Friday, January 11, 2008

To love or dislike, that is the question.

Love: No one died on Grey's last night.
Very strongly dislike: The freaking Writer's Strike for making it the last episode until whenever. And Shonda for writing Joshua Jackson's character out of the episode and crushing my dreams and hopes of him returning to television. Gah.

Love: Jen called me before Grey's even started so I knew Josh wouldn't be on it.
Very strongly dislike: Joshua Jackson wasn't on Greys's. I'm still devastated.

Love: I saw a sneak preview of a new movie last night at the Fox Studio lot.
Strongly dislike: It took me an hour and a half to get home, damn traffic.

Love: My little Elantra.
Very strongly dislike: Big cars and fancy schmancy cars that try and muscle me off the road. Just because you're bigger or cost more doesn't mean you can cut me off!

Love: My coworkers hanging out in my office area this morning, they're some funny people.
Strongly dislike: That they're all hanging out because we have a rat problem! Ew. Ack. Gag. Splinter go away!

Love: Singing and dancing to Britney on the way to work today.
Dislike: Britney is a crazy b*tch.

Love: Going to CityWalk with Matt tonight! Eeee.
Dislike: Ten hours to go.

Love love love: It's almost the weekend! Happy weekend!

**pps. apparently it's national delurking delurk away...tell me what you love love love or so very strongly dislike ***


B said...

Dude, I completely forgot Joshua was supposed to be on Grey's. Definitely NOT digging this is the last ep till.. forever? Or something close to that. I NEED GREY'S. *ahem*

Likes: New [good] music. Any kind, really. I love almost every genre.
Dislikes: Mean, angry, hateful thrasher "music." Go away with your emo self. Blech.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in the valley, I used to go to CityWalk all the time, even before they charged you to park or enter there! Ahh, those were the days.

Likes: It's Friday! Woohoo!
Dislikes: It's still too cold to go to the beach. Boo.

Lisa said...

Rats? YIKES!

And I also love Britney. She's great!

Maxie said...

dislikes: I'm so broke right now.
likes: I get paid in like 4 days! yay!!!

dislikes: the way grey's is headed... I want my old show back!
likes: Christina showing her softer side :-)

Virginia said...

A rat problem?! SICK!!!

And I am so disappointed with Grey's. I don't know if I can watch it anymore, especially if we have to go through another Mer/Der breakup. Ughhhhh!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Renee said...

Love love love the Ninja Turtles reference! Splinter! Ah!

Love: Peach pie
Very strongly dislike: Peach pie that just won't finish baking for some reason!!

LBIC said...

Ok, so I've never really watched Grey's except for last night and I actually liked it. Sort of. Maybe it's because I haven't watched it forever but Meredith was kind of annoying.

Anyways, have a fabulous weekend!

Dolce said...

Grey's = disappointment. I'm pulling out my hair with the whole Der/Mer thing. I like Rose, I REALLY like her and hope Derrick falls madly in love with her. And Mer moves on.

Susie said...

Like: That I have nothing huge to do this weekend and can relax, watch the Patriots, and be happy.

Dislike: I majorly slacked on my freelance work this week and am going to have to do some major catching up this weekend.

ANA said...

I totally skipped reading your post today, I have Grey's on the DVR that I have to get to....
have a great weekend

Nanette said...

Not a lurker, but leaving comment love anyway!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I am really happy you like your coworkers. I love that for you. lol. And i'm jealous you're going to CityWalk, I'm not in CA right now and all I want to do is go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and then look at that crazy magnet store.

Becka Robinson said...

4 cheese pizza

post 4 cheese pizza water weight


B2G said...

It is not okay that they cut Josh's part out of Grey's. NOT OKAY.

Larissa said...

Hey, chica.

Love Chipotle burritos. Yummay.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but love for you my blogger friend! Today's post was in a brilliant format! =)

longredcape said...

Love: The fact that in about a week I'll have brand new floors in my den!

Very Strongly Dislike: The fact that it is a MESS in there right now because we pulled the old floor up and it smells like mildew :(

Andréa said...

Happy De Lurking week. My favorite freader!

rachel elizabeth said...

awww, i *just* did this on my blog friday too... and i swear, i've never been on your blog before now... :o) coincidence? possibly. unless, that's miss andrea from big fat italian life above me... hm.

and booo for josh not being on greys. so depressing. i need my pacey fix.

happy delurking week!!! :o)


molly said...

ive been dancing around to britney wayy too much for my own good


Angela said...

Right now I'm totally hating all of the house projects that we have to get finished. It's the least fun thing I think I could be doing with my weekend.

nicole antoinette said...

I *love* CityWalk! So many good restaurants!

And grrr re: Grey's Anatomy.

Julie Q said...

omg britney is NOT crazy. she's just crafty- i mean.. who else would rock her wedding dress to go car shopping. someone who's perfectly sane. thats who

So@24 said...

I've always wanted to go to City Walk, but have never been motivated. Any suggestions of places to eat that will convince me to make the trek?

Anonymous said...

hi! first time commenter here:

hate: that i apparently missed a new episode of greys!!

Michelle and the City said...

i was VERY bummed about joshua jackson :(

and happy belated national delurking week!

glamour girly said...

No new Grey's Anatomy is making me sad :(.

No new Private Practice is also making me sad =(

Love: Working at a job that occasionally allows me to work at home and be very flexible with my hours as well as not really have a boss.
Strongly dislike: The fact that I am getting a new boss Feb. 1, and I don't know if this flexibility will last.