Monday, August 13, 2007

My "100 list."

So after reading numerous blogs and most recently this one, I have been compelled to compile my "100 list." Basically I just list 100 things about me or my life or whatever the heck I want, just for kicks. It serves no real purpose, but I think it's kind of fun, so here goes, enjoy:

1. I have lived in Pasadena my whole life (so have my parents).

2. But sometimes I fantasize about moving away (but know I won't).

3. When we were younger my sister and I fought all the time, now that we're older it doesn't happen as much (and it makes me very happy).

4. I'm 23 (and really want to be 25).

5. I can't do a cartwheel (despite many years of trying).

6. I'm tall (but have no hops, haha).

7. My best friend became my boyfriend (and it was one of the best things to ever happen to me).

8. I love(d) New Kids on the Block (Jordan 4 eva).

9. I also love Craig David (he was NKOTB, round 2).

10. All of my friends are scattered across the country and I miss them (thank god for email).

11. Spiders are the bane of my existence (I'm not kidding).

12. Actually the mail meter at my job is the bane of my existence (it sucks).

13. I like pretending songs are written especially for me (even though I know they aren't).

14. I loved high school (especially freshmen year, crazy I know).

15. But I loved college more (all of it).

16. And I went to college in Ohio (which was awesome, despite what many may think).

17. I was a DJ in college (and it was amazing).

18. I also did Gospel Choir (even though I never ever sing, especially in public, thank goodness for people with better, louder voices than mine, but I loved all of it).

19. I can never turn down free pizza (it's just so good).

20. Sometimes I have "blond moments" (okay, most times).

21. I love movies (I think they are the greatest thing ever).

22. One day I'll get paid to watch them and talk about them and even attend the Oscars ( it'll happen, I swear).

23. I'm addicted to Myspace and Facebook (I can't help it).

24. I know more about celebrities than I know about some of my friends (okay that may be an exaggeration, but I do know a lot).

25. As much as they drive me crazy, I still love my little brothers (and I'm not excited for the day when they're both taller than me and can beat me up, haha).

26. I love my curly hair (but sometimes wish it was straight).

27. I don't like politics (but CNN keeps me in the know when I need to).

28. I don't think I'll ever feel 'grown up' (I'll just act the part).

29. Reading other people's blogs is a new addiction (okay, it's part of my job and an every day habit).

30. Putting songs on repeat makes me happy (and the people around me get annoyed, haha).

31. Whenever I go into bathrooms at someone's house, I always check the shower to make sure no one is in there (random, I know).

32. My cousin and I hid in a shower one (and scared the crap out of my dad).

33. I can't sleep with a closet door open (I'm a wuss, I know).

34. I make wishes on the time (11:11, 2:22, 3:33)

35. I wish on stars and in tunnels too (yes I wish a lot, I'm optimistic).

36. I started watching a lot of my favorite TV shows because of my parents (sometimes they're cooler than I give them credit for).

37. I love reading and poetry (and long walks on the beach).

38. I never liked cooking until I started doing it with my boyfriend (he makes it fun).

39. I thrive off of movie quotes, inside jokes, and nicknames (they all make me laugh).

40. My younger sister and brother are both much smarter at Math than I am (I've come to accept this).

41. The three days I spent in Berlin are in my top five of most amazing experiences ever (and I will never forget it).

42. I'm obsessed with putting my pictures in photo albums (in hopes that my children will look at them one day and think I was uber cool).

43. Sometimes I am too forgiving or too nice (but I can't help it).

44. I rarely wear make up (unless chapstick counts, because that's on every day).

45. My camera is always with me, I love it (you never know when you're going to need it).

46. I wore flip flops in the snow once (probably not the smartest idea I've had).

47. I even ran barefoot once (definitely not the smartest idea I've had).

48. I never had a fake ID (it wouldn't have worked anyways, I will always look like I'm 16).

49. I have seen the movie Speed more times than I can count (and I didn't even want to see it the first time).

50. My mom is white, My dad is black, and I love it (love it.)

Okay so I got halfway, haha. My "100 list" is now my "50 list", pish posh. I'll just have to do the Part II soon. For now, I think 50 is good, heck I don't even know who's going to read all 50 anyways, but if you did, woo and hope you were amused, I was.


Kiki said...

51) I ate a pita with mold on it.

I read all 50!! :)

Charisma said...

I read all 50 as well and wanted more!! said...

if you figure out how to get in on the Oscars ceremony, please let me know? I'm so serious. I have a Oscars-ritual that I do every year - and hell to the person who interrupts.

i also absolutely can't sleep if the closet door is open! why can't we grow past that silly pseudo-fear?