask and then I was like "Oh right, I'm Katelin." I couldn't help it, I was flustered, I was talking to Noah! After I told him I was a big fan and that his dog was cute and I was surprised I wasn't sneezing, I finally mustered up the courage to ask for a picture with him. And he was more than nice about it and suggested we move away from where his dog had pooped and then peed, haha. So we moved to the sidewalk some more and my coworker took a picture, holla. Afterwards we both told him it was nice to meet him, he said the same, and then we kept on walking to the coffee house. Well I sort of skipped, but not too much, haha. So yes Ryan is just as cute in person as you would expect, he is incredibly nice, has a super cute and very active dog, and is so down to earth it just makes him awesome. He definitely gets super cool celeb points for all of that.

Oh and here is the oh so awesome picture that I can't wait to add to my celebrity collection, haha, woo Ryan:

Don't mind the goofy smile, I couldn't help it. :)
le swooooon.

Oh and to add to the goodness, after my lunch I walked to the front of my office to walk back in and who was getting into his car with his friends? Yes. Ryan. Again. Two sightings in one day. Hark. Thank you celebrity gods, thank you.

*And yes for all you pet owners out there, Ryan did pick up the dog poop, just did it after we walked away, haha, such a good pet owner.

happy thursday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From one cool blog to the next.

So I've been bad. Slap my wrists and send me to the back of the classroom. I'm awful.

And why am I so horrible you ask?

Well, I've gotten so many bloggy awards lately and haven't passed a single one along! At all! Tisk tisk! So now this just gets to be a big ole post of awesomeness and blogs you should be reading because I heart them all. I don't remember the rules for any of them so I'm just passing them on to the coolest of the cool, and here goes:

I was bestowed with this lovely award
from the fabulous kay*

and I'm passing the torch of kick assness along to these fine bloggers:
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the newly engaged but always awesome heidi
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and I spread the love to these fine folks:
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apparently lacey bean, dana, bayjb, and blicious
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and I pass on all my knowledge of brillantness to these kids
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the always adorable tipp made me
feel smart with this one

and I'm passing this honor to the male bloggers out there,
we all know how distinguished they are
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and 5 blogs that always make my day
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and i got this pretty little award from dana

these blogs definitely make my day when I read them
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I less than 3 your blog too tipp

I super heart all of these fabulous blogs
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this precious award came from
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this precious award just came from dana,
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Sending the cutesy love to these fab bloggy ladies
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Whew! That's a whole lotta of links. Seriously I heart all of these blogs and you should check them all out...and as if that wasn't enough, check out all the blogs on the 'roll because they rock too. Is there anyone I'm missing? Want to be added? Just let me know and I'll fix it stat! :)

Anyhoo, that's all I got today kiddos, just bloggy goodness. So go...enjoy....and read away! Woo!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hollywood's making me famous.

Oh man this Hollywood post is a doozy, so much to talk about so hang tight, sit back and enjoy:
  • Now I know you guys are probably getting sick of my Ryan posts but just one more fun fact to add to the mix. Apparently someone from The United States of Gosling found my near Ryan encounters post worthy and put them up, haha. I feel so special, sort of like when my Jordan story hit all the NKOTB boards, holla.

  • Of course my post wouldn't be Hollywood without some cutie pie celebrity kid, and this week's adorable tot is little Suri enjoying a day at Build-A-Bear:


  • And on from the bebes to the Emmy's. So I must admit....I didn't watch it all....I missed the beginning, watched a couple in the middle and then taped the end and have yet to watch it because last night was How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, The Hills and John and Kate Plus 8. So needless to say I can't give a whole lot of insight on anything besides the winners and the outfits, so here goes...

    le winners: Jeremy Piven? Really? I'm sort of over that one. Amazing Race as best reality show yet again, yeah so over that one to. And apparently I should be watching Mad Men and the John Adams miniseries because those freaking rocked almost every category they were nominated in.

    the show: Don Rickles is hilarious. Sandra Oh's line was pretty awesome too "my parent's couldn't have been more proud of me for being up here...unless I actually was a doctor", haha. The pre show skit with Michael Phelps was sort of weird, but sort of entertaining.

    the outfits:
    what a lovely Grey's couple

    what a dashing duo

    of course I love her dress, it's yellow
    and she's Olivia, hello!

    can I please look this good at her age and rock this dress?

    I sort of love her dress

    Sandra Oh looking fabulous

  • Speaking of my shows, How I Met Your Mother was pretty funny...man I heart Barney and I sort of like Stella as the potential mother. Heroes was effing confusing, I swear I was so lost the whole time. And is it just me or did they make some sort of lovey weird relationship between Claire and Peter? They're uncle and niece for crimeny sake! Ew!

    And to the most ridiculous of my shows...the Hills. First not actually on the show but I saw online, apparently the Cut never wants me to eat there because I would probably vom before my food came if I saw Heidi and Spencer's portraits on the wall, freakin gag me. I'm not even posting the actual pictures, just click here to laugh and point and then gag. And to the actual show.....first of all Kimberly at Bolthouse, don't call me old because I stay in some nights, pshaw, I get tired. Lo and Audrina at lunch...together???? Awkward......but then ummm those biatches got a table for themselves, at GOA?! Can I have their life?! Or just their money at least. And umm messages to the Pratts, you aren't cool, get over yourselves, stat. And Spencer, she's not LC any more, stop it! Stat. Okay actually the show isn't even half over and I could write pages of rants and raves for this ridiculous show, but I'll just stop now. Love to hate to love this show. The end.

  • In today's WTF news I bring you two gems both having to do with Wal-Mart, haha. The first one comes courtesy of Mr. Jamie Lynn Spears....aka Casey Aldridge. For some reason he thought it would be a smart idea to print some home pictures at the local Wal-Mart. Well lo and behold some pics of little Jamie breastfeeding baby Maddie have leaked out...well duh!?! Ever heard of a home printer? I mean really, you can easily afford it. Use it. Remember that next time Casey okay? Thanks.

    And the second WTF gem comes from Latarian Milton, the 7 year old who stole his grandma's car for a joy ride back in April...yeah well he somehow did it again. Why the hell does his grandma leave the keys out? I mean really get a clue? You have one bad ass kid on your hands who has a strong love for Wal-Mart, haha. *update. the story was fake, Latarian did not strike again, but man that would have been funny*
And that my friends is all the crazy happenin around Hollywood...whew.

happy tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekends are not meant for allergies.

As you can tell by the title the allergy gods shined the curses upon me and I suffered all weekend long. Gah. But I still made it through....barely...

Friday: Sadly I did not see Ryan Gosling. Even after forfeiting my lunch break to eat and read inside and look outside the lobby window, Ryan decided to not walk his dog...damn. I guess I shouldn't look for him any more and if I'm meant to see him, I will. Nonetheless I was still bummed so I watched some Notebook clips online to feel better (don't judge, haha). After work I headed home to hang with Matt for a bit then before I knew it I was off again for my coworker, Kimmy's birthday at the new Hollywood hotspot Kress. It was a pretty good time. Dinner was sushi for me and lots of tasty Japanese themed stuff for everyone else and plenty of drinks for the birthday girl:
my phenomenal sushi, mmmmmmmm

the birthday girl with her drinks

After dinner we headed downstairs to the club part and danced the night away. It's a good thing wine hides allergies and sneeziness because man I don't know how else I would have survived the night, haha.
All the ladiessssss

caught a little off guard, haha

oh what a good time

All in all a fun night but man was I ready to fall asleep by the time I got home, oh sweet bed I love you.

Saturday: After sleeping in (thank god for allergy meds), Matt and I got up, watched some college football and ate breakfast, twas lovely. After a while we ran some errands a la our parent's houses. Afterwards my allergies officially decided to wage war against me and give me the worst headache ever. So a nap was officially in order and I didn't wake up for four hours, so that was nice. Matt came over to get me and we headed over to his brother's girlfriend's parent's (MBGP) house to watch some football and celebrate a birthday. All in all a great night, minus the watery eyes, itchy eyes, sneeziness and freaking fatigue, oy. It ended up being a pretty tame night and I went to bed fairly early and was just full on lame, but I definitely needed it.

Sunday: After and allergy med induced sleep I woke up feeling much better and did some dilly dallying around the place while Matt went to MBGP's house for some pro football and birthdayness. Basically another lazy day, I did another 6 mile walk with my mom and met up with Matt at MBGP's house for dinner and cake, and finally came home to catch the end of the Emmy's (oh yes my thoughts on those winners and outfits manana).

All in all my kind of lazy weekend and just what I needed after such a busy week and ridiculous allergies that just won't leave me alone. Hopefully this week will be a wee bit better....fingers crossed.

And how was your weekend? Sneeze free I hope :)

happy monday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday funbits.

So remember how happy I was when I got my business cards way back when? Yeah well I feel almost ten times cooler now that I'm out of them! I am out of business cards! I don't know exactly I had to begin with, but I feel so cool knowing that I've given out that many cards, so very grown up of me, wahoo.

I officially finished A Million Little Pieces and I am slightly torn. I heard so many great reviews about it and don't get me wrong, I did like it, but I'm not sure that I absolutely loved it. Yes it was heart wrenching and emotional and crazy to read, but I don't know that I'll read it again. However I definitely want to read about Leonard in My Friend Leonard so I'll let you know how that one goes.

My coworker saw Ryan Gosling walking past my job...AGAIN. Same time he walked by the day before and he was strolling on the street with friends and mohawked dog in tow. I know I keep talking about him, but really I can't help it knowing he's been within my proximity twice in TWO days! Yes I feel it...today, today I will meet him. And I will praise his work on MMC and I will pretend I'm not allergic to dogs and ask to pet his mohawked friend. Seriously, today has to be the day....please?

Josh Kelley is coming out with another CD, To Remember, September 23rd. Seriously I love Josh's music. It's lovely and I have it all. And his newest single "Under the Covers" is pretty Joshtastic (haha yes I'm lame). But really Josh....three CDs in one year? You are straining my wallet man. That doesn't mean I won't be at Target September 23rd picking it up though, right after work I am so there.

I saw this link on Jamie's tweet yesterday and I am so glad I checked it out. I'm always amused with the witty political humor. My fave is from Michelle "Baby, don't forget to pick up eggs on your way back from the Middle East." Haha, classic.

Fringe is growing on me. Even though this week's episode was freaky as hell I definitely liked it better than the season opener. It doesn't hurt that Josh has plenty of screen time and there is some humor here and there too. So yeah people, start watching Fringe and we can chat about it.

Other than all of that funness, I have a busyish but not so busy weekend ahead again and I sort of love it. Playing it on a whim...sort of....and seeing what happens is just what the weekend doctor ordered for me.

Any weekend plans for you?

happy weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have a confession.

I'm a sucker for a celebrity run in. It shouldn't come as a surprise though. I love seeing celebrities anywhere and everywhere (examples here, here, here, here and here in case you needed reminding) or anything celebrity related as exhibited by my constant Hollywood posts.

So it comes as no surprise that my coworkers make sure to tell me whenever they see celebs out and about at lunch time. So far I have missed seeing Mandy Moore, Josh Kelley, Katherine Heigl, Keifier Sutherland and most recently Ryan Gosling. Now I love Mandy, she is one of my faves around so I was pretty jealous of that sighting. And Josh and Katherine....ummmmyeslovethemboth but I have met him after one of his concerts so I was okay with that one. And Keifer, yeah that's just a sweet run in even if he isn't one of my faves.

But Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling. My coworkers saw him at lunch last week and apparently he has been known to walk past our office in the past and I missed him. Gah. And to add icing to the cake, I came back from lunch yesterday to an IM from my coworker saying "you just missed Ryan Gosling." asflajslfjldjgslgj! Seriously!?! Seriously? By ten freaking minutes I missed him! I ran outside and looked up and down the street sadly to no avail. No Ryan. I swear I am never leaving my desk again.

But why do I care you ask? He isn't Keanu or Josh or Craig? But still, it's Ryan! I have liked him ever since his days on the New Mickey Mouse Club...not even joking I made my parents get Disney simply so I could watch MMC.

Ah love.

And then after the Notebook, how could I not like him!?! And as I have posted in the past, he just seems like such a nice guy! And apparently he has a dog with a mohawk so that gives him even more cool points. And he's dating Rachel again...so keep on adding the cool points, for reals.

I don't really know what I would say to him if I do finally see him besides "hi" and "I loved you in MMC" and "you're awesome" but that's neither here nor there, I just want to see him. Is that too much to ask? Negatory. So Ryan if you're reading this, I just want to say "hi" and see this infamous mohawked dog so walk slower okay? Sweet, thanks.

In other celeb news that makes me all happy inside....the preview for Kate and Leo's new movie has hit the web (check it out here). Revolutionary Road looks a lot more dramatic and has a lot less water than Titanic and hopefully will do just as well. I just love Kate and Leo together...obviously...and a new movie with them is just what the Hollywood Doctor ordered, wahoo.

[insert Matt shaking his head and simply laughing at his Hollywood obsessed GF, haha]

happy thursday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reading really is for winners.

I'm not even kidding. Since I've somehow rediscovered my love of reading lately, I just can't stop. Every day at lunch I'm with a book. Every night before I go to bed, I'm with a book. When my computer is getting fixed and I really can't do anything else...I have my book. And you know what? It makes me happy.

Not only that, it makes me feel just a wee bit smarter. I feel like all those brain cells I lose when I watch crap like the Hills and Greek and Top Model all come trickling back when I decide to sit down and read a bit.

Last year I'm pretty sure I read two books (maybe three) and one, Wicked, took me about eight months to finally finish because I kept getting so distracted and disengaged with the story (compared to my undying love for the musical). After the struggle I had reading Wicked I was pretty convinced I wouldn't really love reading again, but luckily I've been wrong. Ever since I finished reading Wicked in March I have read ten more books. Now I know for some people that doesn't seem like a whole lot, but for me it's a ton and I love it. I feel like I am finally reading those books my friends talked about but I could only give my two cents on the movie versions (The Devil Wears Prada, The Nanny Diaries, The Notebook) and actually enjoying books my even my mom reads (the Stephanie Plum novels...I'm up to number four). It's a great feeling actually and I sort of love it.

Especially now when my shows are starting to make their way back (and don't get me wrong, I can't wait), it's nice to be able to take time out of my work day and time before bed to do some reading. Right now I'm reading A Million Little Pieces and I can barely put it down. Although I was mildly intimated at first by the weird grammar and length, overall I am definitely a fan. And apparently I have to go pick up My Friend Leonard next because it's just as good as this one. However I already have Lovely Bones and The Secret Life of Bees waiting for me at home (oh the joys of a library a block and a half away, haha) so we'll see when I can read that one.

Anyhoo, this post really doesn't have a point besides the fact that I'm reading again and it's fun and I sort of love it. Yes I know I'm a big dork and watch too much TV and read almost as much these days, but it's quite alright because I am happy dangit.

Anything making you guys happy these days? And any books I should be adding to my ever growing list? :)

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Holly to the wood news.

Oh Hollywood have you got some good stuff for me today....
  • Violet oh Violet my most favorite celebrity tot visited her newly bearded and long haired pop on the set of his new movie, Extract, and looked mighty cute doing it. I'm just surprised she didn't scream "stranger!" or something by the way Ben looks, I mean it's slightly scary, haha:

  • In other bebe news (because really can I talk about just one bebe?) Is little Pete Schreiber not the cutest little thing? Seriously he is precious. I hope baby numero dos is just as precious:

  • Today's music news comes courtesy of the one and only Britney Spears who has announced that her newest CD will be hitting stores on her birthday, December 2nd. Now if you recall last year when Brit was in her crazy phase and I stopped talking about her, however Brit Brit has proven herself recently and I am happy to report on the non-crazy news. And hopefully her new CD will have some great hits that will actually be worthy of winning moon men as opposed to random crap no one has heard....just sayin :)

  • Speaking of music did you hear that the one show that still plays music on MTV, TRL, is being cut after 10 years on TV? I didn't even realize it was still popular so I guess it makes sense that it's ending. But hey at least I can say I was in the audience once when Mr. Mariah Carey (aka Nick Cannon) hosted and it was pretty sweet. So long TRL...MTV may have to change it's name now since it will no longer play videos at all, so sad.

  • And in movie news, I was perusing the Apple Trailer website (aka one of my favorite sites ever) and came across some gems that are hitting the big screen soon. One of the most promising movies coming out soon is The Lucky Ones, featuring Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Pena. It's about three army vets who unexpectedly ride across America together in one hell of a trip. Now I know that isn't much of a description so just watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

    Now for the not so promising but oh so entertaining movie that I may just have to watch even though I can guarantee it's horribleness....Fast and Furious. Oh yes you read that right, numero four in the Fast and Furious series but it's bringing back all of the originals, Paul Walker (yum), Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster (aka all people who haven't really had a hit movie since the first one, haha). I can't really tell what the movie is about but who cares? It's got cars for Matt to enjoy and Paul Walker for me to oggle, haha.

  • Aaaaand moving on to more important things....the Hills. alsfjklfjkldjd Spencer. Could he be a bigger dbag? I mean really, how is Heidi not at all embarrassed? And Holly? Oh Holly...you make Stephanie look like Merryl Streep, you are a horrible actress, seriously. And Audrina it's time to get over Justin Bobby....for reals....he may look better with his short hair but still he's just not cool. Lo...stop looking so dang awkward every time you go out okay? You used to be cool and you really need to embrace that coolness again. And Lauren and Heidi stop acting like you miss each other and then go on to diss each other to various magazines and radio stations and taking overly staged pictures every where you go to display your fakery (cough cough Heidi cough Spencer cough...ooooooh I'm gagging).

  • Today's WTF story is actually kind of funny. Someone randomly left a couch on the sidewalk (which is apparently some sort of epidemic in LA) in North Hollywood over the weekend. However, the couch acted as a cushion (literally) for a car that got into an accident....here I can't explain just check out the picture and read the story here:

    Talk about a lucky break, haha.
And that's all I got today folks.

happy tuesday!