Sunday, November 25, 2007


In a word, my Thanksgiving was amazing. I love my family. There are just so many of us it's nearly impossible not to have someone to hang out with and have a good time. I went up to Aptos where my extended family (second cousins, cousins, relatives, a whole mish mash of people) had beach houses and condos from Wednesday until yesterday. In quick recap form there was food, drinks, board games, mini-golf, Margaritaville, music, family love, sunsets on the beach, downtown Santa Cruz, cute kids, turkey coloring contest, more cute kids, Guitar Hero, more games, more food and even more food and all in all lots of family. And of course I have some pics to share, enjoy!

Thanksgiving food line...yummmmy

Judging the many turkey submissions

Sunset on the beach

The siblings posing for Christmas on Thanksgiving...hmmmm

Most of the fam
(yes there are a lot of us)

Anyhoo. Hope you all had fabulous holidays. Can't wait to finally get to go read everyone's posts, I feel so out of the loop, haha. Ah gotta get back to work but I'll be back later to catch up and do some of those memes I was tagged for (don't worry I didn't forget!)

Have a lovely Monday! :)


L Sass said...

Your sibs are so cute!! Good genes!

Anonymous said...

I love Thanksgiving recap/photo posts! It looks like you had such a fun time- and that sunset? Gorgeous. Pictures like that are why I'm happy I live half the year in Southern California.

ANA said...

Yes there are a lot of you, and you all look fabulous...awesome pics.
Seems like a wonderful hearty thanksgiving, food, board games, guitar hero...ah man, I love guitar hero. You sure had a great weekend.

So@24 said...

Well? Who won the turkey contest!?

Thanks for keeping us hanging!

Larissa said...

Your family Thanksgiving looks so fun! Glad to hear you had a good weekend.

tiff said...

your family is like a Beneton ad. Beautiful!

Susie said...

Wow, your Thanksgiving looks fabulous...sure beats my 7 person Thanksgiving dinner. And I love how many families actually play board games together on holidays :)

Virginia said...

That looks so crazy awesome! And did you get all your hair chopped off?!?

Michelle and the City said...

wow your family is HUGE!
but i guess the plus to that is tons of food :)