Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I heart long weekends.

Oh my what a weekend. I mean really, is it Friday yet? Because I could use another weekend after this one.

Friday: As I posted on Friday I got out at 3 (glorious), I mean I think we should get out at 3 every Friday, it's just so nice. Anyhoodles, so after leaving work early I ran some errands, got some birthday presents and went back to my apartment for a well deserved nap. I mean, I don't even remember the last time I had such a great nap, it was amazing. And instead of going to a happy hour (which was probably a smart decision for my liver) I waited for Matt to get home and my cousins to come over and we all headed out to dinner.

boys on one side

girls on the other :)

we wear our sunglasses at night, haha

So yeah dinner was a lot of fun, delicious food and fabulous company. Afterwards my cousins came back to our place (man I love saying that) to hang out and smoke some hookah and have some drinks, all in all a fabulous evening.

Saturday: I was so productive on Saturday it's amazing. I deserve a pat on the back, or two for my hard work. I spent the morning organizing stuff in the apartment and running more errands a la the library, Target, Cost Plus, my parent's house and then some. I was a productive machine, haha. After all that hoopla I finally came back to the apartment to relax a wee bit before I headed over to Glendora to go to my friend's BBQ. Sadly I didn't take any pics there because she has one super cute kid and I love taking pictures of him but I think I was just too hot to think about it. After a couple hours at the BBQ I headed back home to get ready for my Uncle's 50th birthday party. Matt and I got all Mardi Gras ready and headed over to the party which was actually really really fun....and I have pictures to prove it of course:

cute cousins!

me and Matt embracing the Mardi Gras

all the nieces with my aunt

all the girl cousins

my sister and her bf, oh crazy kids

my mom and her siblings

my aunts getting into the chocolate fountain, haha

posing with the birthday boy

All in all it was a great party with lots of tasty food, delicious hurricane drinks, and laughs all around. It's always a good time when my family gets together, gotta love it.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!: Woke up to another day of apartment productivity and organizing, it was awesome. Later Matt and I went back to Cost Plus, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond (seriously the people there must know me by now) to do some more shopping for the apartment. And before we knew it, it was time to get ready for Wicked! Matt, being the best boyfriend ever that he is, knew that I wanted to see it one more time before it leaves the Pantages this winter and got us tickets to Sunday's night show.

me and Matt in the Pantages lobby

Now I will be honest and say it wasn't my favorite performance of Wicked, but it was still amazing. I thought that some of the new casting wasn't as great at the people that performed last year but whatever, I still loved it, obviously. Afterwards we spent a lovely evening at home hanging out and watching a movie, just my kind of night.

Monday: Yesterday was spent hanging out at Matt's mom's house visiting with his cousin who's in town from Chicago, utilizing the free laundry oppertunity at his mom's house and watching some football highlights. I also made it over to my friend Megan's house for a mini BBQ and swimming, it was lovely. After I left there Matt and I just worked on decorating the apartment and getting stuff done. Oh and since I owe you pictures of the place, here are two to hold you over:
the fridge is missing a bottom shelf so
haven't really shopped yet, haha
and no we aren't secretly living in a frat house

all of our movies in their shining glory,
I love it, LOVE it

So that was my weekend. Hopefully this week Matt and I will finish getting everything up in the apartment and get some real grocery shopping done, haha. I can't wait.

And also, a very special happy birthday to two of my favoritest people today, my dad and.....Keanu Reeves! Woo! Hope you both have magnificently wonderous days :)

pps. don't forget to enter the NKOTB giveaway! I already have the new CD and it's pretty catchy, but then again I am clearly biased, haha. :)

happy tuesday!


surviving myself said...

I think you need more movies.

Shelley said...

Hah. Love the movie display. Completely awesome. Sounds like a great weekend!

Sarah Marie said...

Awww... Happy bday to your dad! Your dvds look really cool! Cant wait to see more apt pictures! The Mardi Gras party looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Your DVD arrangement is amazing! Wow! :)

Grits said...

Looks like y'all had tons of fun! Yay for long weekends! :-)

dmb5_libra said...

my friends and i totally wore our sunglasses at night during the labor day weekend :)

and we might have broken out into song while doing it. i did the percussion....and by percussion i mean, banging my hand on the table with no discernable beat.

good times. looks like you had fun!

a little bird said...


CurlySue said...

My gosh! How did you have time to even breathe?! My weekend was relaxing. I did hardly anything. I spent a lot of time online actually and updated my site :) Still have more to do.

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

your weekend totally looks like a blast.

i find whenever i see a performance with a different cast, i never like it quite as much. i think it's because i expect the characters to be the EXACT same, and am totally thrown off if they have a different voice/hair color, etc.

Amanda. said...

The Mardi Gras theme
is GREAT. I love that.
The masks...how festive!

Wicked...he really is
a great boyfriend.
Too bad it wasn't as fabulous
as some of the other
performances...but hey...
you still got to see it again!

The movie display...
amazing. I love how
you two did that.


Auburn Kat said...

You really have the most exciting weekends!! Happy bday to your dad! Love the glasses in that picture of him and you=)

Amanda. said...

And Happy Birthday to
your dad...and Keanu!

Dana said...

i HEART long weekends too... and i wish i lived closer to you - yoiu always look like you have GREAT weekends!

wishcake said...

What a great update! Sounds like your weekend was just perfect.

1. I tried to smoke hookah once and it totally didn't work out. I looked like I was a little kid trying to smoke, or something. Ah, well!

2. I'm so jealous you saw Wicked again! Ahhhh! I've wanted to see it forever. Perhaps someday. Oh, and I love the dress you wore; you look absolutely gorgeous!

3. "No we aren't secretly living in a frat house." Hahaha! You are too funny.

rs27 said...

People still go to the library?

Princess Pointful said...

You and your sis look so much alike!

I'm sad to say I saw Street Kings with your beloved Keanu in it this weekend, and it was utter shite :(

the sits girls said...

We think you had way too much fun this weekend! Loved the mardi gras photos the best.

Too bad not every weekend can be a long one (and as fun) as this one was!

Lacey Bean said...

Holy movies batman! I thought I had a lot of movies, but I think yours are just more prominently displayed.

kay* said...

you totally deserve another weekend! and my gosh - you were the cutest baby!!! so adorable.

oh, and in typical me fashion - keanu is canadian.lol.

and more apartment pics please! when you're comfortable of course...

Dolce said...

No fridge is complete with out beer! Looks like you had an AMAZING weekend! I'm ready for Friday again too!

Alexa said...

if we lived in the same city i swear we would be best friends.

have i told you lately how damn cute matt is?!

Julie said...

Is that Blue Moon in your fridge?
If it is... do you drink it with a slice of Orange??

I do. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

WOW. what a fabulous weekend! i LOVE how set up your movies in your apartment! also: chocolate fountain?!?! SO JEALOUS.