Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You found me!

So I really don't have much to blog about besides the fact that I got the new Craig David CD *insert squeals of happiness* that my sister so graciously sent me (love her!), so I thought I'd use today to blog about what so many bloggers before me have did you find me? With the schnazzy pants feature of Google Analytics you can see what key words people search to find your blog and I finally have some good ones that I'd just like to share, so here goes:

footsteps in the sand - well apparently a lot of people have searched for this one in a variety of ways and luckily they stumbled onto my blog, hopefully they stayed.

achoo can't stop sneezing - I guess I'm not alone in my sneezing habits.

hot stuff - either they were looking for me or Craig David, well you found both you lucky person you.

moldy pita - oh ew. Why would you be looking for that??? Maybe you ate some too and lived to tell the tale...yes I really hope that's it.

my bunkbed broke - wow that had to suck.

painting pedro - oh did you buy some of his paintings? Please do tell me if they were everything you thought they'd be, haha.

pass drug test - well you sneaky person you, maybe that Myspace add really did help you pass a drug test.

put some new shoes on- ooooh you got shoes too? I love my shoes. Hopefully you love them too.

Well those are most of the good ones so far, hopefully people will keep typing in random searches and come across my blog, it makes for an interesting post indeed.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love the stalking-ness of Google. I have been putting together a great list of blog search terms to post in the near future. Loved reading yours!

Virginia said...

Oooh these are good ones. I do feel bad for the person whose bunk bed broke...that could have been disasterous. Hopefully they didn't ALSO eat the moldy pita! Oh sad.

Lisa said...

I love going through people's google search terms. They're always funny, for some reason.

P.S. I added you to my blogroll! I've been meaning to do it sooner, but the past week has been too strange - I just keep losing track of things.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, I love Craig David! What songs are your favourites?

Your post reminds me, I need to do some google-age of my own someday soon. Achoo!

Nanette said...

Hee, hee. I love checking out the Google searches that lead to my blog, too. Strange stuff, but then you realize that you must be writing strange stuff for those folks to be able to find you.

Anonymous said...

Hahah I get the best google searches. I love reading other people's too! I'm waiting to post an entry as well!

Michelle and the City said...

i love google analytics. love.

Julie Q said...

Moldy Pita? I'm jealous someone didn't find my blog by typing in that!!! Too funny

Becka Robinson said...

ha ha. I LOVE doing this too! The searches are always so random for mine.

DG said...

I recently had "I'm a neurotic overthinker". Yup, they came to the right place!

Dolce said...

OMG! I've never heard of Google Analytics until just now and had to immediately sign up!!! I've been missing out.

Dolce said...

Wait...I take it back. This is a little too high tech for me. I have a problem with reading the direction first.

Unnaturally Blonde said...

Searches are really funny sometimes. You never know what you will find. I found you from Alyndabear! Welcome to my blogroll :-)

Anonymous said...

hahaha! those are great terms!

so after i posted about the weird terms that have been used to find my blog .... they have only gotten odder (naturally). and i won't list them ALL here but:

- a ton about chicken wings on park benchs
- all in my ass (???????)
- eva longoria on diorshow mascara
- black boots and fishnets
- girl in brown boots fucked :(

and now you'll be getting them your way too!

Larissa said...

I just found moldy pita in my fridge! Not pleasant.

Fun post :)

Eyes As Windows said...

I never get good ones like you... what's your trick?!

haha, i'm gonna keep track now!