Thursday, November 8, 2007

I love love love it. (or strongly dislike it)

So I'm stealing this mini post idea from Janet over at Love is Blonde because it's just a simple way to get out some things you're here goes.

love: finding new blogs (making new blog friends) on Twenty Something Bloggers and other people's blogrolls.
strongly dislike: not having enough time to enjoy reading all of them.

love: that I finally got prescription allergy meds from the doctor (holler).
very strongly dislike: the fact that my insurance is crap and I would have to pay125$ for one month of Allegra (WTF?!) and 30$ for Nasonex (which I can handle).

love: my cousin is finally out of Iraq.
strongly dislike: that he'll still be in Germany and can't really afford to come home just yet.

love: the cooler Fall like weather.
strongly dislike: the massive amount of fog that causes people to drive like idiots.

love: that extra hour of sleep I got last Saturday.
strongly dislike: that it's pitch black by the time I leave work at 6:30, gah!

love: that Lisa kicked ass in Top Model last night.
strongly dislike: that I'm not cool enough to have DVR and missed the first half of the show, haha.

love: today's Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday and it's weekend time, wooot!


Susie said...

The 20somethings blogger site looks awesome. For some reason it won't let me register but hopefully I can figure it out. I didn't even know it existed!

DG said...

I love finding new blogs too! Speaking of, thanks for visiting me! :)

California Girl said...

Dark at 6:30? Honey, it's dark at 4:30! Not cool!

Valley Girl said...

I am with you on the first love! And that's awesome about your cousin! At least he/she's out of harm's way!

The Ex said...

If you intend to take Allegra, I'd recommend taking Claritin over the counter. The reason your insurance won't pay for it is because Claritin is available OTC.

It's messed up, I know but hey, that's healthcare in America for you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first too! Which is why I am adding you to my blogroll :]

Julie Q said...

yeah that does suck when you leave work and its pitch black! blarf..

Nanette said...

Great post!

Nanette said...

Oh, and sadly I'm too old for 20something bloggers. ;)

ANA said...

yay for new bloggie friends, you have been linked,and I will be stalking you :)

and tell me about it getting dark by 5, Hate it!!!

Unknown said...

Hey, fellow twenty something blogger! Take it from me, DVR is the single best investment you can make.

L Sass said...

So glad your cousin is out of Iraq. I'm sure it's frustrating for him to be stuck in Germany, but thank goodness he's out of harm's way!