Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My "100 list" Part Deux.

So when I said I'd do part two of my "100 list" soon I meant three months later, haha. Oh well. It's here now. And I feel like I definitely have more readers than I did three months ago anyways so now you can all enjoy the random, useless, and ridiculous odd things about me that I want to share...and go!

51. Courtesy of Kiki, I accidentally ate a pita with mold on it (and barely felt nauseous, haha).

52. I slept through the Northridge Earquake (I only woke up when my dad yanked me out of my bunk bed, ya that was fun).

53. I hate zucchini and mushrooms (ew. yuck. gag.).

54. I have been skydiving, it was awesome (and I can't wait to do it again).

55. But in no way do I ever want to bungee jump (no siree).

56. The first movie I ever cried in was Selena (don't even ask my why, because I do not know).

57. I enjoy being by myself sometimes (but I don't like being home alone).

58. Kevin Costner laughed at me in 6th grade (only because I was a starstruck teenager who didn't play soccer with his daughter).

59. I will always love Dawson's Creek (Team Pacey!).

60. I've been to 37 of the 50 states (and someday hope to see the last 13).

61. In college the only wine I drank was out of a jug and named Carlo Rossi. I have since moved on to finer wines (but still love the Carlo days).

62. Freshman year of college my food intake primarily consisted of pizza, Pepsi, cereal, pasta, salad and the occasional dessert. And I lost 10 lbs that year. (Why oh why can't that happen again?)

63. I didn't wear jeans until 7th grade (oh yes, tights and leggings were my best friend *shutters*).

64. I broke my arm when I was 3 because I climbed up a piano and didn't know how to get down. Instead I just let go (I was a smart one).

65. Months after I got the cast off, I flipped into a play pen and broke it again, in the same spot (I told you, I was a smart one)

66. I have been in my local, high school and college newspaper, as well as on TV several times (next up, a movie? music video? commercial?).

67. I have been to a taping of Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, TRL, and The Price is Right (twice!).

68. When I was younger I aspired to be an actress or an artist (both of those are out the window).

69. Matt is the only guy I've ever said "I love you" to (not counting family of course).

70. The curls in my hair actually boiiing, like a spring (it's pretty schnazzy).

And I'm spent. My efforts have failed again, I am 30 short of reaching 100. Oh well. Maybe in three more months I'll finish this list, or just leave you with the facts I've shared. I don't know yet. Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed.


Michelle and the City said...

i'm on team pacey too :)

and i'm with you - zucchini is NASTY!

Julie Q said...

omg Carlo Rossi was my middle name in college!!! I hate mushrooms too :)

So@24 said...

I used to HATE HATE HATE wearing jeans. They always felt tight... I was a sweatpants guy until 4th grade.

Yep. One of those kids.

Valley Girl said...

67--How cool is that! And you saw Kevin Costner? I would've been starstruck, too. And that pita thing is gross, lol!!! j/k!!!

ANA said...

You sound quirky crazy, kindda like me. I am with you on zucchini, love bungee jumping and sky diving, and I'm known to have survived eating mold too...

Virginia said...

Love your list!

And you know you're jealous of my Carlo Rossi lamp. I'll make you one for Christmas if you want.

Larissa said...

I wish I had boiiingy curls like you. Although that might look odd on a Chinese girl.

Kate said...

with you on mushrooms, and the leggings. Oh the leggings I had...

I love that you're with the first guy you've said "I love you" to. I wish I'd held onto those words a little tighter sometimes.