Friday, September 12, 2008

I should be a professional letter writer.

Dear Joshua,

So I watched your new show Fringe and I'm still on the fence about it (is that the right phrase? I have no idea). The first half hour was sort of weird and ew and over dramatic, but the last hour was sort of intriguing. Your character was so you and basically a smarter Pacey and I sort of loved it. And it's totally obvious you're going to hook up with whatsherface, so let's hope Diane is okay with that. In a nutshell, Yes I will be watching it again next week. Matt may object but oh well, I like some sci-fi weirdness in my TV mix.

The Pacey Whitter fan club

Dear Ty Ty,

You are a crazy bitch and I love you for it. You manage to interject a personal story of you into every episode of Top Model and you have somehow managed to make the opening to the show all about you. Nonetheless I still love the show. I love that Hannah is some innocent girl from Alaska that is just so "misunderstood" but really is just ignorant. And I love that Sheena is a fabulous hooch, man I hope she wins it all but I doubt she will, she can't contain that hoochieness. And I love that you put Isis in the bottom two becuase we all know she isn't going home yet, so stop with that sort of drama okay? Sweet, thanks. Other than that I am loving this season so far and all I ask is that Paulina get a different hair stylist and that we see more Nigel, we could always use more Nigel. Sweet, thanks.

Team Sheena

Dear 401K guys,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You brought us doughnuts at work yesterday and you seriously acted as gods from the heavens of sweets reigning down on me. I seriously tweeted how I wanted a doughnut three days ago and the craving did not cease and now I am happy again. So thank you for those 5,000 calories and the endless supply of happiness.

The girl with sprinkle crumbs on her desk

Dear Fruity Mentos,

Stop tasting so good.

Katelin's teeth

Dear New Kids on the Block,

I know I keep talking about you on my blog and I know I don't have tickets to your concert but really could you just come to me and perform? Just one song. "Step by Step", it's all I have to hear to be happy. Can't you just make an exception and dance in my apartment or something? Or the conference room at my job? We have space. But really, congrats on the number two Billboard are superb.

The girl Jordan met in the airport who's a super fan, yeah that one

Dear Dodgers,

Stop giving me mini heart attacks. I mean really? Can't you just win the rest of the season and take first? And seriously you all need to step up, Ethier is practically carrying this team, help a guy out okay? And no more losing to the Padres, it's embarrassing. Got it? Thanks.

That girl screaming at her TV wearing the royal blue

The fabulous Eight Great,

I miss you. It's sort of ridiculous how much I miss you. I wish we could all be in walking distance of each other again and have dance parties on furniture and brunch chats about our ridiculous nights. But alas that's pretty near impossible these days so our cross country meetups will definitely suffice. Although we can't all be there next month I'm still so excited to head back to the grand ole stomping grounds of Cbus. It will be fabulous and I cannot wait! Wahoo!

Shady Katie

Dear boyfriend,

Sorry I made you watch Top Model and Fringe with me. And I'm apologizing now for the rest of the crap television I watch that you may or may not watch with me. Just so you know :)

The girlfriend with the best taste in TV ever

Dear OSU fans,

Fight on!

A Trojan girl at heart

Dear apartment,

Finish decorating yourself okay? Sound good. Oh and while you're at it can you please take out the trash, do the dishes and vacuum the bedroom. Oh and we have some laundry you could do too. Oh and before I forget, you really need to stop letting bugs in okay? It's just gross.

Sound like a plan? Sweet. Okay.

Katelin and Matt

Hey Friday,

You got here just in time. I love how you do that.
Thanks for being awesome.

A girl who needs her weekend

happy weekend all!


Alexa said...

dear katelin ::

you're hired.


the professional letter writers society

Bogart in P Towne said...

Matt is a champ for watching those shows with you!

A champ I say...a champ.

daddy dan said...

You are too cute!

Go Dodgers and Trojans!

BTW, I'm going to post your interview on Monday morning!

kay* said...

i LOVE your letter posts :o) always so funny! and i too love top model...11 seasons in and i still make it a priority to be in front of the television at 7:59 pm on wednesdays....

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

do me a favor? add starburst on the letter addressed to mentos? i'm pretty sure they are individually wrapped because you aren't supposed to eat them all in the matter of minutes. you know there is a problem when you are getting mad at the wrappers for being so damn finicky.

Chris said...

Yes letters! Um, and I missed Fringe. I KNOW. I'm ashamed to claim to be obsessed with Josh.

rs27 said...

Why is there no Dunkin Donuts in LA?

i want a donut really bad.

brookem said...

hehe, i like your letters. agree about tyra. so so on fringe, but you already knew that.

happy weekend!

Sarah Marie said...

Happy Friday! Yay I love the donuts with colored sprinkles! Those are the only ones I eat! And of course I make my hub watch Top Model!

Anonymous said...

Donuts with sprinkles---mmmmm! This weekend will be filled with happy times with David. I finally posted our first date and it took forever to finish! I think I will cook for him tonight ;) Have a lovely weekend!

Amanda. said...

Your letters are always

I missed Fringe...but I
did DVR is...and can't
wait to see former
Pacey Witter in action.

Allison M. said...

I love how you call Tyra out. It's always about her and you better recognize that, biatch.

Blicious said...

hilarious! i did a "dear Josh" post too! :)

Hillary said...

I love letter posts!

I make my fella watch Top Model with me every week. He complains but I know it's just for show - he secretly loves it.

Have a nice weekend!

Mike said...

Funny stuff from a So Cal fan. Looks like your breaking in your boyfriend just the way you want him... God help us.

A Dad

Dana said...

love fruit mentos....

and also feel bad i make my bf watch the BEST(horrible) TV!!

Kingshuk said...

Excellent letters..write one to me as well!

BECK said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you

Phil said...

You are so cute! Are you a Project Runway fan as well? I love that show, even no matter how much some of the designers can be annoying, the show remains awesome.

Chicago Girl said...

some people say more cowbell but its all about more nigel!

Renee said...

Is that Virginia from Virginia is for Lovers in your pic? What happened to her blog? She was one of my very first favorites!!

Auburn Kat said...

I love those letters!!!

Vanessa said...

These letters are cracking me up! Thanks for the laughs.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

How about a letter to my scale to please be reduced 5 pounds when I stand on it?

Julie Q said...

Sheena and Strawberry Mentos = two things I ALSO love on this list :) hope your weekend was good!

Sara Jane said...

I love Nigel. I'm sad about how little we've seen him this season.

Love your letters!

Bayjb said...

Dude seriously I would follow any letter writing campaign that you start. ITA on Fringe. I like it and it was awesome in HD but I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Grits said...

Loves it!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Can you come and write a few letters for me?


Jen said...

I have tivo'd Fringe but can't force myself to watch it. Not even for Pacey. Maybe I'll reconsider.