Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Hills have drama.

Okay so I have already admitted my guilty pleasure on MTV, also know as The Hills, so no harm in talking about it again. I love it, I can't help it. I've been a fan of that crap since Laguna Beach first came on. My friends and I even had Laguna Beach watching parties, Monday nights, my place, margaritas (on occasion), it was amazing. I can't explain why we like it or why we watch it, we just do. So with that being said, The Hills season three is almost upon us (it starts Monday night) and I can barely hold my excitement, it's going to be horribly amazing! The drama leading up to this has been a lot of hype (but also pretty superb). Anyhoo, I just came across pics from the premiere party for The Hills and thought I'd share:

Lauren and Audrina ( I LOVE their dresses):

And LO! She's back! A Laguna alum and one of Lauren's friends apparently has a bigger presence this season, yessss, she's great (and I love her dress too!):

And there were more pics of Heidi and Spencer (gag) and Jason (yawn), but sadly none of Whitney, one of my faves as well.

Well that's all I got on these crazy kids, I just want to know who buys their clothes, because they're fabulous.


alana said...

Hahaha I try not to admit this often, but I love The Hills as well! Also, Lo! I've tried to pretend I'm not incredibly excited for the season three premiere, but who am I kidding? I've even marked it down in my iCal. Pathetic!