Thursday, March 13, 2008

Around the web...and such.

  • My coworker posted this little diddy of a game and I can't help playing it, so far my best is 72 countries, I am determined to know more by the end of the day!
  • Spencer Pratt also know as "le douchebag of the year" has himself a new gig. Not only will we get to see him in all his doucheness on the Hills (coming back on the 24th, woot!) but apparently Radar magazine editors have been hopped up on some serious drugs lately because they gave him his own advice column!?!! Um explain to me people how this dbag is qualified to answer people's questions. Unless the questions are like "how do you make a quality music video?" or "how do I convince my girlfriend to get a boob job?", haha. Oh Spence, you really are too much for words.
  • Need to win over that little Spanish rose down the street? Well check out this video that shows you just how to do that, haha.
  • The final Harry Potter book will be turned into two movies (I hear money clinking), to come out in 2010. Although I haven't read the books I hear that the final one is just full of too much stuff to slim down, so two movies it is. Hey I'm not complaining, I love the movies. I just hope that Harry and co. don't look 25 by the time the movies are done, haha. Dawson's Creek what?
  • Top Model. Oh Top Model how I hear thee. Although last night's episode was a little grotesque. I'm too lazy to do a real summary so I direct you to Jamie because I pretty much agree with everything she said. Except Lauren is annoying to me (she's like the new Heather) and I'm glad Jaslene called her out, it was pretty damn funny. And Claire is my homegirl, heart her.
  • Speaking of TV, apparently a new spinoff of 90210 is being shopped around the CW. Um. I never watched 90210 but I don't know how I'd feel about a spinoff. I feel like none of the originals would come back because they're either in hiding (Andrea, where are you?) or on Dancing with the Stars (oh Ian whatsyourface) or getting knocked up again (Tori, hi, I'm talking to you). But I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  • Probably one of the most effed up stories that was floating around yesterday was about a woman that didn't leave a toilet seat for two years, two years people. Ah. Ew. Gag. I'm just sick thinking about that. I won't go into full detail about the strangeness but you can check it out here. But seriously who does that?!?!
Well that's about all that's going on out there. But I do have one question...where have all the cute babies gone? Violet? Shiloh? Suri? Where are you?! My blog is running low on the baby cuteness. Come back! Anyhoo. To satisfy the cute baby needs, I present my friend's baby...because he's freaking adorable, enjoy:

happy thursday!


Anonymous said...

ooh cute babies yay!

And I am so torn on this 90210 spinoff thing. I love it so much I want more but I love it so much I want to preserve its original awesomeness

nicole antoinette said...

Omg the toilet story. I know right?! It's just so messed up. I can't wrap my mind around it. I get anxious even trying to wrap my mind around it.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on that game and then immediately retreated. That was just too much for me to think about. I would afraid I'd get to 8 and be stuck.

That toilet story? Oh holy jesus. Disgusting. And sad.

But 90210 coming back? Brills!

Anonymous said...

TWO YEARS?? And I can't believe her boyfriend said that time just flew by and he didn't realize how long it had been. I think they're both crazy.

tiff said...

the spinoff of 90210 is from the creator of Veronica Mars, and for that reason alone I'm stoked.

Lisa said...

That game is hard because I can't spell

Uruguay? Didn't that that. Or Chili or Chilli... ah, its Chile, isn't it? Or UAE (united arab emerates?), or new guinea. I just can't spell!

Dolce said...

btw...I was in Wichita last week, and I should have driven by her house and waved...Maybe she would have stood up to wave back. Just a thought.

JUST ME said...

I really hope and pray Spencer Pratt is just PRETENDING to be a big, giant dickface.

Because if he's REALLY like that, I guarantee he won't live long.

Tia said...

omg...i'm tentatively excited about the 90210 spinoff.

i'm not sure what to do about it. in between typing i'm actually nervously wringing my hands.

will it be good or bad????

Anonymous said...

I would say we should start some kind of movement to exile Spencer to Antartica or something but he would just love the publicity. He is such a slimy snake type guy.

longredcape said...

A 90210 spinoff?


I would totally watch if the originals came back.


Julie said...

I only got 46 on my first try...

But luckily I have the WHOLE afternoon!!


Unknown said...

two years. I wonder how many rolls of toilet paper she went through.

molly said...

soo cute

i played that game and got 39
damn...guess ive got some world travelling ahead of me!

ANA said...

I got 54 on my first try. Can't indulge in it right now, I have tons of reading to catch up on.

Oooh the baby is adorable. so, SO cute.

ANTM: Claire if my favorite too. and yes, why do they have to string along one such girl who is obviously not gonna make it to the top?

Maxie said...

So i tried that country thing, but I got really frustrated b/c they wouldn't take England! And then I gave up. haha